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The most popular specialty moving services in 2019

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As I’ve noted countless times in the past – the moving industry is a very competitive and challenging environment. For small moving companies looking to establish a local authority, offering the most basic services is enough to earn revenue. However, if you are looking to expand the range of your business and increase your customer base, you will need more. You will need to invest in specialty moving services and marketing those very services to customers. And before you go ahead and do that, you might want to learn which are the most popular ones. Hopefully, the following information will provide you a bit more insight into that.

How do typical moving services classify in terms of popularity?

According to statistical data, a moving company can divide the services it offers into six separate categories:

  1. local and long-distance transportation of household and office goods;
  2. warehousing and storage services;
  3. packing and packaging services;
  4. process, distribution, and logistics consulting;
  5. merchandise sales;
  6. other services.

When combined, the following Services categories rain in roughly $12.6 billion annually. However, 97.3 percent of this amount consists of only three major services noted above:

  • local or long-distance transportation service – 69.6%
  • warehousing and storage services – 20.2%
  • packing and packaging services – 7.5%

So, the fact remains that the majority of the profit that moving companies make still comes from the transportation of belongings. The next question that comes to mind is how can you increase that profit further? And the answer lies in finding the right specialty moving services to offer for your area and customers. Of course, a lot here will depend on your customer base, location, time of year, etc. But we will still try to offer the best services to promote, and ones that have proven to work for some of our clients.

Specialty moving services to focus on in 2019 and the years to come

Monitoring moving industry trends and statistics can really help you improve your moving business. Not only can you reach some excellent conclusion from what’s happening in the industry, but it can help you push your business in the right direction. That way, if you were planning on expanding the range of your moving services, it would be easier for you to do so, knowing that the majority of people tend to search for moving companies that can handle artwork, sculptures, antiques, cars, pianos, pool tables, etc.

So, what are some of the most worth-while specialty moving services to promote to potential customers?

  • Auto transport
  • Piano moving
  • Safe relocation
  • Artwork & sculptures moving
  • Antique furniture relocation
  • Last-minute moving jobs
  • Pool table relocation

Specialty Moving Services to invest in 2019

Carefully consider all these services

Including any of the following services can contribute to the expansion and value of your moving business. The only thing you have to do is do your homework and examine the needs of your customers. Consider their living standard, the size of their homes, their moving budget, the climate, etc. Remember – the more information you gather, the better choice you will make in terms of how to exceed their expectations.