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Having an office as a mover – is it necessary?

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Given the digital age we live and operate in today, there are new and innovative business models that come up. You have startups, web shops, drop shipping, video support etc. So, when you consider all of this, you might start wondering how new tech influences the moving industry. And this might lead to the question of whether having an office as a mover is still necessary today. Well, as an experienced contributor to the moving industry, Movers Development is here to investigate. So, let’s see if we can elaborate on this subject further.

Has the concept of having an office as a mover become outdated?

The answer – not quite. It’s a matter of fact that professional moving companies need an HQ. If not to use as their central place of operations, than to use as a warehouse to store trucks, packing materials etc. However, with the aspect of lower operational expenses, there are moving businesses that choose to operate remotely. So, if you are just starting your moving business and considering how to establish it all, make sure to consider all the fact.

Man sitting as his desk, looking at a laptop.
Do you even need to have an office as a mover today?

What are the benefits of not having an office space as moving company?

However, this isn’t to say there aren’t major benefits to choosing the no-office strategy for your company. And here’s why:

  • Most small businesses can’t afford to rent the space. Especially when you consider that the national average monthly rent comes to $23 per square foot. And this is not something many startups can afford. Even certain enterprises might struggle in the beginning.
  • Outsourcing. Although most moving businesses start off locally, there are those that will look to expand to other parts of the city/state. And rather than having a separate office for each one, it might be better to simply handle it all remotely.
  • A matter of comfort. Although having an office as a mover is a logical choice, some people are better adjusted to work from home. And there is nothing wrong with this. If you have space and the equipment at home, why not put it to good use?

Then again, you need to look at the other side of the coin – the advantages an office brings

Whether or not startups need office space is a discussion that has been gaining ground as of late. Of course, the same rules don’t apply to all types of businesses. After all, moving industry trends dictate their own rules and courses of action when it comes to running a successful business. So, it’s simply a matter of finding your balance in all that mess. However, for ambitious entrepreneurs with the will to grow their idea of a moving company, a physical office is a must. And here are 9 simple reasons as to why having an office as a mover pays out:

1. Talent acquisition

Your office is the showroom for what you stand for as a moving company. It can demonstrate to potential employees and clients just how invested and serious you are as a business. A physical office can significantly influence the strength and recognition of your brand. And it can also attract the best candidates to help you grow your moving business.

Just consider this – would you rather accept to work for a shady startup working out of an apartment or a serious company with its own personalized office space?

2. Team-building

A supportive work environment can be essential for the success of a growing business. And you cannot hope to establish it without a proper workspace to connect your team members on a regular basis. As long as you have that, you are one step closer to building a lasting and close-knit community within your moving business. And this is something every business owner should aspire to.

3. Punctuality

Yes, with the introduction of various video-conferencing tools such as Skype, Google Hangouts etc. you really have no need to meet in person. But this is just a myth when it comes to talking about the ways startups function. Of course that it’s always better to meet in person. Especially when you consider the potential problems with connectivity and technical difficulties of communicating over a screen.

4. Investors

You can’t hope to attract as much partnerships and sponsors if you don’t have anything to show them. Sure, moving companies rarely have such plans or needs, but you never know. After all, who would want to turn down a potential investor? And having an office as a mover can largely contribute to this, believe it or not.

5. Having an office as a mover opens the door for professional development

The fact is that moving and storage expertise require a certain level of knowledge and skills. However, this is not really something you can count on if you have no space to test it in. On the other hand, an office can solve all this for you. With it, you can organize recruitment, training sessions, and other means to grow. And this can speak to employees, making them more satisfied and motivated to build their careers working with you.

6. Health

A mentally and physically healthy team makes for a productive team. And as a professional employer with an office, you have the opportunity to offer just that to your staff. Whether it’s the food and conditions you provide or the energy in the office, it will ensure that they connect and stay productive as a collective.

7. Exposure to diversity

The best way to manage a growing team is through diversity. The more different backstories and point of views that you have, the healthier the core values of your moving business can be. And having an office as a mover ensure just that – a common space where diversity meets and exists to create something more.

To conclude

Having an office space as a mover is not an easy call to make. You have to consider everything carefully – your financial status, strategic plan, staff size etc. However, this 3-5 year commitment, scary as it seems, will probably turn out to be one of the best decisions you can make. So, we wish you the best of luck and are here to support you. For Movers Development, your potential to grow and expand your moving business is not dependent on your office space.