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13 ways to brand your business on a budget

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What is the aspiration of all moving companies? To become a recognized brand that people will know and think of when in need of moving and storage expertise. So, how does one go about accomplishing that? There are countless ways to invest in marketing for moving companies, but not all share the same goals and results. And not all business owners will have the same opportunities and resources to start with. So, we decided to help the underdogs by sharing with you some of the best ways to brand your moving business on a budget.

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Learn the 13 different ways to brand your business on a budget.

What are the top 13 ways to brand your moving business on a budget?

The common problem most inexperienced companies make is to avoid the project of branding. They either consider it to be too expensive or that they still haven’t reached a specific growth point. However, the fact of the matter is that the longer you wait to initiate the branding process, the more complex it will become. So, rather than postpone it all, why not follow these 13 ways to brand your moving business on a budget:

#1: Create a brand style guide

A Brand Style Guide is your brand establishment strategy. It serves to help you define your brand and how to approach sharing it with the marketplace. It’s basically a blueprint of your marketing plan. It ensures that your brand becomes recognizable to current and potential customers through multichannel marketing. Establishing a proper brand style guide can be challenging. This is why you should cover these essential steps:

  • Mission and vision
  • Competitive analysis
  • Target audience
  • Creative guidelines
  • Voice
People looking at plans and ideas on whiteboard.
A brand style guide is a great way to plan your branding efforts.

Establishing your brand style guide is one of the best ways to brand your business on a budget. Although it requires time and effort, it doesn’t require a financial investment. In fact, there are also several free examples of brand style guides that can offer you a more general idea.

#2: Design your logo

Having a logo for your moving business is one of the most important factors for your branding process. After all, it’s your logo that will appear wherever customers look. So, when you think of it, consider what will best present you as a company. What will capture the core of your brand? Once you have the idea, there are plenty of software tools you can use to design it.

#3: Launch your website

Having a website for your business has become a crucial part of success today. And the reasons couldn’t be simpler. Businesses with a strong digital presence generate traffic, which leads to new target audiences. And this opens up a new world of potential leads for your moving business. And of course, having a website furthers your goal to brand your business on a budget.

#4: Leverage social media

It sounds spent, but you couldn’t be more wrong to think so. Social media is an advertising channel that keeps on giving. It’s just a matter of how much time and energy you devote to it. Remember, the world today has gone digital, so social media has an ever-growing influence on public opinion. And this makes it the perfect playground for strengthening your brand. The sooner you embrace the potential that social media advertising carries, the more likely it will be for your business to expand.

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Social media remains one of the dominant ways to brand your business on a budget.

#5: Start a blog if you wish to brand your business on a budget

Engaging your audience is important. You have to communicate the experience and knowledge that your company can offer in order to establish yourself in your industry. And this is where the introduction of a company blog comes in handy. It provides you with the means to make your voice heard throughout the Internet. When you use the brand to discuss moving industry news, for example, you can offer potential customers with valuable information that they are searching for. And this works in your favor because it presents your business in the best light.

#6: Partner with local businesses

Connections and collaborations create influence. Big companies with deep pockets find it in corporations and reach out programs. Small businesses don’t have to do this. All you really need is to rely on the strength of local networking. When you team up with other small businesses, you can expand your reach fast, easy, and most importantly – on a budget.

#7: Sponsor something

Most entrepreneurs will confirm that there is gain to be had in sponsorships. In fact, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved. Whereas the cause or event you contribute to receives financial or other forms of aid, your brand receives bonus points in the eyes of the public. For this particular way to brand your business on a budget, you will want to approach local sports teams, charity organizations, local festivals etc.

#8: Print proper business cards

Never underestimate the influence of traditional marketing, even in the digital age we live in today. We already mentioned the importance of having a logo. And then there is the matter of having a business card to present that logo. So, what you want and need to do is print several hundred cards that you will be able to offer potential customers at any time. Make sure that they represent everything you offer as a growing business. The key lies in the visual appeal here.

#9: Position yourself as an authority

This is what branding is all about. It helps your company grow, not only in the eyes of the public but also in the sphere of your industry and competitors. The sooner you manage to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, the more attention your brand will receive. And the best way to accomplish this on a budget is through spreading your presence. Use as many ways to advertise your moving business as possible.

Megaphone with $ signs coming out of it.
Authority and influence can bring you a lot of branding power.

#10: Obtain and distribute fantastic freebies

People love gifts – both small and large. As long as it’s free or complimentary, we will take it! And that is a guarantee. Which is not as bad as it sounds, especially when you are looking to brand your business on a budget. So, your goal is to think of what it is that your target audience might enjoy as a small gesture of goodwill from you. And then use that to your branding advantage – incorporate your logo or colors into the idea and present it to clients.

#11: Offer coupons

Just like freebies, coupons are a common and good way for both small and large businesses to brand out. As long as you have people that will go of their way to use the coupon you offer them, you can be certain that it is working.

#12: Encourage customer reviews

Reviews have become the foundations of trust in companies, products, services etc. People trust the opinion of the majority. And we do so before we decide to buy or hire. And this is why encouraging feedback and public reviews from clients is so essential for a growing business. This will, of course, bring in potentially negative reviews as well. But in dealing with them in a positive way and publicly, you can brand your business on a budget yet again.

#13: Ask for referrals

And, of course, where there are reviews, you can also find referrals. If you have a customer that is overjoyed to share their satisfaction with your services, you might as well invite them to refer you to others. It costs you nothing but a smile and a phone call, but it adds to your brand quite a bit.