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Top states for off-season relocations

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There are a lot of moving companies out there that think, just because winter is coming and the peak season has ended, they have no work. However, the truth is far from that. In fact, for those that want to work, there will always be something worth doing. And the same goes when it comes to moving trends. Given the sheer size of the USA, climates and living conditions vary from state to state. So, it is only logical that you will want to target specific states during the upcoming cold winter months. Today, we find out which those places are, with our list of top states for off-season relocations.

5 states for off-season relocations worth targeting

When asked, most movers will share the opinion that as the climate gets colder, so do the moving leads. And for them, it all comes down to surviving the cold winter months on short-distance moves and storage rental. Luckily, there are still those states that offer the full package when it comes to people looking to relocate. Therefore, we offer you our pick of the top five states for relocation:

states for off season relocation

#1: Texas

The Lonestar State is definitely among the more popular options when it comes to starting a new life. With the economic growth and infrastructural development of its cities and towns, the state is ripe for newcomers. Given the geographic position of Texas, the climate is very favorable when it comes to winter months, especially southern Texas. As job opportunities and towns continue to grow, so does the overall number of people that choose to relocate there.

#2: Florida

Whether you are a young couple in search of a warmer climate, a family with kids in search of affordable housing, or a senior looking to retire, the Sunshine State is the choice for you. No matter the time of year, you will always find people that want to relocate to Florida. That is why most experienced moving companies offer special deals on interstate moves to Florida. The climate (not counting hurricane season) is perfect for people of all ages. There are more than enough real estate opportunities, not to mention job opportunities.

#3: Arizona

Cheap housing, a growing number of jobs, and a constant number of warm days – these are the pillars on which Arizona has been expanding. In fact, for people in Arizona, the off-peak moving season is the summer – because it can be too hot to pack and relocate. On the other hand, before and after summer, you can enjoy a smooth relocation to or within the state of Arizona. With the recent development in the past years, you will find that more and more people have been moving from other states to Arizona. So, it is only logical for it to be on our list of top states for off-season relocations.

#4: California

Even though the appeal of moving to California is arguable nowadays, there are still those that choose to do so. Even though Northern California has become crowded, there are still plenty of opportunities to be found in Southern California. Careers, weather, lifestyle, attitude, culture, diversity – these are all but some of the reasons why people still find the notion of California so tempting. Plus, there is the fact that investing in this state is always a smart move.

#5: Georgia

With Atlanta as the crown jewel of the Peach State, Georgia has been going back and forth with inbound and outbound moves. However, migration stats are still in favor of those choosing to settle in Georgia. After all, the state is warm throughout most of the year, and there are plenty of favorable living conditions for children, families, and seniors.