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Positive social presence techniques and their influence

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The importance of establishing an online presence as a business today has become a crucial step in the development of any company. With the introduction of innovation and technological progress, there are now many ways in which you can make a name for your company online. One of the constantly growing and expanding channels is the aspect of social media. Social media presence has proven to be very popular and influential in terms of SEO efforts. Hence, it is only logical for us to explore it all in more detail. And by this, we refer to the most effective positive social presence techniques that you can use today to advertise your business.

What are positive social presence techniques and why do they matter?

As different industries embrace the importance of digital marketing and SEO strategies, new ways of promoting a company are explored. To be frank, people are losing interest in traditional marketing efforts and are looking for new headings. Social presence came out as one of those innovative schools of thought and ways to develop a moving business.

Woman with diverse social channel icons besides her.
Every company needs to establish a social presence among other things.

In fact, with the dominance of social media platforms and the extent of their reach, companies can’t help but devote time to social media management. It is a strategy that has become a key piece of the puzzle in modern-day business. Why? Because it opens up new ways of communicating with potential customers. And it also gives companies the chance to promote their products and services on a global scale. So, you can already wave farewell to old-school techniques such as TV ads, hard copy promo materials etc. Today, it’s all about the positive social presence techniques and how to get them across as many platforms as possible.

How are these techniques beneficial?

We’ve already mentioned the growing trend of social advertising and branding. What we should add (although a well-known fact) is the advantages of this form of marketing. The simple matter is that positive social presence techniques are more affordable and reasonable than a vast majority of marketing for movers. Additionally, we should add that this approach allows you to differentiate and categorize your target audiences and lead flow.

So, when you take it all into consideration, the conclusion is simple. Whether you are starting a small business or are expanding from medium to large, these techniques can prove beneficial. In fact, the difference between the companies that use them and those that don’t is quite visible. And if you wish to build a long-term relationship with customers, this is the smart way to accomplish that.

5 positive social presence techniques that your business should adopt

Here is an example of five simple techniques that can prove very important in forming long-term relations with customers:

Open communication with your customers

You should never underestimate the importance of feedback that you can receive from customers. When it comes to your brand, you should always listen to what customers have to say. In many ways, they can help you improve the flawed aspects of your business. Customers, in general, have a lot of feelings and experiences that they want to share with others. So, why not use this to your advantage?

Businessman with headset, listening.
Active listening and open communication with customers – best way to establish a positive social presence.

By reaching out to them and asking for their honest review and suggestions in terms of potential improvements, you as a business demonstrate a positive social presence. And so, if people know that you have an open door policy, they are more likely to recommend you to others, thus growing your brand online. Additionally, this approach can win you long-term loyalty from customers and inspire them to contribute in the form of video reviews, photos etc. Posting all this or being tagged as a business in happy photos and videos boosts your online credential, which is what positive social presence techniques aim to achieve.

You need to invest if you want to see a gain – social engagement

Engaging with customers is the best way to handle your online reputation. Whether you are looking to shut down negative fake reviews or truthful complaints, you should always take the time to investigate. Look into the claims people make online and respond to them. The worst thing you can do is hide behind “radio silence”. Instead, by engaging, you let the customers know that you are here for them and that are always glad to answer any inquiries they might have.

Be transparent and honest with customers

There is no need to offer false promises of grandeur to clients simply for the sake of satisfaction. Instead, always prioritize honesty and transparency in communication with them. Make your case and present the entire situation from your aspect to the customers. This is an important step toward building a trust-filled relationship. It is also a great way to form your company brand. At times, you will find that an honest approach can act as a very effective shield.

Take up a cause to support

The world is always in need of heroes and rescuing. There are always those less fortunate that could use the help of a well-established benefactor. And this is something people will always stand behind and support. In fact, social media has a large role to play when it comes to social changes and global movements.

Earth-friendly logo - positive social presence techniques 101
Nothing like a good cause to contribute while at the same time having a positive social presence technique.

Supporting a social cause is rightfully considered one of the most positive social presence techniques due to the attention it can attract. People like to get behind a business that is in it for more than just a payday. It makes them happy to know that they are part of something bigger and that they are making a difference. A typical example would be the Move for Hunger movement.

Stay stable and build a brand-customer type of relationship

Creating your brand is just the beginning of the journey. Once you build up your company brand, there is the matter of keeping it consistent. Only by maintaining a solid brand that people know and trust in can you count on long-term brand-customer relationships. And by having this, you lay the foundation for loyalty through positive social presence techniques, which is all we really want at the end of the day.