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Young Movers Conference in Belgium 2018

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The moving industry is a deep and widespread pond of business. And if you want to swim in that pond, you have to constantly work on yourself and your moving company. This means investing in the development of your moving company‘s online presence, training employees, purchasing new equipment, following moving industry trends… And all this sounds easy enough, but for the fact that you need the right insight. So, to find the perfect information, your best course of action is to attend some of the many industry conferences around the globe. And this is where the Young Movers Conference in Belgium 2018 fits in perfectly.

Businessman pointing to a search tab, with other moving entrepreneurs in the background.
Explore new ways to develop your moving company at this year’s Young Movers Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

YMC 2018 in Belgium – an event you should definitely invest time and energy in

As some of you are probably aware, the Young Movers Conference is held each year at a different location. It is considered the first major gathering for moving industry professionals throughout the year. This year, the Young Movers Conference will be held in the heart of Brussels, Belgium. The event itself will be held in-between May 3rd and May 6th. During this time, it will provide participants with business-related activities and lectures. But since all work and no fun makes for dull movers, participants will have the chance to explore and enjoy Belgium as well.

Reasons to attend the Young Movers Conference in Belgium 2018

With the peak moving season around the corner, many people might wonder why they should take the time and finances to visit a conference such as this one. The fact is that there are many good reasons to attend such an event:

  • Education. The fact of the matter is that the moving industry is constantly developing. We are finding new ways to promote and grow moving companies, be that with new technological improvements or boosting online presence. And no matter how much knowledge we acquire, there is always something new to learn about.
  • Contacts. The Young Movers Conference has been organizing and bringing together names from our industry since 1991. It has come to a point where anyone who is anyone in the world of moving attends. So, this is the perfect chance to meet new names and companies from around the globe. That enough should be motivation enough for you to attend.
  • Travel and exploration. This conference is held at a different location each year. This not only means that you have a chance to travel but you also get to explore new countries and cultures. You never know when you might want to expand your moving business to another continent or country. This might just give you the insight and incentive you need.
  • Pleasure. The moving season is slowly coming to a start, which means that there will be no rest for movers until autumn. This might just be your last chance to travel and enjoy yourself for a bit before all the chaos starts.

The plan and program of the 2018 Young Movers Conference in Brussels

Clo Willaerts is a Belgian marketing professional with a large social media following and extensive experience in digital business (communities, streaming media, portals, social media, digital transformation). Her popular technology blog has been an important go-to resource since early 2000. Now, after working almost twenty years as an internet and media professional, she travels around the world as a consultant, speaker, and author. And she has been selected as keynote speaker on this year’s conference in Belgium.

Brussels, the host for the 2018 Young Movers Conference.
Belgium has plenty to offer for young moving enthusiasts, both in knowledge and exploration.

You can find a complete plan of the conference on the official website of YMC, along with any other information that you might be interested in regarding the conference and staying in Belgium. Don’t miss this great opportunity to discover new ways of growing your moving business!