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How many people in the US move each year?

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One of the most problematic issues in the moving industry has to be the increasing number of moving companies vs. the decreasing number of people in the US that move. As moving industry trends would have it, the question of how many people in the US move each year is becoming a potential problem. And with the competition in this branch constantly growing, companies need to use everything in their power to stay ahead of the pack. Whether you opt for more manpower and equipment or for professional digital marketing, one thing is certain. You need to keep pushing your business to secure a flow of quality leads and moving jobs. But I won’t just offer unfounded advice here. Instead, let’s take a closer look at just how many people are moving nowadays in the US.

What are the effects of the annual number of moves in the US?

In order to answer this, we need to consider the actual number of people that are relocating. It’s obvious that Americans have a natural tendency to move around quite a bit. However, when you cross-compare the past two decades, there is a notable drop in those stats. Data gathered from 2018 shows that a total of 10.1 percent of the entire US population relocated. To translate this into real numbers, out of the 319 million people currently living in the US, 32 million relocated. You would think that this is a good indicator, but the facts speak otherwise.

In fact, the percentage of people in the US that move annually has been dropping in the last 20 years. What used to be a total of 16 percent of the population is now down to 10 percent. And this is a good indicator that people are happy with their housing conditions. But it also bears bad omens for professional moving companies looking to develop.How many people in the US move each year?

What’s even less fortunate for moving companies looking to make a profit is that out the 32 million people that relocated, only 15 percent crossed state lines. That means that there is much less money to be earned and more competition to fight off when it comes to interstate relocation. So, the best bet for small moving businesses is to focus their efforts on local and long-distance moving projects. The decision that moving business owners need to make is how far they wish to chase after state-to-state relocation. Think about that when preparing for the next peak moving season.

How can you get ahead of your competitors?

The simple way to come out on top with opportunities being so low is to invest in the digital development of your moving company. Everything is going online today, so you want to make your business stand out. One of the sure ways to achieve that is by having an SEO strategy for your moving company. By reaching the top positions on search engines, you will be able to generate high-quality leads and tag the limited number of moving jobs available. The time to act is now if you want to be ready for next season.