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The traits of a great mission statement as movers

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In a few sentences, your moving company’s goals and qualities are summarized clearly and concisely. Having a great mission statement as movers will make it easy for your potential customers to see why they should hire your company instead of going to the competition. When it comes to marketing and acquiring new customers, mission statements are an essential part of all effective brand development strategies. Thus, knowing how to define your mission statement, the right way is a skill that’s certainly worth learning. From making it easy to understand, not to forget to include all of your essential qualities, here’s what you should have in mind when it’s time to come up with a great mission statement as movers.

A great mission statement for movers is clear and feasible

Your mission statement should strike the perfect balance between being clear and precise and short and sweet. Ideally, it should consist of eight or fewer words. That, however, is often impossible, unless you want to disregard some of the important goals of your business. Still, have in mind that the fewer words you use – the better. The reason behind this approach is that shorter mission statements tend to be more memorable. They are more “catchy,” meaning that there’s a bigger chance that your clients will remember such statements, whether they want it or not. And, they are also more likely to fit on business cards.

A businessman showing his blank business card.
A great mission statement for movers should fit on your business card!

A great mission statement as movers should be precise, but it should also be feasible. Many business owners, be they movers or not, make the mistake of coming up with a mission statement that’s too pretentious. Unfortunately for them, their potential customers can see through this tactic. They realize that these statements aren’t realistic nor honest. They recognize that these statements are only made for marketing purposes. Thus, they decide to find another moving company. So, come up with a realistic statement that will make you appear legit in the eyes of your customers.

Come up with a distinctive statement

Having a mission statement that’s catchy and feasible is excellent, but that’s not enough. Your statement should also be unique. It should set you apart from your competitors. If you were coming up with promotional campaign steps, what would you focus on in this campaign? When thinking of a mission statement, try to summarize all those qualities you would be focusing on in your promotional materials. For example, “We provide great moving services” isn’t good enough. On the other hand, “Our experienced workers provide a great service at an affordable rate” definitely sounds much better.

A happy cartoon person surrounded by unhappy ones, symbolically demonstrating one of the traits of a great mission statement for movers.
Think about what makes your moving company distinctive and unique.

With this statement, you’re letting everyone know that your employees are experienced. You’re letting everyone know that your prices are affordable. And that already sets you apart from those companies whose mission statements were too generic, too unspecific. Of course, coming up with a unique and catchy statement isn’t easy. The example we’ve provided is just there to show you the necessary elements that a great mission statement as movers should have. When thinking of your mission statement, try to be more imaginative.


Test your mission statement thoroughly

So, you have a mission statement that you’re pleased with. It’s precise, realistic, and it’s unique. Before officially adopting this statement, though, it’s a good idea to test it. Ask your employees to tell you what they think. What you are looking for are honest opinions. If your employees are giving you feedback while being concerned that they may suffer consequences if they don’t like your idea, such feedback is of little worth. Tell them to be honest, but also to offer suggestions on what could be improved. Perhaps they don’t dislike the idea altogether, just some of its elements?

There’s no need to stop testing your idea even if all of your employees are pleased with it. Ask your friends what they think. Ask your family members too. Otherwise, you will be missing out on an opportunity to hear some excellent suggestions that you may decide to incorporate.

A great mission statement for movers has a positive influence on your employees as well

A happy worker.
An excellent mission statement will impact your employees’ morale.

A great mission statement won’t have a positive influence just on the public. Instead, such a statement should motivate your employees as well. If we go back to our example of a solid mission statement, we can see that it also includes the fact that your employees are great at what they do. And this is great for your workers’ performance. With such a statement, you are publicly praising your employees. In their eyes, it shows that you have faith in their abilities. And when you have confidence that they are and will be great, employees tend to give their best to justify such complimentary claims.

But, that’s not the only way that an excellent mission statement will have a positive influence on your employees. A great mission statement is also inspiring. It should primarily encourage potential customers to choose you to help them with their move. However, at the same time, such a statement also inspires your employees to be the best workers they can, to match such high standards as displayed in your statement. If your mission statement makes your employees proud to be working for your company, then that it is indeed a great statement that we’re talking about!

Think of the future too

Finally, if you expect that your moving company will be growing in the future, have this growth in mind also when you’re thinking of a perfect mission statement. That can be especially important if you’re only just starting a moving company. As your statement should be catchy, this means that it will become an essential part of your brand. It will become important for your company’s identity. And frequently changing your identity means that you practically have no identity!

So, try to foresee the direction in which your company will grow. Then, come up with a great mission statement for movers that will incorporate both your current status and position and your future one. Otherwise, you’d have to change your statement every once in a while, and that’s bad for business.