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Live chat vs calls – which works better for movers?

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Many business owners believe that moving companies do not need to have a strong customer support system. That is not the case. Customer service is, in fact, one of the most important aspects of moving companies. This is especially true if you are just starting out. That being said, what is the best way for your customers to communicate with your customer service representatives? That is why today we will be answering the question of live chat vs calls – which works better for movers?

How do calls compare to live chat?

Phone support is the most traditional and effective method of assisting customers in need. Customers only need to dial a phone number to contact an organization’s customer service department. After that, customers can ask any question they may have. They may have inquiries regarding goods, accounts, or technical difficulties, and firms educate their support employees to answer these issues over the phone as rapidly as possible. In some ways, this method of customer support has become a bit outdated. For example, one of the benefits of CRM software is that it allows for better communication, which reduces the need for phone calls.

On the other hand, Live chat is somewhat of a new invention. It first appeared on the customer service scene in the early 2000s. Back then, it resembled a current direct messaging network. In an informal chat room, a client would connect with a single agent on the other end. The agent would then address the customer’s questions directly. Nowadays, this procedure is automated to an extent. A mix of chatbots and trained personnel are there to help customers whit any request they might have.

What do consumers today prefer?

It is not as simple as asking what is better when it comes to the “live chat vs calls” debate. You need to ask yourself what your customer wants. It’s in your best interest to use as many channels of communication with your customer as possible. In 2022, customer service standards have grown sky-high. At a time when contact center solutions have grown significantly, providing an excellent customer experience will only help your company thrive.

Beyond conventional phone conversations, communication channels have increased, and contact center solutions have evolved other means to improve customer experience. As a result, supporting your company with the finest customer service, and keeping up with the times is critical for your moving company. This is where live chat can help. It’s a modern solution to all of your customer service needs.

A satisfied customer on the phone.
Consider the needs of your customers when thinking about live chat vs calls

If you are afraid that you can’t run both systems, you don’t need to worry. You can find a lot of solid software for small moving companies, that can aid you with this. You can begin implementing a chat service to see how it fits into your business model. After that, if you notice that one system performs better than the other, you can begin to phase out the less popular method.

Live chat vs calls

We are going to say it now: there is no winner when talking about live chat vs calls. Both of these systems have their advantages and disadvantages. As a business owner, you need to understand how to use both of these methods. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the main thing you should be looking at is what is going to make your customer satisfied.

While some clients may prefer to communicate through the phone, the tech-savvy generation may find live chat more useful. Similarly, depending on their consumer base, some organizations may be satisfied with a phone call system, while others may want live chats. It is going to be of utmost importance for you to figure out which communication system is going to fit your moving company the most.

The advantages of live chat

Live chat allows you to communicate with customers and resolve problems in real-time. In a nutshell, live chats provide a real-time solution, allowing customers to find answers to their questions without opening a new browser or scrolling through contact galleries. Many businesses use live chat as a kind of centralized knowledge portal to find the information they require. This can have the following consequences for a moving company:

  • A price estimate
  • Questions about employee experience
  • The area that your moving company covers
  • Your insurance policy
A customer service representative live chatting with a customer on a laptop.
Live chatting allows you to solve your customers’ problems in real-time.

The disconnect between your customer support representative and your client is a disadvantage of live chats. This can make your customer service representative appear unresponsive, even if they are attempting to be as helpful as possible. Furthermore, typing is much slower than talking, so the entire process will take much longer than if the conversation was conducted over the phone.

The advantages of phone calls

While phone conversations may appear to take longer, as previously stated, this is not the case. Another significant advantage of phone calls is the ability to interact with your customer on a more personal level and provide a more meaningful response. Furthermore, the scope of the discussion can go beyond entering too many words into the chatbox.

Furthermore, analyzing phone conversations allows the company to delve deeper into the problem and better understand the customer’s feedback. You can learn more about a customer’s attitude toward a particular product or service by delving deeper into their tone and emotions with call monitoring software.

A black phone on a table.
Phone call support is beneficial because it allows for a more genuine interaction with your customer.

The negative aspect of this method of customer support is the price. Having a dedicated customer support team to answer any questions that your clients might have requires a lot of training and a dedicated staff. If you don’t have that, the quality of the service falls drastically. Furthermore, as we also mentioned before, this system of customer support is outdated. Automation is making a lot of the useful aspects of customer support calls redundant. For example, there is no reason to call customer support to ask for the price of a move, when your website can easily implement a relocation cost calculator. All you need to figure out is if this system is worth the price.

The best course of action – invest in both

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with implementing either live chat or calls. Both are important for capturing leads and booking jobs. As to the question of which works better, it all depends on how you use them. As an experienced digital marketing agency, Movers Development understands the importance of using diverse channels to promote your services. That is why we suggest that you look at live chat vs calls as live chat and calls, synchronized.