Guide to creating your moving company logo | Movers Development

If you want your moving company to be successful and stand out from the rest, providing quality services to your customer base is of the utmost importance. However, most businessmen and women will tell you that marketing is just as important. And when it comes to marketing, your moving company’s visual identity is paramount for your visibility. Indeed, the logo of your company is the first thing that most people will notice. With that in mind, we’ll give you a short guide on creating your moving company logo!

Where to start?

So, you need to start creating your moving company logo. Naturally, the easiest way to do this is to hire a professional from the graphic design industry to do it for you. These are people who come up with company logos for a living, so they’re bound to do a better job than someone who’s just learning how to use graphics and web design tools like yourself.

Woman looking at drawing pad, with different logo design ideas.
Creating your moving company logo will be more about thinking than drawing!

However, if we’re being honest – a huge portion of the moving industry is made from small mom and pop operations that rarely have more than a dozen employees. Such companies may not have the budget to commission a logo designer. And sure, while we may view a logo as a tiny piece of work that shouldn’t be too expensive to make – the reality is somewhat different. As you’ll realize once you start working on it, your logo is the visual embodiment of your company’s essence.

Simultaneously, it needs to be simple – but also informative of your company’s purpose. And you can’t just slap a generic moving truck onto a background and call it a day; the logo needs to be unique as well if your company is going to stand out among its industry peers.

First steps to creating your moving company logo

If you’re still reading this, then you’ve probably realized two things – the modern moving process entails plenty of digital marketing and brand awareness, and you’re going to start creating your moving company logo on your own. For people who aren’t intricately familiar with the process of making a logo from scratch, we’re going to showcase a few simple tenets of the process.

McDonalds restaurant
Your logo needs to be simultaneously relatable and recognizable!

First of all – creating a logo is more about strategy than actual work. Naturally, you’re going to do some visual editing at one point or another, but that’s not the meat of the work. Conversely, most of your time spent on this task will be spent by simply thinking and staring at the paper and screen – particularly in the very beginning.

Second of all, you should remember that you’re doing more than designing your moving company logo. A logo is not something that stands on its own; but a part of a wider visual identity for your company. As such, it needs to work in concert with all of the other visual elements found on your website. 

Discovering the logo

The biggest part of your process of creating your moving company logo will consist of something professional designers call the “discovery phase”. And this is one of the most important parts because this is where you pose all of the right questions; those whose answers will lead you down the path toward the perfect logo. In this regard, the marketing guidelines for movers are the same as they are for any other industry – context is important.

You need to think about your company’s background and the wider industry context and extract some key industry attributes, business traits, and your personal values. These will inform your logo design process. If you are not designing this logo alone, this is also where each person working on the logo shares their must-haves and particular requests.

Smart phone with different app logos
Think about what other logos in your industry look like!

If you have a firm understanding of your company’s purpose and values, and which of these you need to showcase – this crucial design phase won’t be difficult for you. In the end, you just need to remember that you’re creating more than a single graphic image; you’re working on recognizable brand identity. 

For you, this will be more of a self-discovery phase. Your goal is to have a solid understanding of who your

The design process

While you’re doing the actual design, there is a host of things that you need to keep in mind. If you pose all of the right questions, however – this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. For starters; ask yourself why you require a brand new logo for your company. Was the catalyst the fact that the old logo was outdated? If so, think about what could be improved by it.

Then, take a look at the name of your company. When you’re creating your moving company logo, the name itself is always a good place to start. If there’s a story that comes with the name, you’ll want to encapsulate that in the logo as well. Also, consider your target audience and your primary competitors. Take a look at how they’ve approached their logo design. You want to show that you’re within the same niche, but simultaneously stand out.

Once you’ve done that, see how logo design is done in the wider moving industry. If there are any larger companies that are your “role models” as brands and you admire them; think about emulating their look and feel. Of course, the last thing you want is to copy someone else’s work; but you need to draw your inspiration from somewhere.