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Top 6 lead management software solutions

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Before we introduce these top 6 lead management software solutions, let us first provide some definitions. For starters, what is a “lead”? When you’re running a business, all parties that could turn out to be your clients somewhere down the line are called leads. By using different marketing techniques, one can acquire plenty of leads. However, the problem arises when there are too many leads for one person to keep track of. And if a lead is neglected, even briefly, that can cost you the loss of a customer. That’s when lead management software comes in! This software helps you convert and manage leads. Here are six such programs that will help you stay on top of all the moving company leads that you have acquired.

#01 Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional

The first program on our list has a rather lengthy name, but when you look at its features, you realize that such an aggressive name makes sense in this case. We are talking about a solution called Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional. This solution has an impressive amount of features, from those simple, basic ones, to some rather innovative options that will be useful in highly specific cases. Thanks to this wealth of possibilities, experienced users can customize their lead management process in great detail.

Unfortunately, those users who haven’t had much experience with lead management software will most likely be baffled upon initially coming into contact with this solution. The Cloud Lightning Professional is, indeed, aimed at experienced professionals. And if you’re not one of them, you will need plenty of time to learn how to use this program. That will pay-off later on, but if you are a beginner, we suggest choosing another solution. At least until you get the hang of how things work.

A confused woman.
While Sales Cloud Lightning is indeed a great lead management software solution, this is, unfortunately, how a beginner will look upon trying to use this program.

#02 Zoho CRM

Next, we have a program called Zoho CRM. That is a program that gets plenty of appreciation from the people who have been using lead management software for a while now. It’s not just because of its many features (although it slightly lacks in this regard when compared to Cloud Lightning Professional). Instead, it’s because this program has been around for a long time now. It’s an oldtimer in the world of such programs, and much-loved one at that.

Still, it’s top-quality you’d be getting with Zoho CRM. The only drawback is that you’ll need to get the more expensive Professional edition if you want to use some essential features. Primarily, you won’t be able to automatize the workflow. That requires that you spend more time conducting manual tasks you otherwise wouldn’t have to. You’ll waste time that you could’ve used to focus on movers marketing.

#03 Creatio CRM

Creatio CRM is well-known for its excellent analytics features. When this program was initially launched, it wasn’t so impressive as it is today. It was rather inconspicuous. Today, we wouldn’t even be talking about this solution if its developers haven’t tried to improve its capabilities significantly over time. Luckily, they did. Now, Creatio CRM is one of the most powerful lead management software solutions on the market.

An abstract image of a computer analytics program, not dissimilar to one of the top lead management software solutions.
Creatio is excellent at analytics!

It does have a few problems, though. For instance, if you want to create forms, you need to have some experience with coding. And not many movers do. Also, there’s a lot of work that the developers still need to do concerning Creatio’s compatibility with social media. Zoho certainly beats this software in that department.

#04 Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is probably the best program among such moving company software when it comes to beginners. Indeed, this solution, as its name implies, will be much less annoying to beginners. That is a very streamlined software solution. It has an easy to use interface that is easy to learn as well.

More demanding lead managers will sorely miss some of the features that Less Annoying doesn’t provide. But, the developers of this software do not care about such users. That’s not to whom this software is aimed at. Instead, if you don’t have much experience, buy Less Annoying first, and then move on to more complex solutions. That is an excellent gateway program. As such, it is also more affordable than other lead management software solutions. Fair enough.

#05 Copper

Google search engine.
Integration with practically all components of G Suite makes Copper stand out.

Now, let us look at a program called Copper. What makes this solution interesting is actually related to Google. Namely, it is completely integrated with G Suite and its components. Google Calendar, Gmail… you name it, if it’s Google-based, it will be connected to Copper. If you use Gmail, then you will certainly appreciate the option to access most of its features directly from your email client.

While Copper is not as feature-rich as the Lightning Professional, nor as easy to use as Less Annoying CRM, it does have its dedicated base of satisfied users. You guessed it – it’s the people who often use G Suite. This integration makes Copper stand out, giving it its identity. If you appreciate the unique options that it provides, this could be the right lead management tool for you.

#06 Bitrix24 CRM

The sixth but not least, we have to single out a program named Bitrix24 CRM. That is simply an all-around stable situation, an amazingly balanced package that will satisfy a wide variety of different tastes and needs. We already talked about how automation is essential, and the people behind Bitrix certainly understand this. Bitrix comes with some advantageous features that allow its users to customize the automation process greatly. It’s 2019. There’s no room for certain manual tasks today when the users have grown accustomed to the ease and convenience of automatized tasks.

Bitrix does come with its share of problems. The biggest one is the interface. It almost feels as if the developers haven’t tested the program at all. How else could you explain the fact that even some of the most straightforward options could be so hard to manage? Still, this is more than respectable lead management software. And you could certainly do worse than buying any of these six software solutions.