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Business social media mistakes you should avoid

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With the continuous development of technology, we find ourselves in a situation where we need to remain vigilant to avoid any unnecessary mistakes. With business today, you can’t afford to be present on social media platforms. Because a lack of presence on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can lead to loss of potential leads and clients today. And once you do get into the world of social media, there is still the matter of making the most out of it. So, today we discuss the business social media mistakes that you should always try to avoid.

Network of connected icones.
Everything is connected today, and social media is just another piece of the business puzzle.

What are the common social media mistakes that businesses make?

As we’ve already mentioned, small businesses need to establish a strong presence on social media platforms. A good social media profile is one of the best marketing tools for moving companies that are still young. And that first couple of years after you start your business play an essential role. With the help of social media, you can attract an authentic target audience and spread your network of contacts.

However, being on social media platforms is not the same as managing and maintaining your online presence. In fact, you now have special jobs that revolve around the concept of social media account management & marketing. One of the main reasons for this is the fact of how easy it is to make business social media mistakes for those that don’t understand how it all works. There is much more here than posting a story or a filtered picture on your personal account. This comes down to marketing intelligence 101.

And this is where small businesses tend to make that rookie mistake – underestimating the importance of proper social media management. So, in order to help you avoid doing that and make the right first step – we offer you the following mistakes that you should steer clear from:

#1: Overreaching on multiple social media platforms at the same time

You have to be aware that it takes time and energy to build up a strong presence on a single platform, let alone more of them. You have to plan out your campaigns, dedicated yourself to checking everything, and pay attention to every single detail. The goal is to stand out from your competitors and to find a place in the mind of your target audiences. And the best way to accomplish this is to tackle one platform at a time. Otherwise, you risk full-scale failure. Remember that patience is golden and that it can win you a lot of points in the long run.

Like hand holding hundreds of pieces of a puzzle, you need to be patient to avoid social media mistakes.
Business social media mistakes happen due to a lack of patience and organization.

So, to begin with, pick a single platform that you think holds the most promise and focus your efforts there. Consider the right means of getting your message and through. Think about where you would expect to see moving companies and which social media platforms your target audience uses. Multi-tasking will come later on in the process, once you have a solid account on every platform.

#2: Consistency plays a crucial part in social media

With marketing and SEO for moving companies, consistency is one of the pillars of success. And one of the most common business social media mistakes is that people neglect their SM marketing strategy. So, it’s not enough to provide your target audience with quality content – you have to follow through with quantity as well. With social media, the attention span is very short – just consider the endless scrolling and countless stories that you go through on a regular basis. So, you have to grab the attention of your peers. But as mentioned, you have to find that ideal balance here – enough to attract leads but not too much to have them unfollow you.

#3: Repetitiveness is another growing concern

This is an ever-present issue when you have accounts on multiple social media platforms that are not properly managed. The thing is that people today have accounts across the web. This means that they will probably follow you on each platform once you establish your brand. And the last thing they want to see is the exact same message or campaign on each platform. This is one of your typical spam warning signs and another reason to unfollow you.

Think before you hit that share button on your keyboard.
Sharing on social media has to be done with precision and consideration.

So, once you do get to a point where you have accounts on various SM platforms, you will need a proper management strategy. Consider creating a spreadsheet with scheduled publications for an entire month in advance. Consider the visual application of Instagram in comparison to the word-oriented Twitter etc.

#4: Comments are something you have to keep up with regularly

Social media has become a popular customer support channel. You will find that people find it easier to use social media platforms to inquire, praise, or complain about certain products or services. And when they do, you need to demonstrate effectiveness and professionalism with speedy and satisfactory responses.

When it comes to business social media mistakes, this is not one you should take lightly. Instead, try to look at it all as the perfect opportunity to get first-hand feedback about the quality of your business. Learn from the comments you receive and use them to adapt and develop your moving company.

Dealing with negative comments is a useful skill that not everyone can master. It takes a lot of effort and patience, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to build your brand up in the eyes of customers across the web. And remember never to erase the bad comments – instead respond to them in a timely and honest manner.

#5: Never use a personal account to promote your business

Social media icons on a phone.
There is your personal life and accounts and then there are your business accounts.

You might think that these cases are rare but if so, you would be painfully mistaken. In truth, Wasp Barcode Technologies surveyed over 1100 small businesses in the US last year on this topic. The findings noted in their State of Small Business Report pointed out that less than 40% of small companies have and use official business social media accounts. How is this one of the worrisome social media mistakes?

  • To begin with, combining your personal account with your business account is the image of unprofessional behavior.
  • In addition to not appearing professional, you have to consider that you now have to maintain a professional attitude on your personal account. This means images of funny animals, GIFs, etc. Everything you do will be associated with your company.
  • Finally, this cocktail of personal and business leads to a loss of authenticity for either one. Hence, it is much simpler and easier to separate the two. By doing so, you will avoid having to control what you publish on your personal account and will be able to focus on building your brand through your official company account.

Before all else – remember to relax in order to avoid business social media mistakes

At the end of the day – it’s just social media. Its original purpose is to present interesting and informative content, personal or otherwise. So, there is no need to force yourself on others. We are all someone’s customers or followers, one way or another. The point is to present a relaxed and innovative front that will put a smile on the faces of people. So, stay vigilant, avoid the business social media mistakes mentioned here and you will do just fine. But there are no reasons not to have some fun along the way as well.