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SEO techniques that work for movers

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To win the woman’s heart, a man must know what would make her happy. Similar to that, to win the trust of your customers, you must offer them what they are seeking for. You must be there for them, whenever they need the moving help. Given that most of the people, almost 80% of them, search for the products and services online, this is where you should appear! How do you appear on the web? No, having a website is not enough. It is just the starting point. And not just any site, but the site adjusted to your customers’ needs and requirements. Once they come to your website, they should be interested in staying there and contacting your moving company. But how to attract people to come to your website? This is where the search engine optimization steps in. We’ll talk about the SEO techniques that work for movers.

Make sure you leave your own desires aside. Your website isn’t there to satisfy your needs. It’s there to satisfy the needs of your customers. Because the customers are those that keep your business alive. Hence, we shall talk about some things you should do to attract people to come to your website and leave their information. This leads to growing your business and earning more money. And this is probably the first goal of every businessman. So, let’s talk about the SEO techniques that work for movers. Prepare to make your business visible in the eyes of your potential customers and clients!

Why should you become a moving company visible on the web

Your website must be optimized for the search engines, so you could draw the customers to your website
Optimize your website for the search engines to get more customers

Prior to entering the world of optimization, let’s talk about the figures. Let’s explain why positioning your website high in the web search results is so important:

  • 80% of all the people search the products or services over the web
  • 3.5 billion people search the web every day
  • The first three results take the 60% of all the visitors
  • More than 70% of people never leave the first page of the search results
  • The leads coming from the web have almost 15% close rate.
  • The leads coming from the offline marketing have below 2% close rate

Do you need any further explanations why the search engine optimization for moving companies is what you must implement on your website?

Step by step to getting the customers from the web

There are several things you should do to make sure your moving company will get the customers from your website. Here are some of the most important things to do:

  • Have your website analyzed. Many companies providing web development for movers offer a free website audit, so you can get the picture what should be fixed on your website. It’s the first, and the most important thing to do because that’s how you learn what’s not working properly on your website, and how it should be fixed.
  • Adjust your website design to modern standards. You must know that your potential customers are modern people, used to certain quality. So you must make sure that your website is of the same or better quality to attract them to come to your website.
  • Create the optimized content. The content should be optimized regardless of where you’re writing it- on a blog section or on some of your inner pages.
  • Use complementary the Google ad campaigns. Surely, it helps if you have several tactics to draw people to your website. Although the SEO optimization wins comparing to everything else, it won’t certainly hurt to combine different marketing strategies for moving companies.

Website analysis

Before you implement any of the SEO techniques that work for movers, you must know what doesn’t work good on your website. It’s actually the main part of the search engine optimization techniques for movers. Knowing what’s wrong is the first step toward making it right. The website audit should be done by someone reliable and reputable, with an experience in working with the moving companies. Hence, we suggest ordering a free website analysis from us, because Movers Development has many satisfied clients and the years of experience in creating the techniques for improving the position of the movers’ websites on the web. Besides this, we shall arrange a meeting to explain every detail of that audit to you, and how all of it can be improved.

Modernization of your website is essential

And the least important here is the visual aspect. Surely, it is important, and it will determine whether or not the customers will remain on your website. But what is more important is to make your website responsive for the mobile devices. The most of the people search the web using their mobile devices. If your website isn’t responsive, you won’t stand a chance against those moving companies that adjusted their design. After this, don’t let your website to load too long.

A modern website design is one of the most important things when looking to optimize your moving company’s website for the search engines

The people are used to having the website in front of them the moment they click on it. If they wait for too long, they shall leave. Make the design easy to use. Meaning that the customers should find easily what they are searching for as well as your contact info and your quote form. Implement the instant quote calculator, let the people get the price for their move in a blink of an eye.

All of these are the SEO techniques that work for movers. Our clients that hired us to conduct these kinds of changes are making more money because more people come to their websites and hire them to do the relocation! As simple as that. But, make sure you first receive your website audit, and then you’ll know what needs to be improved. One step at the time!

SEO optimized content is an inevitable part of all the SEO techniques that work for movers

Given that we wrote about how to optimize the moving blog for the search engines, you can get the tips there. So we won’t spend too much time talking about that. We shall only say a few most important things:

  • Use the keywords in the titles and subtitles
  • Make your keywords and the variations bold and italic
  • Insert the alt tag for your photos, and make sure some of them contain the keywords
  • Use the bullets, and, of course, use the keywords and the variations
  • Insert a video
Combine the SEO techniques that work for movers

The rest of the tips you can find if you read the article on the link above. The most important thing to mention here is that you must not forget to optimize your inner pages for the search engines.Your inner pages are actually mostly your services, so you certainly want the visitors to ‘land’ on them. Hence, make the landing pages of them. Put an effort in using the proven SEO techniques that work for movers. Read our article about blog optimization and create the perfect content that will draw the customers to your website! Those tips are the same, no matter if we’re talking about your inner pages or your blog content.

Diversify- invest some money in Google ads too

Yes, paying for the ads costs. So investing in the SEO strategies for movers is a great way to promote your moving company, attract the people to come to your website, get the leads, and save tons of money. However, the diversification is always a good thing. Therefore, invest some money in Google ad campaigns too. It won’t harm, and you shall surely have some use of it. This is also something we can help you with, given that we have the PPC experts. Contact us, and we can help you with all the SEO techniques that work for movers!