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Guide to Google My Business in 2023

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There are few things as important for a business as a Google My Business account. This is basically what puts your business on Google maps, after all! So, we hope to use our guide to Google My Business in 2023 to teach you how best to use the platform.

Making your account is simple

The first step in our guide to Google My Business in 2023 is getting in control of your account. You will start by Googling your business. There are two scenarios here that you can encounter. First, nothing will show up. In this case, you can go to Google My Business and click the ‘Manage Now’ option, which will let you sign up for a Google Account for your business. You will just be asked to enter the name of your company, its location, and some other bits of basic information. The second option is seeing your business listed online. In this case, click on the ‘Do you own this business?’ option. There, you will need to fill out some info and request access to the account for the business. If it has your email listed, you’ll get access and move on to verification.

An address
Note you need an actual address for your business.

The process of verifying your business

Verifying the business is perhaps the most important step in our guide to Google My Business in 2023. Without doing this, you won’t be able to use the account or have your business recommended to people by Google. There are four verification ways, and they are selected randomly. Because listing your email, phone number, and physical address is obligatory, the four ways to verify your business are postcard, email, text, and call verification. As implied, for ‘postcard verification,’ an actual postcard with a code will be sent to your physical business address. Email is the easiest and fastest since you get mail from Google. The text and phone call methods are decent but note that you need to use the company number. Otherwise, your private phone number will be featured on the Google My Business profile.

Be very careful when you verify your business.

Remember to fill out all the relevant info

The next step is, naturally, filling out all the info about your business. You must be careful here since Google loves to lock in information. Changing anything can take a lengthy and challenging process. You will need to go through a very exacting customer service process, and you might even need to verify your business again. This is especially true if you’ve messed up the basic info you entered during registration. Changing any of that will require you to get your account approved repeatedly. And it might be counted as a demerit from Google, which will hurt instead of helping your SEO for moving company.

Google apps
This info is what your customers will see when they use Google apps and Google searches.

You can list your products and services here

Note that while you don’t have to do it, you can list your products and services on Google My Business. If you want to use the profile for your moving company to the greatest extent, we recommend you do it! After all, trying to figure out how to sell moving services is not accessible if you are starting. All your services listed on your Google My Business profile will make this easier if anyone is looking for local movers. Mainly if you also sell moving supplies, since they’ll be able to immediately assess whether they want any of them. Even before they visit your physical location or your online store.

Add some photos and videos to your account

Google My Business in 2023 lets you upload photos and videos to your profile. For a moving company, this can be very helpful! Especially if you make a mini playlist of customer testimonials. You can ask your previous customers for permission to do short interviews, asking for their impressions, praise, and complaints. If you can make a collection of positive comments, this will be one of the best ways to do digital marketing in the early days of your business. Besides, this is an entirely free marketing method tied into your Google My Business account, too! Many prospective customers will likely come across the videos, maximizing their effectiveness.

Interact with your customers on the profile

Your customers will leave reviews on your Google My Business profile. This is one of the best platforms to interact with your customers. After all, without a dedicated social media team that can run the accounts for your moving company, people don’t have a different way to leave their impressions of what their moves were like. This can be very helpful for local SEO for movers, since Google likes to prioritize businesses with excellent reviews.  Know that not all your reviews will be excellent and that responding appropriately is crucial. If the negative review is coherent and not just nonsense, ask for tips and ways they would like you to improve your services instead of getting upset.

Make smart use of additional Google My Business features

The final advice for using Google My Business in 2023 we can offer is to use all the tools the platform provides. Namely, two things are very useful for digital marketing for movers: the ‘special attributes’ section and the ability to post on your profile. The ‘special attributes’ let you specify some of your moving company’s features. For example, whether you specialize in short or long-distance moves, preferred working times, mover team sizes, etc. On the other hand, the ability to post lets you keep your customers apprised of the newest developments in your business even if they don’t follow your company site or blog.

Using Google My Business in 2023 properly

With our guide to Google My Business in 2023, you can properly approach the platform and make the best possible use of it! If you are competent in your approach, you can boost your marketing efforts, generate a ton of organic traffic for your moving company site, and get your business on the radar of local customers.