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Ways in which tech will reshape relocation

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Technology has always played an important role in the development of moving companies. It is what enables industries to grow beyond borders and evolve. This is also the case with the moving industry. The aspect of relocation and the challenge it poses can only be overcome with innovation and constant improvement. This is why we are thinking outside the box today and exploring ways in which tech will reshape relocation.

How tech will reshape relocation for both sides

  1. Moving companies need to consider the extent of the services they offer to clients. You have to take into account the experience of certain customers as well. So, not only do you have to consider how tech will reshape relocation from the aspect of movers, but also research the movers’ software trends to get your company there. So, ask yourself how you can improve using the excellent digital platforms available on the market.
  2. As a person looking to relocate, you have to consider how technology and innovations in this area make life easier for you. As the client, your point of view is crucial – always remember that. And there is always a good chance that the service you are searching for already exists. It’s just a matter of finding the right moving company to offer it. Relocations can be stressful, and your choice of movers should do everything in their power to assist you.

The introduction of constant communication

Relocations used to be made up of lengthy and numerous meetings. You had to discuss housing and schooling options, all to organize the details of the move. In fact, many global mobility providers are still operating the same way. However, this doesn’t need to be the case any longer – not with how tech will reshape relocation.

Chat icon - one of the many aspects in which tech will reshape relocation.
Sometimes, a little virtual assistance can go a long way towards a stress-free relocation.

Now, all tasks regarding your relocation can be integrated into a single purpose-built platform. With new technological solutions in the moving industry, numerous meetings and negotiations regarding the move are a thing of the past. A typical example can be found in the introduction of the instant moving quote calculator. Not only does it offer you with an estimate of your relocation within minutes, but you already have everything you need to contact a moving company and schedule your relocation. For those of us looking to move, this means that we can access the entire relocation from our phone. So, you can:

  • look at the property and school options,
  • upload and edit documents, and
  • check your visa status wherever you are.

Tech will reshape relocation with a more efficient & more personal approach

Offering a high level of efficiency is what customers expect from their relocation professionals. And the best way to achieve this is through the automation of repetitive and time-consuming everyday tasks. This is exactly what a universal operational system will serve to achieve with the introduction of new tech trends.

The second aspect that moving crews should work towards is a personal approach to each and every relocation. This is something that is appreciated in the world today. In order to fulfill and exceed all customer expectations, you first need to be able to understand what those are. And the way to do this is through personal communication.

A well-developed referral system

The relocation experience is blooming due to the contributions of modern technological trends. As a result of availability of digital technology and open communication channels, moving companies are now able to communicate internally and consult on potential challenges and requirements. This opens the door for new collaborations and referrals, be they B2B or client-to-client. Now, satisfied customers or business partners can refer you to others looking to relocate with ease.

Accessing local information

The abundance of accurate and actionable local information for those making a global relocation is freely available. There is no excuse for relocation professionals to not integrate it into their program. Of course, you can just look up your own information. However, it is when you combine professional knowledge with information that you can form something truly unique. And by this, we refer to a successful relocation project. And this is yet another important way in which tech will reshape relocation.

Virtual assistance

VR and AI are two trends that are revolutionizing all industries nowadays. So, why should the relocation industry be any different? With the introduction of “virtual assistants”, individuals and companies can functions in a more planned and organized manner. A combination of mobile technologies and machine-learning, virtual assistants can offer users:

  • Advice from extensive databases
  • Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the relocation
  • Even useful facts and statistics on how tech will reshape relocation
Bussinesman pressing a Email icon.
There are many ways in which virtual assistants today can ease the challenge of relocation.

Already, virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Google’s Alexa have become household names. In fact, we now install them in our households as a physical device that can perform pretty much everything. From home monitoring to temperature control and instant shopping via voice commands, the options constantly grow. And given their popularity and utility among consumers, it’s only a matter of time before virtual relocation assistants become a standard offering for moving companies.

Data analytics will be telling companies how to spend their relocation dollars wisely. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, driverless trucks—the stuff of science fiction stories just two decades ago. And now, they all have the potential to change the face of the relocation industry.

The aspect of a shared economy

With a move to self-serve models also comes a rise in “shared economy” services. These are companies like Uber and Airbnb that give users the digital tools to connect with other users and “share”:

  • transportation,
  • accommodations,
  • pet-sitting venues etc.
All for one economy, one for all.
A shared economy is one of the many ways tech will reshape relocation.

In so doing, these services bypass traditional cab companies, movers, hotel chains and other traditional service providers.

All that’s left is to start exploring early

While the pace of change in today’s technology is at times overwhelming, all industries are facing this together. And innovation will continue to be the order of the day as we go forward. The relocation industry is one that is used to adapting and changing with the times. After all, moving industry trends constantly move (pun intended), and so should your company if you hope to expand. So, we hope that these ways in which tech will reshape relocation will benefit you. At the very least, you might get some useful ideas.