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Best marketing channels for targeting gen Z audiences

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Gen Z can seem a bit confusing and unpredictable if you do not know how to deal with them. They are a generation that grew up heavily influenced by the emergence of the internet. As such, most of their interests lie with it. So, let us take a look at the best marketing channels for targeting gen Z audiences.

Know which social media to use

Instagram, one of the best marketing channels for targeting gen Z audiences
Gen Z loves staying up to date using Instagram.

While social media is always an amazing choice as a marketing channel, in order to achieve the best results when targeting gen Z as your audience, you still need to know which social media platforms to focus on. Simply put, one of the best marketing channels for targeting gen Z audiences are Instagram and TikTok.

Both platforms have taken the generation by storm, and are still by far the most popular options for them. You can easily boost your SEO for movers by opting for one of these two over some ‘older’ platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. It must be mentioned, though, that you would not necessarily be unsuccessful in using them. Gen Z tends to use all sorts of social media apps. However, the effects will be, by far, underwhelming compared to what you could be achieving if you opted for the two more popular apps.

Use lots of visual content

Pictures of food
This generation loves to use pictures in every aspect of their daily life.

Now that you understand Gen Z preferences when it comes to social media, it is time to speak more about the type of content they enjoy. Compared to the generations that came before, gen Z prefers having more visual content. This comes, in part, due to their obsession with consuming content quickly. Photos let them absorb info and make connections faster. While videos are a lot easier to watch on the move, you can just listen to them instead of being glued to the screen. Both of which make it much more appealing than text to this impatient generation.

Use lots of tags for easier outreach

The use of tags, or hashtags, is something that grew in popularity with gen Z. Although it is hardly a new phenomenon, this generation still loves using tags for everything they post. This does, however, allow them to browse through the news they are interested in quickly. It also provides a kind of ranking, since the most popular posts under a certain hashtag are featured first. This is an amazing gimmick for moving company advertising efforts since it easily allows you to tap into the interests of gen Z and leverage their preference for trending pieces of news on their favorite social media platforms.

Offer interactive content

Be it in the form of posting answers to questions you posed in an article, posting pictures, or doing a poll, gen Z adores interactive content. If you want to figure out the best marketing channels for targeting gen Z, then you absolutely must incorporate some interactive aspects into your marketing efforts. The more ‘interactive’, the better. If they feel like their opinions are being heard and valued, gen Z audiences are much more inclined to follow a brand.

You can take full advantage of this and firmly cement yourself as one of their favorite moving companies. You can even post questionnaires, and encourage them to use some of your website-integrated software, such as a moving estimate app since this would draw their attention to them and encourage them to actually use them later.

Driven by a need to stay up to date

Most gen Z audiences suffer from the Fear Of Missing Out. This is actually a semi-serious psychological problem that drives them to constantly check news and social media. While this is a bad thing, it does mean that they have a clear preference. Sites, blogs, and social media accounts that post more often and have interesting content will always do well with gen Z audiences.

If you can start and run a successful blog, and post snippets of your content on your social media as a means of encouraging them to visit your site, you will be able to gain popularity quickly. You can then take advantage of this by including subtle promotion of your own moving services and moving supplies throughout the articles you post.

Follow up on feedback

Gen Z loves being heard, yes. But they also demand that they actually be listened to. If you are asking for feedback and advice on the ways to improve your services, they will expect to see you actually put some of the gathered data to use. If you do not, you will quickly lose all the popularity and goodwill that your marketing campaigns secured.

Smiley balloons
Being heard will make your gen Z customers happy.

One of the best ways to show off the fact that you are actually doing something with their feedback is to post the comment or review that contained the suggestion or complaint. And then show off and explain all the ways you are working on integrating the advice into your services. You can not only keep yourself up to date on the latest moving trends that gen Z prefers this way, but you can also show off your willingness to work with them.

Leverage affiliates and influencers

Finally, one of the best marketing channels for targeting gen Z are definitely influencers and affiliate marketers. The latter often belongs to the ranks of the former. Influencers are a phenomenon brought about by gen Z, with their near veneration of internet figures. So, it should come as no surprise that the words of influencers carry such weight for them. If an influencer can endorse your moving business or if you can get one to make a video of you helping them with a move, you will find the popularity of your moving company exponentially increasing.

Final comment

Knowing about the best marketing channels for targeting gen Z audiences is not enough. You need to constantly work on further expanding your online presence and influence. This is the only way for you to catch, and keep, the influence of this particular generation.