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How to utilize ppc marketing on top of SEO

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Both PPC and SEO are very effective marketing methods on their own. However, if you want to see the best possible results when using them, it is required to merge the two. To explain why let’s get into how to utilize PPC marketing on top of SEO!

Making the PPC work the right way

As you likely know, SEO is about more than just keywords. It is also mainly about compatibility. Without good work on your PPC ads, their compatibility with many browsers and devices will be poor. This is extremely harmful to you since even if you are not actively spending money to keep those ads up once they’re published, doing it in the first place still requires an investment. This can be avoided by looking for PPC management for moving companies and hiring professional help. But then you are expanding even more resources on something you reasonably can do yourself. So long as you take the time to test your ads and tweak them, you can use SEO to perfect them and publish a satisfactory final product.

PPC analytics
You’ll see tangible improvements to your PPC results!

Proper audience targeting

Of course, even though we said that SEO is about more than just keywords, they are still essential to utilize PPC marketing on top of SEO. After all, the ‘targeting’ of ads depends mainly on the keywords they are associated with. And, without a proper understanding of SEO, this way of advertising your moving company will quickly fail. Sure, you’ll be able to get your PPC ads out there and maybe even get people to click on them. But it would be best if you had a target audience in the first place because members of it are much more likely to convert from leads to customers. If your ads attract people outside that range, then most of your PPC marketing investment will be wasted even though you’ll see a few conversions, which will likely give you a skewed impression of their value and effectiveness.

Audience written on blackboard
Aiming for the right audience makes all the difference.

The insight into popular keywords

Interestingly, an excellent way to utilize PPC marketing on top of SEO is to work backward. In other words, you can slowly tweak your keywords and see which works best for your target audience. This can be invaluable since in exchange for temporarily sacrificing some profits from your PPC ads; you can massively improve your overall SEO. If you use better-optimized keywords everywhere, then every aspect of your SEO drives will start to attract more organic web traffic. You will also be able to get a pretty good handle on moving industry trends since the current most popular keywords tend to reflect them. Thereby giving you yet another way to work towards improving your business! And, naturally, all those improvements will feed back positively into customer base growth.

Retargeting your previous leads

Here’s a fun fact: if a person ends up on your site even once through SEO, aka organic web searches, then they are much more likely to be targeted by your PPC ads. Why? Because they’ve already ‘shown interest’ in your business, and this is a huge benefit. While SEO can attract a wide range of random organic leads, they rarely lead to conversions. Potential customers frequently forget about the sites they visited during random, idle searches. And since the site is marked as seen in their Google search results, they are also less likely to open your site again. PPC is a somewhat effective way of forcefully yanking their attention back to you. Having been ‘marked’ through visiting your site, the more frequent exposure to your ads increases the chances of conversion once they need a moving company’s services.

A disinterested lead
Organic leads drift away easily.

Cover your bases effectively through PPC

Another possible way to utilize PPC marketing on top of SEO is to cover your ‘weaker’ SEO bases. Using PPC ads, you’re paying to put your ad at the top of the SEO results related to the keywords. This means that if all you do is lean into keywords your site already ranks high on, you are infringing on your organic traffic’s domain. On the other hand, if you opt for keywords you don’t rank very high for or have no accurate rankings but are still relevant to your customers, you are straight up paying for more exposure! This can even make your website itself rank higher for those keywords. As such, it is very cost-effectively digital marketing for movers that will help you both long and short-term!

Alter your marketing strategy

The final way to utilize PPC marketing on top of SEO is to use them to tweak your marketing strategy. The principle of the matter is simple: all you need to do is use keywords and marketing approaches you typically would not and see how it works out. Authentically, this is similar to using PPC for keyword research. Especially in the sense that it is, financially, a somewhat risky venture. You will lose money if the new strategy proves less effective than your old one. However, if it presents a noticeable improvement, you can improve and do effective marketing more easily! It all comes down to whether you have the resources to take a chance on a new marketing method.

The beneficial synergy of SEO and PPC

If you know how to utilize PPC marketing on top of SEO, you can quickly boost your effectiveness. Of course, there is one thing to keep in mind. You need to first figure out SEO and PPC marketing. If you haven’t yet, then there’s a good chance that trying to use them together will have adverse effects instead. Try to master your SEO knowledge before applying it to other online marketing methods.