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Guide to building your brand on Instagram

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Having a strong social media presence is very important for businesses today. And although many people are still skeptical in terms of using social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram for marketing, it does work. After all, consider just how many people there are that make a living from promoting themselves or with product placement on Instagram. And the best part of it all – it’s a free way to promote your business. Hence, building your brand on Instagram can prove quite beneficial for any business. And today we learn just how that is.

Why Instagram out of all other social media platforms?

At the moment, Instagram is on the throne among social media platforms. And as you are already aware of, there are plenty of ways to improve marketing for moving companies. Using social media is just one of the more popular ways in recent times. If you are looking for some stats to understand just how much – here they are:

  • Over 80 percent of Instagram users choose to connect with well-established brands
  • Building your brand on Instagram has ten times the effect that an established brand on Facebook has.
  • When it comes to other social media, Instagram trumps Pinterest 54 times, and Twitter a breathtaking 84 times.
Instagram login screen - start building your brand on Instagram today.
Welcome to the world of Instagram!

So, if you are looking to develop brand awareness and lasting relations with customers, a strong and daily managed Instagram is the way to go. The result – long-term organic growth to launch your company name online. And that presence will not only help you establish your name – it will help your company pop out.

5 steps towards building your brand on Instagram

Contrary to popular belief, establishing your brand on Instagram takes a bit more than simply snapping a couple of pics and sharing one or two on a daily basis. As with any other brand-building effort for movers, this one also takes careful planning and research. But nothing falls too hard on us to explore and explain in a way most clients will find easy to implement. Hence, here are five steps that will put you on the right track towards Instagram stardom:

Step 1: A good brand-creation strategy is a great starter

Every great journey starts with the first step, and so does ours today. And that first essential step is the creation of the perfect strategy to help you grow your brand exponentially. This strategy will be the foundation for both your social media manager and followers to build on. In the end, a strong strategy will lead to people realizing just what your brand stands for and your moving company values.

Focus on separating yourself from the competition when building your brand on Instagram

When you have a massive industry such as moving and transportation to work with, it’s hard to stand out from countless other competitive companies. So, you have to look at the industry from both a local and global perspective, to discover what’s missing. That one missing factor could just be the break you need to get ahead of your competition and gain exposure on Instagram through it.

Another helpful way to form a good marketing strategy would be to research your target audiences. Go directly to the clientele to see what they are looking for in a moving company, be it local or global. Examine everything thoroughly in order to better grasp your unique:

  • brand messaging,
  • positioning,
  • objectives,
  • target audience, and
  • goals.

Once you do all this, you will have gained an answer to the one important question when it comes to creating your brand on Instagram:

“Why would someone want to follow my moving company on Instagram?”

That answer is everything. It is the foundation on which you build your social media profile. It is the background story of your company and your brand headline. And it is the inspiration for long-term goals and commitment.

Step 2: You have to acquire a certain tone & voice when presenting your business

Now that we have a strategy, time to get into the details. Your account has to have a tone and voice of its own. Think of the tone as the personality of your company that followers on Instagram will connect to, through content and captions.

When it comes to establishing a voice, it’s important to stay consistent and authentic. Only by doing this will you gain the support and growth of your follower base.

Step 3: Moving on from audio to visual performance on your account

So, once you have people hearing your message, you need to get their attention visually as well. This is the way to express the tone and voice of what you are trying to create. So, you should explore different visualization tools such as:

  • Photos
  • Illustrations
  • Design patterns
  • Craftwork etc.
Hand painted with Instagram logo colours.
People today respond to visual markers in the majority.

Some of these combinations with different styles and themes will click with audiences, whereas others won’t. It’s up to you to research what works for your brand. And once you do find that ideal visual aesthetic that viewers can connect to, you have to stick with it. Building your brand on Instagram will require establishing clear rules and routines.

Step 4: Good content is the glue that ties all the elements together

Words are the strongest way to convey a message to the world. And although that might change someday, it is still true to this day. Hence, you cannot hope to establish a strong Instagram brand without the right content. That content needs to tie everything we mentioned previously together. It has to convey the essence of what your company is while combining the visual and audio elements to boost that message.

Blog on laptop - the perfect path towards building your brand on Instagram.
Building your brand on Instagram is hardly possible without the right type of content.

The best way to find the perfect content (other than hiring a professional SEO team for movers) is to test out different types of messages. People are different but essentially respond to similar things in life. You have to find that trigger and explore it as much as possible. And the best way to do that is through trial and error.

Step 5: Remember to remain consistent when building your brand on Instagram

It takes time and devotion to create something great and effective. The word of the day is CONSISTENCY! Develop a strategy, woven with rules and established practices that bring maximum results. Stick to those rules no matter what. By doing so and remaining consistent, your brand will go viral in no time.

Step 6: With social media, strength comes in numbers

People shaking hands with a company growth plan on a laptop.
True strength on social media comes in numbers and with good collaboration.

Never forget the fact that like any other social media platform, Instagram is an active online community. Hence, you need to aspire to connect with strong influencers and other brands that can build up your brand. Focus on beneficial progress through partnerships, activation, influencer campaigns, and collaborations. By doing this, your brand will have room to grow and expand organically on Instagram.

Step 7: At the end of the day – this should be a fun activity to enjoy

Social media is a place of entertainment before all else. Hence, you should always remember to make the most out of it in a fun and playful manner. Connect with the right people and celebrate your company every day and building your brand on Instagram will be a smooth ride.