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Top eLearning apps for businesses

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We live in a world where to grow a moving business means that you first have to implement a proper software foundation. Technological advancements are now part of every department within a company. And this is completely understandable since it does prove productive. However, what is more important is for a business to find optimal ways to train its employees. And this is where eLearning apps for businesses come in handy. For, with the proper software installations, it becomes all the easier to develop a moving company.

Pens, paper, technology, apps...all part of eLearning apps for businesses.
Combine modern and useful – improve yourself with the help of eLearning apps for businesses.

What is the role of eLearning apps for businesses today?

Interesting fact – smartphone shipments now top one billion per year. So, it’s only logical that businesses looking to develop and grow should choose to invest in this market. BYOD (bring your own device) policies and mobile-accessible resources are something that you should not only consider as software solutions for movers, but for businesses altogether. The question is, how are you putting corporate and employee mobile devices to work for your moving company training program?

If you’re not yet ready to dedicate the resources to homegrown native or online mobile eLearning apps for businesses, don’t worry. There’s already plenty of innovative and creative methods you can use to help with your business eLearning endeavors.

Top eLearning apps for businesses you should consider investing time and money in

1. WordPress

Get into WordPress and explore the potential it holds.
As far as top eLearning apps for businesses are considered, WordPress is currently among the top choices.

Past, present and future of eLearning apps for businesses, WordPress has been established as a great host for eLearning content. In addition, the mobile option is there to add to the possibilities it provides. The mobile version does everything an app version of a full desktop website should do. And it doesn’t take away any of the functionality while visually streamlining the site for a better user experience. These functionalities are:

  • writing,
  • editing,
  • posting,
  • commenting,
  • stats, and
  • reporting are all available.

If you use WordPress for your courses, you’re missing out by not using the mobile site. WordPress mobile is completely free, and is also available for Android.

2. Skill Pill

The Skill Pill app allows you to provide bite-sized training videos (the eponymous “pills”) for your learners, with options for iOS, Android, Windows phones, and Blackberry. Topics range and include:

And they can be mixed and matched to provide a unique course per learner. Another useful feature of Skill-Pill is that you can also develop custom courses for users. The app is free, and some “Skill Pills” are included on download. However, to access the entire course library, you need to pay for login with Skill Pill.

3. Moodle Mobile

As far as eLearning apps for businesses go, Moodle only proves useful to those that already use Moodle. However, when you consider that is currently one of the most popular LMSs, this won’t be so difficult. Even though we are not talking about a full-version mobile replacement for the Moodle interface, the app does still give you certain options such as:

  1. to upload files,
  2. download course resources for offline viewing,
  3. send messages, and
  4. track course participants.

4. Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

Blackboard is at the moment the third most popular LMS. As such, it has a lot of space for corporate learning and the app is a great addition to the existing platform. It gives you the ability to:

  • join web conferencing sessions,
  • chat,
  • view whiteboard content and presentations, and
  • answer multiple-choice questions.

You can download this app for free on either an iOS device or Android. Bear in mind however that it still requires a hosted enterprise Blackboard Collaborate license to use.

5. Edu-creations Interactive Whiteboard

Laptop projecting several screens.
Test out some of the interactive eLearning apps for businesses.

This is what you might consider a simple course content creation tool for iOS devices. Even though you miss out on the opportunity to share whiteboards in real-time, the app does offer you the options to:

  • build and record different lessons, videos, and annotated images
  • you can then share these with your learners via social media networks or email.

Whenever you need to whip up a quick performance support lesson for employees or techs in the field, this is the solution for instructional designers on the go.

6. Lynda.com

With a wide catalog of 564 business courses, Lynda.com offers a variety of eLearning opportunities, such as:

The app itself gives you and your employees access to courses, allows the option to save and share them for offline viewing, and you can even create course playlists. There is even an option for you to stream course videos to a TV using Apple AirPlay and Chromecast, respectively. The app is free, but access to Lynda.com’s course library starts a $19.99 a month for four users.

7. E.Learning Age

iOS or Android – it makes no difference for this mobile version of the popular UK-based E.Learning Age magazine. The magazine covers news, case studies, and research from the eLearning space. And you can access it all through the app. You can read the latest edition and bookmark articles, as well as highlight and save them for later.

8. Apple Keynote

Just so not to boost only iOS and Android, we also take into consideration the prospect of Apple devices. This one, for example, is perfect for building course content on the move. Similar to PowerPoint, Keynote allows you to create presentations on your iOS device. The option to save the data is made all the easier via iCloud or Dropbox. Plus, the added ability to export in multiple formats makes Keynote a great tool for building basic course content wherever you are.

9. iTunes U

Explore the countless technological improvement that eLearning apps for businesses offer.
Fulfill your potential and constantly work on self-improvement – it can only benefit you in the times to come.

This Apple app is sorely overlooked by instructional designers, although it’s included for free on all iOS devices. All users gain access to a huge library of free and paid instructional content. This includes hundreds (or thousands) of business and skills courses. Not only that, but it also allows you to create your own courses to be used on learners’ iOS devices. With this tool, vocational and professional learning is still an option.