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How to advertise a new moving company effectively

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Have you just started a moving business recently and are still looking for a good way to advertise? No worries, this is something most small businesses tend to struggle with at first. This is why Movers Development has decided to offer you a quick and simple 10-step guide on how to advertise a new moving company effectively.

Promotional screen in Paris.
Reaching new heights can’t happen without proper advertising of your business.

10 ways to advertise your moving company

You promote your business by getting the word out – that’s movers marketing 101. In order to advertise a new moving company, you need to take two rules into consideration:

  1. You can’t rely on others to do it for you, no matter how good your services are. You have to invest the time and effort into promoting your business.
  2. The challenge to advertise a new moving company is that it takes financial investment. However, there are ways to promote your business on a while remaining within a limited budget.

So, here are the top ten ways in which you can advertise a brand new moving business and come out positive:

#1: Any communication you have is a chance to advertise

Any correspondence you send out (electronic or printed) should contain a letterhead with the basic information of your new business. This refers to company name, logo, contact information and a potential slogan. People tend to notice and remember these things, not to mention that it is a trait of professional moving companies. And this is something you should incorporate into all your documents and communication templates.

In addition to the basic information in the letterhead, you should also ensure that people have links towards your social media account. After all, social media has become a must-have if you want to advertise a new moving company today. Remember, it’s not just an email – it’s a means to advertise your new moving company. Given that you’re sending it, you might as well seize the opportunity to promote your company.

#2: The moving trucks and vans you use are more than relocation equipment

Picture of oldtimer truck for a Whiskey Company.
Vehicle ads have been here for a while.

Look around you – this is a common trend among moving companies. Why have a white or red truck with no signs to indicate that it belongs to your moving business? Instead, incorporate your company information onto the trucks and equipment your team uses. There are two important reasons why you should do this:

  1. Obviously, to advertise your new moving company to everyone passing by while you’re on the job.
  2. It makes your business appear more professional and personal in the eyes of others, especially if you have a catchy logo or slogan.

And the fact is that it’s not that hard to do – not with modern vehicle wrap advertising options. This is what you would consider a low-budget solution for promoting your business. And since the wraps are digitally printed onto a specially-applied media, they won’t damage the paint job on your vehicles.

#3: Social Media – one of the prime examples of how to advertise a new moving company

We’ve talked about this time and time again, yet the impact of it can’t be neglected. If you want a good promotional tool for your business today, social media is the answer. Although moving companies tend to push it aside and neglect the importance it has, social media continues to play a key role in promoting both individuals and businesses.

#4: Blogging and providing useful content on a regular basis

Content is an essential digital marketing tool. And there are many reasons for this. For one, it greatly contributes to your movers’ SEO efforts. On the other hand, it instills trust with people when searching for reliable moving businesses. And finally, there is the fact that people are constantly looking for useful and quality information, especially when it concerns stressful situations such as relocation.

#5: Use any press releases about your company for

Press releases and news concerning your business is a great way to advertise a new moving company to your local community. However, note that this will only work as long the news press has relevance for both your business and readers. Some of the prime examples for this would be:

  • The participation of your business in a local event or charity.
  • Introduction of a new product or service.
  • Winning an award for the work your company does.
  • Promotional deals or discounts that you might be offering etc.

#6: Cross promotion or the buddy system is another interesting approach

People shaking hands
Partnering with other businesses is a great way to advertise a new moving company.

Competitive as business is today, there is a certain gain to be had from partnering with other local businesses. Especially when you have a common cause to promote your businesses. The so-called buddy marketing has shown to be a great way to expand your reach through a joint effort with others. The most important advice here is to find a partnering business that combines well with the moving niche, such as:

  • Real Estate agents
  • Insurance companies
  • Employment agencies
  • Suppliers for packaging materials etc.

#7: Freebies are always a good way to advertise a business

Although this is more of a tactic for e-commerce businesses, there are ways in which other types of companies can participate. You can simply opt for something useful to everyone, all the while promoting your moving company. Or you can organize lotteries and award clients with coupons and discounts for moving or storage needs.

#8: Showcase your expertise through video presentations

You have a skill set or a combination of unique services that people are in need of. This means that you have expertise and knowledge that you can pass on to others. And since you are a local business first, you want your environment to be aware of what it is you offer to them. Modern marketing solutions teach us that a video marketing presentation is the most effective way to offer people insight and advertise a new moving company successfully. You have the combination of audit and visual elements to go with your expertise – everything you need for people to understand the value your offer.

#9: Involve your downtime into the promotion of your business

People love a good background story. As simple as it sounds, it’s true and we all know it. The more interesting the people behind the curtains, the more inviting it is for us to hire them. So, if either you or your staff have interesting hobbies or team activities like paintball, rock climbing, racing etc. use it to your advantage. Additionally, you can print out business cards or brochures and leave them around the local stores and businesses.

#10: Radio pod-casts and local TV shows are always a good advertising tool

Local radio and TV stations are always looking for interesting content to fill the air. And this holds great news for you since it is an ideal way to advertise a new moving company. And if you have troubles with public speaking or giving presentations, there are plenty of online guides and TED talks that can help you with this.

Talk shows are a great way to advertise a new moving company.
Local TV and radio talk shows are great advertising tools.

And there you have it

All the steps you need to advertise a new moving company and get the right jump-start for your business. Of course, there are other marketing solutions that you can explore as you grow your business. And you can learn all about them (and many other interesting facts) through the shared knowledge of the Movers Development team.