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Top team collaboration tools for growing companies

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Many company owners are aware of the fact that, without acquiring top talent, being successful and excellent at what you do is very hard to achieve. However, even if you have assembled the best workers in the industry, you will still be faced with plenty of unnecessary difficulties if your team isn’t collaborating correctly. And that is especially true if you’re running a growing business that needs to overcome additional problems that well-situated companies don’t have. Great collaboration is vital, and top team collaboration tools can help you achieve that. Here are some of them.

Top team collaboration tools for effective communication

One of the more essential things when it comes to effective collaboration is – effective communication. Apart from direct communication with the people who are standing in the same room together, in most companies, both textual and video online communication can be essential when it comes to the future of your growing moving business. Thus, you’ll most likely need high-quality software that will enable you and your employees to communicate either textually or by using video easily.

It’s hard to choose just one among the several top team collaboration tools that are specifically designed for communication. Still, our favorite such tools by a narrow margin are called Slack and WebEx.

Businesspeople discussing things online, while using one of the top team collaboration tools.
To successfully grow your business, you’ll need top team collaboration tools for easy communication with team members.


Slack is an excellent platform for text-based communication. You can easily find the person you need to message (either manually or by using the convenient search option). That person will immediately receive a notification informing them that they have received a message (if they have enabled this option in their settings tab). This notification can arrive either via email or as a mobile phone notification, provided that Slack supports your team members’ phones.

Apart from instant messaging, there are also group channels where you can post important updates and general information. Anyone can comment and create running threads, both on the group channel and while using the instant messaging system, making it easy to organize the ongoing communication. You can also upload various files if need be.


Often, however, text-based communication is not enough. Perhaps you urgently need to discuss something with your team members, or in this particular situation, you believe that sharing something via live-video will have a more significant effect on your employees. That’s when WebEx comes in!

You can use this video-based collaboration tool to easily host or join private and personalized meetings, organize team training sessions and webinars, or perhaps provide customer support. Setting up these meetings is done through an elegant and intuitive interface, which makes it easy for WebEx to recognize various computer cameras and microphones. This tool is convenient to use, and, for a lot of business owners, it is an essential part of their day-to-day communication schedules.


Top team collaboration tools for coordinating various projects

If there are any ongoing projects that your business is currently handling, you’ll find that using project-oriented top team collaboration tools will allow you to coordinate the process. Not only that, but also stay on top of various objectives much more easily and efficiently. For example, if you’re running a moving company, one such project could be a complicated relocation of a specific client. Again, it is difficult to choose the most useful among such software for small companies, but we’ll go with Asana and Trello.

A calendar.
One way to view project-coordination tools is as a sort of a calendar, featuring all the deadlines and tasks.


By using Asana, you can assign specific tasks to each employee, and you can also set deadlines regulating when these tasks will need to be completed. To organize everything more neatly and to allow everyone to focus on just the specific projects, not all employees and managers need to keep track of all tasks, as you can conveniently assign different followers to different projects.

This tool is among the top team collaboration tools because it allows any business owner or manager to stay organized and keep track of any project. As projects are divided into individual tasks, it will be easy to notice when a particular project is lagging, allowing you to act in a timely manner and direct any project with missed deadlines back to the right track.


Trello is an excellent alternative to Asana. What makes this tool exciting and convenient to use is its interface resembling the popular card game Solitaire. Projects are divided into columns. Each column can consist of several tasks, which you can drag across the column as if you were playing Solitaire. We recommend testing both Asana and Trello and seeing for yourself which interface suits you better.

Top team collaboration tools for creating

If your company is taking on projects that involve collaborative teamwork between various employees to create something together. You’ll also need top team collaboration tools focusing on just that – making it easier for your employees to work together while trying to create something. We’ll mention two such tools that are used for different purposes.

A person working on a laptop.
Creating together, by working from separate computers, is made easy with these top team collaboration tools!

Google Docs & Sheets

The first one you’ve probably already heard of – Google’s Docs and Sheets platforms allow many team members to work together and edit files at the same time. Changes are then saved automatically and apply to all workers who are granted access to these specific files. That dramatically expedites the process of editing files – while normally only one person could edit the data while others are waiting for him/her to finish, with Google Docs and Sheets anyone can alter the shared files simultaneously.


The second tool is called Igloo. What makes this tool useful is its in-built wiki option. Namely, by using this wiki, anyone involved with a specific project can share ideas and data that are relevant to the project.

Others can quickly lookup this data, eliminating any unnecessary information-seeking that would otherwise be required. For example, if you needed to secure your WordPress website, you could add any ideas on how to do so on this wiki, allowing other team members to quickly lookup this information and do their part of the job accordingly.