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Hyperlocal marketing strategies for movers

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If you’d like to focus more on establishing your moving company locally, then we can help! With our guide on hyperlocal marketing strategies for movers, you can significantly boost your local customer base.

Optimize your Google My Business

The first and most basic of hyperlocal marketing strategies is setting up your Google My Business correctly! This is not something you can afford to skip out on. Simply because Google My Business puts you on the local maps and search results. With a friendly Google My Business page, you get customers organically without even paying much more attention to your account there. And if you do, you can seriously improve your Google My Business account’s effects on your customer base.

Get your local citations sorted out

Local citations are not quite as important as Google My Business, but they are still one of the few must-do steps for hyperlocal marketing. In straightforward terms, a ‘local citation’ is any mention of your business name, address, contact details, or similar online. These citations can pop up on rating sites, directories, social media, or any number of other places on the internet. Their whole point is to get the name of your business out there where people might come across it. Citations also benefit local SEO for movers, so it is in your best interest to get as many as possible. There are plenty of sites where you can also put up your info for free. So it’s something even small or starting businesses can afford to work on.

Cooperate with other local businesses

Another tremendous hyperlocal marketing strategy for movers is to work with complementary businesses. Small or starting businesses often have to stick together in local markets anyway. And one of the best cooperative arrangements you can enter is funneling customers to each other. An example of this is simple: say that someone needs a packing service. They approach a business that offers it, and, in turn, that business learns they are planning a move. In turn, they offer a recommendation for a moving company and a cleaning business, perhaps even with a small discount attached since they are being referred. As the moving company, you would also offer similar referrals to the packing and cleaning businesses. In this way, you do not have to worry about trying to advertise your moving company directly quite as much. And the strategy is very effective for winning over a local market!

Shaking hands
Cooperation makes it possible for smaller businesses to grow.

Organize regular events

There are discount events you can regularly organize for your local customers. Even just offering fliers with discount coupons or codes works wonderfully. Or, you can go out of your way to organize an actual community event. You can do this for a holiday and make yourself a more integrated part of the community. It doesn’t even have to be something huge, and you can offer balloons, small trinkets, or similar with your logo and seasonal motifs. The only goal of such events is to raise awareness of your business locally. If people think of you first when a moving company comes to mind, then your marketing will be all the more effective, and you will get a lot more ‘organic’ customers.

Be active in your community

While we are on the subject of community and community events, it is also important for your business to be actively engaged if someone else organizes something. Charity events are a huge draw for local businesses since you can show your generosity and become a more firmly rooted fixture of the community. The important thing is to mingle and get people to remember you!

an event
Community events are often fun, too.

Encourage word-of-mouth advertisement

Word of mouth is, interestingly enough, one of the most effective hyperlocal marketing strategies for movers. People put a lot more stock in the recommendations their friends and family offers than in random ads they see. Especially if those friends or family members have direct experience with the business, your goal is to provide the best service, both during a move and in interactions between your customer service and customer, that you possibly can. You need to leave a good impression, so they feel compelled to recommend you. At the same time, consider running a referral program that encourages such behavior. A little incentive goes a long way and will get you both repeat and new customers, which is difficult for most mover marketing methods.

online customer support
Remember that you need stellar online customer support, too.

Using text message marketing

SMS marketing is a rather exciting topic since a lot of people tend to consider it outdated. At the same time, it has proven to be highly effective if you put effort into it with a local focus. This is because people frequently take the time to read their text messages, whereas they tend to ignore promotional emails. This makes it even more effective than some methods for digital marketing for movers, mainly if you use apps to target the number of people in a particular vicinity during an event organized by you.

Traditional and online hyperlocal marketing strategies that target ads

There are two routes you can take when it comes to ads related to hyperlocal marketing strategies for movers: traditional and online ads. To cut to the subject’s core: standard ads are more expensive than online ones. However, a billboard ad can be even more effective than PPC management for moving companies if you have a solid local presence. It is possible to focus online ads on users that log on in a particular area. This lets you target your online ads better and allows them to achieve comparable results to traditional ads, even locally.

Organizing your hyperlocal marketing strategies

The final thing you need to understand about hyperlocal marketing strategies for movers is that they work amazingly well in concert. In other words, it’s not just about picking out one or two of the listed methods. It’s about slowly implementing all of them for maximum effectiveness. The only thing you need to decide on is which methods you’d like to pursue first!