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How to increase user engagement on moving company websites

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Most moving companies struggle with user engagement on their websites. Be it due to poor optimization, or simply because they don’t understand their audience, they fail to capture the attention of site visitors and motivate them to interact with their website. But, is it really necessary to engage your audience? And if it is, how are you supposed to increase user engagement on your website and grow your moving business? In this article, we look at the ways to increase user engagement on moving company websites as well as why it is so important.

Why is it important to have decent user engagement?

Having a website for your business has become a fundamental part of doing business today. Without one, you are not only ignoring an endless market of possibilities, but you are also limiting your ability to generate moving leads and earn revenue by a significant margin. Whether you’ve just started your moving business or are a well-established industry brand, you need a strong online presence. It is a necessity for growing your audience through more traffic. And it is also the only way to remain competitive in the modern market.

A potential client using a laptop, showing you why you need to increase user engagement.
More and more companies are seeing most of their clients come through online searches.

But how are you to figure out the value of your moving company website? Every business owner is of the opinion that their website is decent, user-friendly, and up to the task of offering search engines and customers what they are looking for. However, our experience taught us that this is rarely the case.

So, what parameter should you use to value the quality of your website, objectively? Having substantial online traffic is a good sign, but that usually means that you are running a decent online marketing strategy. You can rely on the increase in business, this can be due to many factors, most of which have no connection to your website. In our book, one of the telltale signs of whether your website is good or not is user engagement.

Having decent user engagement means that your website is not only well set up, but that you are actually providing your users with quality content. While you may be familiar with how to increase your customer base, that base won’t stay for long if you don’t engage them. Therefore, increasing user engagement should always be on your mind, especially when orienting your online presence.

Different ways to increase user engagement on moving company websites

The good thing is that there are many ways in which you can go about increasing website user engagement. The bad thing is that none of them are bulletproof. Engaging with customers through your website is not something as simple to increase as you would the number of words in a blog post. To properly do it, you need to carefully consider both your website and your users and figure out how to connect the two in an effective way.

User-friendly design

Having a user-friendly website is something that every developer recommends, and that few owners opt for. Instead, the company owners want to be creative. Why have an intuitive design when you can implement something new and fun, right? Well, not quite. Remember, the whole point of running a moving company website is to draw in clients. It is not supposed to be a platform for you to be creative. So, our first advice for increasing user engagement is to utilize a user-friendly moving company web design. The easiest way to do this is to hire a web developer who has experience with moving companies and let them handle your website.

A person working with a professional on a laptop.
Don’t shy away from hiring a professional web developer to help you. User-friendly websites can be quite difficult to make.

Study online behavior

One of the things that you can do, as the owner, is to study your users’ online behavior. This may sound complicated at first, but it will be surprisingly straightforward to do after a while. Here your goal is to figure out what does the average user does when visiting your website. Where do they click? How long do they stay on your page? Do they follow up on their research? If they do, do they do so via hyperlinks in your post, or via the search bar? All of these are important if you are to design and redesign your website so that it suits your clients’ needs. Luckily, there are numerous tools that can help you out. Our favorites are:

  • Activity Log
  • HubSpot WordPress Plugin
  • User Activity Log
  • Simple History
  • Stream
  • Sucuri Security
  • WP Activity Log

Again, if this seems daunting to you at first, don’t worry. The more you get into it, the more you will understand what to track and how. Later on, when you have the necessary data, you can work with your web developer to make the necessary changes.

Improve website efficiency

One of the things that no visitor will stand for is a slow website. In today’s day and age, we practically expect that our content is loaded within seconds. Having your website run at a suboptimal speed is the easiest way to lose user engagement, even if you have everything else squared out. So, do yourself a favor and ensure that your website runs smoothly at all times. Explore the many different ways to boost page loading speed and give your site visitors the experience they deserve when they come across your website.

Carefully pick the content that you put out

A mere 10 years ago, it didn’t matter much what kind of content you put on your website. Sure, it had to be moving related. But when it came to quality, people didn’t care much. All you had to worry about were keywords and SEO optimization. Well, as of now, we are way past that. Not only do you have to have top-notch content in order to engage your audience. But, you also have to work on it in order to get decent SEO results. By proper content, we mean content that is informative, easy to understand and SEO optimized. This is why most movers opt for hiring professionals that know how to market a moving company, as they are the only way to have regular content updates.

A person writing content on a laptop.
Having quality content is paramount in order to increase user engagement on moving company websites.

Use a search box (and optimize it)

The final thing we are going to mention that can increase user engagement on moving company websites is having a decent search box. Know that most websites have poorly optimized, unresponsive, and unintuitive search boxes. Know that if a person has to leave your website and use Google to search it, you are probably doing something wrong. So, look into what makes a search box work well, and implement the necessary changes.