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Online moving costs estimates

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Each and every moving company looks to satisfy the customers and to exceed their requirements. That is the only possible way to gaining their trust and earning their loyalty. To reach that goal, the moving businesses implement the newest software solutions for movers appearing in the moving market. Not in their local environment, but globally! If you manage to implement the best solutions the customers will be delighted with, you shall probably win the battle and become one of the leading moving businesses! One of the most important things the customers look for is getting the accurate, or near accurate estimate as fast as possible. So they could compare the moving companies, and choose the most affordable one. Is there a faster or more efficient solution than the online moving costs estimates software? Moving calculator implemented on the homepage your website is the solution you’re looking for!

How does the instant moving quote calculator help your moving business?

Everybody’s online, meet your customers there!

The word instant probably draws your attention the most. What does it mean the instant moving quote calculator? It means that once the potential customers visit your website, they’ll be able to get the estimated price for their move right away. In just a few minutes. Most importantly, that moving estimate is quite accurate, depending on the honesty of your potential clients. If they are completely honest while filling the calculator form, they shall receive an almost exact or exact price they’ll pay for the move eventually!

All you need to do is to attract the customers to visit your website. Not all of the visitors will be moving right away. But knowing that they can get the price the moment they visit your website will remain in their mind, given that only a small percentage of moving companies offer such a software solution as the quote calculator. Hence, the option to get the price directly from your website and immediately after they fill in the form will make a huge impact on your moving business improvement.

The step by step guide through the most sophisticated online moving costs estimates

For a complete information on how the moving estimate calculation works, we shall present to you the step-by-step guide to getting the price directly from your website. (in case you implement our brilliant software solution for moving companies)

  1. Entering the basic information about the relocation:

    1. The moving from and the moving to addresses. The distance influences the price, hence the online moving costs estimates software changes the price depending on the distance.
    2. The floor/s, in case there’s no an elevator. If there is no an elevator, the quote calculator shall increase the price for the relocation, given that it takes a lot more effort from the movers.
    3. The home size. Depending on the size, the effort for the movers will be calculated in the price- the bigger the home, the bigger the price.
    4. The moving date. For example, for different dates, your customers will get the different estimated prices for their move.
  2. Providing you with a more detailed information about the size of the relocation.

    Your customers give you an information about the belongings they intend to move. Your customers don’t need to worry if they’ll forget something. We created the application where the only thing they need to do is to enter the number of items they are moving. For example, 4 chairs, 1 dining table, 2 large size TVs etc. There is a list of all the items your customer could possibly have, so it’s completely easy to use.

  3. Choosing the volume of your services they require.

    Shell they hire you to do everything, some parts, or only one part of the relocation.

  4. In the end, your website visitors get the price for their move

    But that’s not all! They get the online moving costs estimates for all the other dates near the moving date they chose. Hence, they can see how much they can save in case they choose a different date.

After the customers finish with the calculator, they have an option to send their information to you and get an email with a specification of everything they chose and with the price they shall pay for such a service. If there is any other specific requirement for calculator or website design adjustment, Movers Development team is prepared to implement everything you desire. To the tiniest details.

Our experts will fully adjust your online moving costs estimate software to your requirements.
We will completely adjust your online moving costs estimates software to your needs.

How to get an estimate completely adjusted to your website and to your moving company?

The whole calculator adjustment is our job. What you should do is to give us the inputs. We need to know exactly what your needs are. What kind of pricing system do you want? What is the distance you can cover? Whether or not you offer the interstate/international relocations and stuff like that. Our developers will pay attention to every detail. As a result, they’ll make the calculator perfectly match the needs of your moving company. Therefore, contact us, and we shall discuss everything. Making sure that you get the product you’re looking for. Aside of the quote calculator, Movers Development team offers different online services for moving companies. We can help you improve your moving business from various aspects!

Why should you choose our software solution for moving estimate calculation?

Well, first of all, Movers Development is among the first companies investing in the online moving costs estimates software and applicationsBesides this, we are among the best at the implementation of it to any moving company’s website! Our clients felt the impact our moving estimate software made on their moving business. The best indicator for this is the number and the percentage of their website visitors they converted into their customers. Hence, the profit our customers make is many times bigger than they paid for the software! If you want to convince your customers you’re the right moving company for them, there is a solution. Join the team of our satisfied customers, order your online moving costs estimates software today!