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5 tips for moving company sales teams

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When you are just starting out, you might not really see the necessity of a dedicated sales team. Everyone in the company is more or less working towards achieving monthly and yearly goals and the small size of such a company makes it unlikely you will have the required funds. However, as soon as you start growing, you will find yourself in need of a solid, dedicated team working to bolster your sales. Still, sales teams often are often not stellar professionals at their jobs right after being hired. And this is no fault of their own! Even if all of them have some prior experience, it still takes time to get used to a new job. More often than not, however, companies first start out with workers lacking much prior experience. To help with this issue a little, we present to you our five tips for moving company sales teams.

#1: Establish trust with your customers

The first of our tips for moving company sales teams is to work on building up the name of your company as a reliable service provider. No matter what service people look for, they want to be assured of two things:

  1. That they are receiving premium service.
  2. That they are getting their money’s worth. If they feel that they are overpaying, or that the quality of your work is subpar, then your name is likely to suffer and as a result, you will see a draught of customers.

The only way to battle the former is to do your hardest. But the latter can be worked on by being upfront about the services you offer and their costs. Including an online moving calculator can also be helpful. Customers that contact your sales team will be aware of pricing already, which gives you a much stronger position.

#2: Make use of all potential marketing venues

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You will find that non-traditional advertisement is very effective!

Marketing will be an ever-present challenge for any sales team. Thankfully, with digital solutions at your disposal, this is somewhat easier than it used to be. As traditional advertising methods are losing their influence, more and more companies are turning to the potential of digital marketing. With so many different ways to advertise a business being available, most of which cost not nearly as much while offering equal or even better results – it can be understandable why sales teams need to adapt to ongoing trends.

Social media marketing is one such example. You can put a sales team in charge of your social media accounts. Or, with all the platforms available, even spread them among several teams. This would, of course, primarily offer you a way to reach out to a wider audience. But it will also allow your sales team to get in touch with potential customers and offer an easy venue to find out about their interests and concerns when it comes to your services.

#3: Build a strong online presence

Three persons on a laptop.
Carefully choose the topics for your blog!

One of the most important tips for moving company sales teams is to maintain a strong online presence tied to your own company. This is accomplished through building up and maintaining your own site. Any moving business that doesn’t own a website, or that discards its importance, is already on the back foot.

Your website is a source of information that allows potential customers to decide whether to contact you. It is a platform for you to reveal stories and reviews of previous, satisfied customers. A perfect tool for engaging your customers through a blog. It also allows you to massively increase potential outreach through clever use of PPC management for moving companies. In other words, quite besides your social media efforts, your website significantly contributes to how the world at large perceives your moving company. Websites can make or break a business depending on their use.

#4: Focus on peak seasons, but do not discount off-seasons

Now, it’s only normal to focus your efforts when there is most to gain. Peak moving seasons are always a hectic time for moving companies. And if you don’t fight for customers then, you will lose out on a lot of profits. However, does this mean you should not put any real work into expanding or maintaining your customer base in the off-season? No!

In fact, while most first-time homeowners aim for peak seasons, those more experienced with moving houses will typically move during the lull. This means that peak seasons are actually primarily meant for attracting new customers. While the rest of the year is dedicated to maintaining the interest and engagement of your previous clients. You will find that blogs are very useful for this purpose. Similarly, you might want to run some sort of discount for return clients or registered users of your services.

#5: Research your potential customers

Knowing your clients will let you better tailor your services to them!
Knowing your clients will let you better tailor your services to them!

A large part of staying competitive is knowing what your customers want. This is why the final of our tips for moving company sales teams is to keep up with the newest demands and trends of the industry. Your company will, invariably, tend towards developing a niche. This simply happens because of previous customer recommendations and jobs you are specialized or tend towards.

Be it local, cross country, or international moving, once you know what you are good at, work at improving at it. Do customers prefer increased security of their items? Or should you perhaps work on doing your job faster? Of course, if you want to grow and branch out, it is natural to shore up your weaknesses and get better at the jobs you do not do as much. But make sure you are secure in the field you are better at first is simply smart.

Final comment

We hope that our five tips for moving company sales teams have helped you get a firmer grasp on what you should focus on. Getting your feet under you can be difficult. And the job might seem confusing or even too difficult at first. But if you keep improving and giving your best, you will eventually become a professional in your own right.