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7 fundamental features for moving company websites

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It is in the interest of every moving company with a desire to grow its online presence to have a website that not only tells the story of their brand but also has the capacity to generate leads and ensure a steady flow of customers. From time to time, it is important for us to remind moving companies of the importance of investing in their websites, and how big of a difference it can make in the long run. Today, we revisit this topic with a brief article on seven fundamental features for moving company websites. Read on and learn whether your moving company website is missing out on the opportunity to do more for your business.

Person coding a website on three screens.
What are the seven fundamental features of moving company websites?

#1: Header and footer

The header and footer are the shortcuts for customers to get all the vital information they need about your business, no matter which page they land on. That is why they are counted among the fundamental features for moving company websites. Like every good story, every website needs to have a beginning and an ending – that is what the header and footer are.

The header should be oriented toward promoting your brand and getting customers to engage with your business through:

  • Showcasing your company logo;
  • Using a phone number in the form of an HTML link;
  • Including a CTA that leads to a separate Moving Quote page;
  • Providing a breakdown of your website in the form of a menu that can lead to other pages of your website.

The footer is that summary ending – one that serves to offer site visitors a brief reminder of what it is that your business is about. In most cases, the very notion of a functional footer is one that includes:

  • NAP (name, address, phone) for your moving business;
  • Working hours;
  • Payment options;
  • Links leading your most important pages;
  • Short contact form;
  • Privacy policy.

#2: Moving Quote Form

Online users that land on your website expect to get everything they need within minutes. From basic information about your business to the costs of your services. And you can’t hope to provide that option without the implementation of a quote form on your website. After all, offering free moving quotes online has become a general practice for moving companies.

However, simply having such a form on your website is not enough. You need to make it user-friendly and engaging for site visitors. That is where the introduction of a tailored and responsive website design can come in handy.

Not only should you have a short quote form on all your pages but you should also make sure that it is above the fold – instantly visible to site visitors. That way, you will be able to invite customers to start filling out a form as soon as they land on one of your pages, lowering the chances of them leaving your website.

A separate page with an instant moving quote calculator

Having a short quote form on your homepage and other inner pages is a great starting point. However, if you truly want to meet the needs of site visitors, you need to go the extra mile. By offering customers the option to get an accurate moving price estimate, you can give them the information they need to determine whether or not your moving company is a fit for their needs. Having a separate page with an instant moving quote calculator can provide you with all the move-related data you need to offer people an exact price for your services.

#3: Customer Reviews

Illustration of testimonials and reviews.
Testimonials give your moving business weight in the eyes of other potential customers.

Testimonials from customers are a very useful and impactful tool in the arsenal of any business. They offer real-time credibility and transparency that potential customers look for during their buying decision. While positive reviews offer the opportunity to showcase the quality of services you offer and your devotion to customer satisfaction, negative reviews can also be useful. By responding and successfully resolving negative comments and claims, you demonstrate the will to meet your customers halfway. Showcasing that on your moving company website can bring in a lot of attention from site visitors.

#4: Separate pages for each service

From our experience, a lot of moving companies still fail to devote sufficient effort to elaborating the services they offer. As a result, there are still many moving company websites out there that are one-page-sites, or those that contain only a single page for all the services the company offers. And while this might seem like a logical “one page to tell it all” approach, it usually reflects negatively on an online presence. Moving company SEO strategies uphold the notion of offering an in-depth website structure, filled with content, all to give your brand weight and value.

Therefore, creating optimized and separate pages for each of the services your moving business offers is not only logical but also very useful because:

  • You can cater to the expectations of search engines with fundamental features for moving company websites they use for rankings on SERP.
  • It becomes much easier to explore the different ways to advertise your moving business with multiple landing pages.
  • Site visitors can spend more time on your website, exploring the different options it offers.
  • Customers can get valuable insight in regards to the services they are interested in.
  • You can cover a wider range of keywords for movers through the extensive content you create on the pages.

#5: Blog

Blog page on laptop screen.
Given its multitude of uses, it’s easy to understand why a blog is one of the fundamental features of moving company websites.

Blogs are not only among fundamental features for moving company websites, but for any website, really. Having a blog for your company has become a standard for building an online presence. It is a very good way to interact with potential customers and site visitors. But even more than that, it is a way to give your company credibility and authority through a demonstration of knowledge of your profession and the will to guide others. That alone can give your brand a strong base to build its message on. Finally, it boosts your moving company marketing efforts by sharing that knowledge with others via social media, email newsletters, etc.

#6: Privacy Policy

With the steady global initiative to support and implement GDPR, more and more online businesses choose to take all the necessary steps to abide by these regulations. Having a proper privacy policy on your website is the first step towards that, making it an obvious fundamental feature.

With so many cyber threats and manipulation of personal and financial data digitally, site visitors want to know that the information they leave on your website is confidential and protected. A privacy policy is your guarantee to online users that your website is secure and that it upholds high standards in terms of caring for its visitors. However, there are always more ways to secure your moving company website, which we discussed in the past.

#7: Sitemap

User experience (UX) is an important aspect of any website. If site visitors are unable to navigate through the website with ease and efficiency, they end up bouncing in record time. The existence of a sitemap for your website is like a roadmap for first-time visitors, giving them all the directions they need to land on the page they need. At the same time, a sitemap offers a bigger picture of your website structure. And this can often intrigue customers to spend more time exploring the services and guidelines you have to offer.

Start thinking long-term and explore the full potential of your website

Due to the nature of its business, Movers Development has conducted thousands of audits for moving company websites. And we understand just how often fundamental features for moving company websites such as these seven are found missing. We also know just how much that can slow down the progress of one’s website. That is why we do our best to not only educate moving companies on the importance of such elements but also help them in installing them on websites.