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How Pinterest can benefit your business

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Yes, it’s true that Instagram brand building is probably the most popular (and the most populous) social media advertising tool at the moment. And yes, it is attractive and easy to use. However, your business can use much more from social media platforms. One of those is definitely Pinterest – a platform you should really take into consideration. It is a network definitely worth your time – if you know how to use it well. That’s why we will share the ways of how Pinterest can benefit your business and the reasons why you should make it the top priority.

Pinterest can benefit your business
Using social media platforms is very important! Learn how Pinterest can benefit your business.

Why Pinterest?

If you are not familiar with the concept of this network, you may wonder how Pinterest can benefit your business. Let’s go through the main reasons why you should do it.

You can easily reach your target audience

Pinterest is a network with a lot of users – more than 150 million. However, the good thing about it is that you can easily reach the people who may be interested in what you can offer. Pinners use this network to embrace their hobbies, interests, and ideas, so if you are in their range of interests, they will certainly find you.

Pinterest is made for business

The main difference between Instagram and Pinterest is pretty obvious. On Instagram, people mostly share their everyday events and personal photos. Therefore, users mostly follow their friends or celebrities there. On the other hand, users follow their favorite brands and stores on Pinterest. That’s why two-thirds of Pinterest profiles are businesses. This is one of the strong reasons why you should use this platform for advertising your work.

planning business and how Pinterest can benefit your business
Since it is very important to plan your strategy, learn how Pinterest can benefit your business and improve your marketing plan even more!

It is more inspirational for buyers

The shopping card of a Pinner is larger than one of a Facebook/Instagram user. Since Pinterest is full of inspiration photos, decor ideas, DIYs, makeovers, etc, users are more prone to spending money from there. So if your business can be presented with the focus on aesthetics, you can really make some gain out of it. And that is another way Pinterest can benefit your business. However, not all businesses are ‘presentable’ and you can’t make a lot of pins and boards out of it, but there are certainly ways to promote those, too.

How to start using Pinterest for your business

Pinterest is not just about pinning your products on boards. If you use this platform right, Pinterest can benefit your business in many ways. Using its features is as important as learning how to promote responsive web design and SEO, so be sure to understand how to utilize it. Here’s what you should do to use it the best way possible.

Make the account for your business

Even though this is an obvious one, many people don’t use this feature. Pinterest gives you an option to make a free business profile, in order to promote your business the best way possible. The difference from a personal account is the Analytics feature, which shows you how your profile is going and can help you to make your strategy better.

Complete the profile

It is important to fill out all the information when setting up your business profile. Be sure to:

  1. pick the right name – use the right name of your business, so your followers can easily read it and recognize it.
  2. write a short description – make a short description of your business and describe what you do and offer.
  3. upload a picture – you can use your logo or a picture of your store.

Organize your pins and boards well

If you plan to make your Pinterest page presentable and attractive to users, you need to organize it well. Pinning without any order may seem chaotic and uninteresting to your followers. Be sure to think about what boards you would like to include in your profile, and what do you want to present. Therefore, your profile will be easy to search through and use. Furthermore, don’t forget to give the boards a simple and interesting name, as well as short descriptions.

typing on a laptop
In order to make the most out of Pinterest, you need to organize your boards and improve them with great visuals

Make the boards beautiful

Don’t let anything on your profile be random, not even the board front pictures. Use beautiful and attractive pictures for your boards, so they ‘lure’ the users into clicking them. If you don’t have your own images, be sure to download free images and make your page more interesting.

Add Pin It button

To make your website easily connected to Pinterest, you need to add the Pinterest buttons to your website. This way it will be easier for people to save the images they like. You can put this feature on all or only selected pictures on your website – it’s up to you.

Tips on how Pinterest can benefit your business

If you use the best out of it, Pinterest can benefit your business and advertise your company among many users. That’s why you need to learn how to do it in the most efficient way.

Use it regularly

The results can be made overnight. That’s why you need to be persistent and consistent with your pins. We advise you to pin every day. It doesn’t have to be a lot of posts (even though it would be great), but be sure to post at least one every day.

pin note
Be sure to post your pins regularly – every day.

Visuals are important – but so are words

It’s true that Pinterest is all about great visuals. And you should definitely pay attention to it. However, don’t forget the words under each picture. The simple, funny, informative text is very important for your users, as well. You can also use text over pictures, so it can be easier for users to see what a post is about.

Use Pinterest Analytics

The feature of Pinterest Analytics for business accounts can be very handy. Pinterest can benefit your business if you follow the ‘heart rate’ of your account. Check out which posts are more successful than others, and try to improve your activity and post more popular pieces. For more moving company news and ideas, check out some of our other briliant articles.