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Effective tips to drive more referral traffic

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Increasing referral traffic for your blog has been one of the most sought after strategy solutions since blogging became popular and lucrative. There are plenty of ways to drive more referral traffic, and I will cover some of the most important solutions in this article. Once you are done reading it, you should have enough knowledge and information to improve your blog and help it stay on its feet for many years to come.

What is referral traffic?

For all of you starting your blog, before we talk about how to drive more referral traffic to your website, I must talk about what referral traffic represents. Simply, it is all of the visitors that you get on your blog, online or offline. The more visitors and readers you have, the better. That’s why it is so important to advertise your company or your website in the right way.

How to drive more referral traffic to your blog?

Now we know what referral traffic is, and how important a role it plays in running a successful blog. The next step is to talk about the smartest strategies to drive more referral traffic to your website:

  • guest blogging
  • newsletters
  • useful and valuable content of interest
  • blog communities
  • YouTube and video content
  • the importance of social media
  • responding to comments
  • push notifications
  • mobile app

As you can see, there is a lot to cover. Nevertheless, have no fear, because at the end of this article you will have all the necessary knowledge to improve your blog!

Guest blogging

If you wish to receive, you have to give! Become a guest on other people’s blogs and write content for them. In return, they will do the same for you. By implementing this strategy, you will obtain valuable articles. Furthermore, you will also get readers from other bloggers. If you do well on their blog, they will recommend your website.


One of the major strategies you can implement is newsletters. E-mail marketing is the root of everything, and there is a reason for it. By sending out timely newsletters filled with quality content, you will awake interest in your readers. Still, you should understand that many people have a fear of spam e-mails and frauds. Since everyone is looking for ways on how to improve website security, your newsletter e-mails should be well made.

A drawing of a computer sending e-mails over the world.
Newsletters keep your visitors informed, make sure to create interesting content.

Always leave a contact, and promote only quality content. However, the most important strategy of all is the approach. Before you start sending newsletters, check with your readers if they are interested or not.

Content of interest

The best way to drive more referral traffic is to create a content of interest to readers. Research your targeted audience, and know what they want. For example, let’s look at the importance of location strategy in moving companies. If you are providing services in a large area or a city, your targeted audience is mostly residents. With that in mind, create content that would be of interest to them, because they are your customers.

Blog communities

Another crucial strategy is to join blog communities. These forums give you an opportunity to talk with other bloggers. Furthermore, you can learn from their experience and obtain valuable tips and tricks on increasing referrals.

YouTube and video content

Have in mind that today people mostly read for pleasure. Everyone is leading fast-paced lives, and reading takes time. Investing in a YouTube channel is crucial because it gives them an option to watch a video or listen to a podcast while doing other things. If you make it interesting, they will definitely visit your blog at one point.

The importance of social media

Social media is everything today. It connects people from all corners of the world. Being active on social media is crucial for every blog. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and much more, are great tools to increase referral traffic. However, know that it is not an easy job to do this. You are required to create a couple of valuable posts per day, constantly communicate with your readers, and show everyone that you are active.

A drawing of a megaphone passing on the information.
Advertising on social media is the best way to promote your blog and drive more referral traffic.

Responding to comments

When we talk about being active on social media, it is crucial to cover the importance of responding to readers’ comments. If you are running a blog, people will lose interest if you do not respond to what they write. Comments on your articles are what makes them live. Furthermore, it shows people that there is a real person behind that wall of text, and then everything becomes more personal.

Push notifications

Push notifications changed the world of marketing. It is one of the best strategies to keep your readers informed. I already mentioned that people live fast-paced lives. Most of the time, they do not have enough time to browse the internet. Even if they visited your blog and liked it, they will forget about it after some time due to the sheer amount of blogs online. However, push notifications let them know that you are releasing new content. You are still alive and kicking!

A drawing of a push notification on a mobile phone with a man standing next to it.
Push notifications show that you are active, and you release new content all the time.

Mobile app

Transferring your blog to a mobile app is the smartest decision you could have made. Even though it costs money, it definitely pays out in the long run. People love mobile apps, and they use them more than browsers. It also shows a certain level of seriousness in your blog.

That is how you drive more referral traffic with ease!

And there you have it. These 9 strategies will help you to drive more referral traffic to your blog. As your website grows, it will be more and more difficult to maintain everything by yourself, so start thinking about hiring some help. Creating a successful blog is tough work, but the benefits are worth the hassle. Good luck!