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9 essential off-page SEO tactics for movers

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What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions SEO? For most people, the answer has something to do with keywords and content creation, which are crucial for your Google ranking. After all, it’s your website that you want to make more visible so it’s your website that you need to optimize. But what you do on your own website is only one part of the equation. In addition to on-page SEO that you present to the world and the technical SEO that makes your website function better, you also need to employ off-page SEO tactics for movers if you want to achieve the best possible results. This is all part of digital marketing strategies for movers that you don’t have full control of; it requires being proactive. Although difficult, it can be very rewarding, which makes it worth the effort.

The importance of off-page SEO tactics for movers

A team of people in an office planning off-page SEO tactics for movers.
A lot of marketing actually happens outside of your website.

Off-page SEO refers to all the tactics you employ outside of your own website with the goal of making your pages rank higher on Google. Together with on-page optimization and technical SEO, it makes up the three main aspects of SEO for moving companies. Because of the secrecy surrounding Google’s ranking algorithm as well as the constant changes being made to it, it’s difficult to accurately pinpoint just how much of an effect off-page SEO has. However, according to some estimates, off-page SEO can make up as much as 50% of your ranking. When the stakes are that high, you shouldn’t risk it – invest in a good off-page strategy.

The best off-page SEO tactics for movers

There are so many things you can do off-website to improve your ranking that it would be impossible to list them all out. So here are the top 9 strategies you absolutely must try:

#1: Link building

Possibly the most well-known and widely used off-page tactic, link building is a staple in every SEO strategy. It involves creating inbound links from other websites to boost those pages’ authority and relevance as well as redirect traffic to them. These links are referred to as backlinks because they link back to your website.

Typically, to get a backlink, you’ll reach out to another website and ask them to mention your brand or offer to create content for them if they include a link to your website. You can also turn brand mentions into backlinks in the same way or create profiles that include backlinks on business directories and review websites.

#2: Guest posting (articles, images, videos)

Woman looking at a laptop with a thoughtful expression.
Guest blogging is one of the most common off-page SEO tactics for movers.

It’s no secret that high-value content is a great way to generate leads for movers. But you don’t have to post that content on your own website. You can also practice guest posting: creating content for other websites. Within this content, you will typically include the name of your brand or a link to your website; alternatively, the content will be credited to you, which will also include a link to your website. Usually, guest posting focuses on writing blog posts and articles for other websites. But you can also create handy infographics or useful videos that others will have to credit you for when using.

#3: Social media marketing

If you aren’t using social media for marketing, you should start. It’s a great way to promote your moving business, build your brand, and interact with your customers. In doing so, it can also help with your SEO by spreading the word about your business and directing traffic to your website.

#4: Collaborations

Because off-page SEO happens on websites that aren’t your own, it almost inevitably involves working with other businesses or at least other web administrators. But how far you want to take that collaboration is up to you. If you go beyond guest posting, you can start great and long-lasting business relationships as well. So try partnering with another business in your industry, launch a product together, or get their help with some services you don’t usually offer. It’s great mutual promotion because they’ll want to hype their collaboration with you and, by extension, your business as well.

#5: Branding

To stand out from your competition, you need to have something unique. That is your brand – the symbols your business uses, the values it subscribes to, and the image the general public has of it. A lot of different activities go into building a brand, both on your website and elsewhere. These can be very effective in sparking interest in your business and inspiring people to learn more about it. Most will do so by searching for your business online, interacting with your website, and following you on social media, all of which can help boost your ranking.

#6: Influencer outreach is one of the latest trends in off-page SEO tactics for movers

Person recording themselves for social media.
Pairing up with an influencer can be a very effective way to promote your business.

Pairing up with an influencer can be a great way to promote your business without spending a fortune. The right influencer will give your business an excellent review that will inspire trust in your brand. They will also typically link to your website and social media accounts. Not only can this help your SEO, but it also acts as excellent social proof and just good marketing in general.

#7: Review websites

Most people read reviews before hiring movers. So the more reviews you have, the better. They prove the legitimacy of your business and they’re the best kind of marketing; even negative reviews serve a purpose! Furthermore, people often mention your brand name and unknowingly use important keywords in their reviews. This can help you rank for those keywords. So make sure you have a profile on all major business review websites. It will strengthen your online presence and greatly help your SEO.

#8: Harnessing the power of journalism

You can get a lot of great exposure by answering questions about your niche for journalists. This accomplishes two things: it establishes you as an expert and it spreads the word about your business when you are credited as the source of the information. The easiest way to connect with journalists is through HARO (Help a Reporter Out) – a website that allows journalists to ask questions and then pairs them with experts who provide answers.

#9: Knowledge sharing

Journalists are not the only ones looking to learn. Other businesses in the same niche, businesses in related industries, academics, and even your customers often appreciate having information from experts like you. So if you ever conduct any research, discover a good way to do something, or just have tips – don’t be afraid to make your knowledge public. Publish your research, write up articles about it, and share documents with important information. Just like when you’re working with journalists, this establishes you as an authority on certain topics and often invites organic backlinks too.

How to implement off-page SEO tactics for movers

Off-page SEO tactics for movers are all about being proactive. Unless you are a world-renowned brand already, you can’t rely solely on organic backlinks and brand mentions. Instead, you need to reach out to others and convince them that promoting your website is a good idea. This is easier when a website already accepts guest posts or an influencer is already looking for a business partner. So start with the simpler tactics.

Creating social media profiles or claiming business profiles on review websites is a good first step. Then, make sure that you have a good pitch and start emailing authoritative websites in your niche that might be willing to host a backlink for you. Don’t wait on others; put in the effort yourself and you’ll soon see the results!