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6 Instagram marketing tips for movers

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Over the years, from simply being a fun social media platform where people could post selfies and interesting photos they’ve taken, Instagram has evolved into a leading social media website and an incredibly important marketing platform. While online vs. offline marketing is certainly an interesting debate to look into, if you’re running a business of any kind, you would be wrong to disregard Instagram, as doing so would certainly rid you of many potential customers you’d otherwise acquire. With that in mind, here are 6 Instagram marketing tips aimed specifically at moving companies. Take note of our advice and do what you can to build a strong Instagram presence; it will definitely be worth it.

#1 Employ a consistent visual aesthetic

Let’s start with your company’s visual aesthetic, as this is the first thing that anyone who visits your Instagram profile will notice. If the visuality of your profile seems unprofessional, then you are likely to lose potential customers who will quickly start looking for another moving company in their area.

Of course, having interesting, well-composed photos is very important; that much is obvious. What’s less obvious is that all of your photos should work together to create a consistent look. This means that you should opt for a certain color palette that will best represent your brand (and, thus, be in line with your website’s look and other marketing materials as well), and then stick to it. So, if you choose a warmer color palette, then you shouldn’t start posting pictures with cool and dark colors all of a sudden, as that would impair your brand’s visual consistency.

When it comes to moving companies and other businesses that are offering such practical services, bright colors usually work the best.

A smartphone with someone's Instagram profile opened; the color red is dominating in what is a thoroughly consistent aesthetic (perhaps the owner of this profile read our Instagram marketing tips).
See how this person used similar colors to maintain a consistent aesthetic?

#2 Pay a lot of attention to your Instagram bio

When we’re talking about Instagram marketing tips that will help you with your moving company marketing, we have to emphasize the importance of a properly-filled biofield. Apart from your photos, your bio will attract the most attention from potential customers. So, pay a lot of attention to the way you write it (you can even consider hiring a professional writer).

Your bio should reflect your moving company’s strengths in such a way that, after reading it, your followers will have a very good idea on the fields where your company shines the most. So, if you’re offering particularly excellent long-distance relocation services, focus on that while also not disregarding the other services you’re providing.

It is also worth noting that adding the symbols # or @ in front of a word in your bio will convert the given word into a clickable link. Use this to create links in your bio, that will lead your followers somewhere else on your Instagram profile.

#3 Utilize carousel posts

Back in 2017, Instagram introduced a new type of posts, called carousel posts. As these posts are still among the relatively new ways to advertise online, there isn’t much research done on them; however, they are becoming increasingly popular, so you should definitely take advantage of them.

Most Instagram marketing tips centering on carousel posts are all about using their one specific advantage; namely, they allow you to combine photos and videos in one post! So, in one post only you can, for example, combine the pictures of your moving equipment (which is, hopefully, held in pristine state) with the videos showcasing it in action.

This marriage of photo and video ensures that you will reach more customers than if you only opted for one of these two types of content. Still, don’t overuse carousel posts; be creative and mix it up with other kinds of content.

#4 Have a clear goal when posting videos

Two people making business plans.
Have an understanding on what are the individual goals of each video you post.

Don’t forget to regularly post videos as well! Just have in mind that each and every video shouldn’t be posted randomly, but with a clear goal in mind.

These goals may often differ. For example, you could educate your followers on all aspects of a moving process that they might not be aware of. For instance, people might not be aware of the fact that they’re liable to get a free moving quote. Or, you could instruct them on how to properly pack.

You can also promote your services. Make a video about the satisfied customers who’ve used your storage services, or who have just successfully relocated to their new offices.

#5 Utilize Instagram stories

The next of our Instagram marketing tips for movers involves Instagram stories. Another feature that was introduced in 2017, Instagram stories are a type of content that’s only live for 24 hours, before it is gone forever.

This means that, unlike posting other types of content, posting many Instagram stories every day won’t negatively reflect on the way Instagram’s algorithm treats your posts. So, if you feel inspired, you’re free to post as many interesting and informative stories you can think of every day. Again, just like with regular videos, these stories also need to be posted with a clear goal in mind.

Take note that, unlike photos, videos and carousel posts, stories don’t have to be as thought out and professionally made. Through Instagram stories, you can show the lighter side of your moving business. As long as they’re fun and interesting, they’re good enough!

A happy worker.
One of the important Instagram marketing tips that we’re sharing today is to post Instagram stories in order to show the lighter side of your business.

#6 Present your company by using Instagram Stories Highlights

We said that Instagram stories are gone forever after 24 hours. However, that is not entirely true. Namely, you can use Instagram Stories Highlights feature to keep certain stories displayed forever on a dedicated part of your profile!

This feature is actually incredibly useful, as it is a great way to summarize your business and present its key characteristics to your potential customers. Doing so can easily draw in new customers, even if they’re not your followers!

It’s a good idea to group your highlighted stories into separate categories. So, you can have a category explaining what you do, a category detailing all the key qualities of your company, and so on. Using Instagram Stories Highlights and other Instagram marketing tips we’ve mentioned will certainly bring you closer to your old and new customers. Don’t underestimate the importance of any of these six tips, but also don’t forget that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Instagram marketing is a complex matter, and if you want to be successful, you can never stop learning. Good luck!