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The relevance of SEO diversification for movers

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As we’ve already learned by now, the field of search engine optimization is one that is vast. It is a river of information that constantly flows and expands with new discoveries. Now, the good news is that there are well-established SEO sources movers can benefit from. However, there is still the task to find the right strategy to run with. And even when you do find an SEO path that is good for your moving company, you can’t just stop there. You have to invest time, money, and energy to upgrade it and make it bullet-proof. This is where SEO diversification for movers steps in to help you accomplish this goal.

SEO diversification for movers is the best way to stay ahead of Google and position yourself.

Why is SEO diversification for movers so important?

For you to build your entire website foundation on the concept of keywords can be insecure today. Google has long ago overcome the most simplistic form of keyword match-up in accordance with the search engine terms. After all, search engine results are based on a great many deals of unknown elements that mysterious Google algorithms use.

Among those is the concept to identify the intent of the user doing the search and matching what they’re attempting to find. And then finding the website that matches that intent. So, if you were to look at it more closely, you would realize that there are websites that do not contain the keywords you originally typed into the search engine.

In my opinion, this is partly to blame for the poor rankings so-called content farms have experienced since the release of the Panda algorithm. Thus, a web strategy that you build upon ranking for specific keyword phrases alone faces an uphill battle for search traffic. If Google has moved on from matching search queries to keywords on a web page, doesn’t it make sense that your strategy should also move on, too? And SEO diversification for movers such as yourself might just be the right solution for the progressive development of your moving business.

Proprietary web traffic

Use different types of analytics to establish the level of your web traffic.
Building proprietary web traffic is a key factor when it comes to SEO diversification for movers.

Every company should focus on building proprietary web traffic. And you can accomplish this by several methods, the most effective one being useful.

  • Do you search for Google to get to Google?
  • Do you search for Facebook to get to Facebook?

The reason you don’t is that those sites are useful and have become a well-known destination. They are popular websites that help people accomplish things they need to. Ideally, at least 50% of a website’s traffic should come from proprietary channels such as newsletter subscription, phone app, site referrals, news referrals, word of mouth, and top of mind traffic. And this does not vary in accordance with the size or type of company in question.

The only exception is sites that by nature are dependent on referrals from Facebook and Twitter. But even those sites are evolving to become independent destinations. Because the ultimate goal for every website is simply to become a destination for a wide range of visitors. That’s the goal, that’s the finish line – simple as that.

Big brands are aware of this, and as a consequence, they encourage mobile site visitors to download their app. Mobile apps allow a site to capture that traffic away from Google and make it proprietary. And once a site becomes a destination, they’ve liberated themselves from the dependency on Google search traffic.


Referrals are no longer limited to word of mouth – there are plenty of different channels you can go through.

The most useful social media referrals are the tell-a-friend type referrals. These are word-of-mouth referrals. The less useful kinds of social media referrals are those artificially engineered through the exploitation of trending topics. With that in mind, viral campaigns are built around a temporary distraction. So, there is no brand building in that. There are no sales and there is no name recognition.

However, there is much to be gained if you are so inclined to boost potential referrals. The thing with the moving industry is that a good deal of leads is secured through referrals. This was always the situation – it’s simply that kind of business. So why not make the extra effort to encourage referrals with the help of:

  • Online reviews and rankings
  • Optimization of your own website and content to demonstrate knowledge and professionalism
  • Financial motivation through offers of rewards for clients gained
  • Implementation of user-friendly movers software tools, such as an instant quote calculator

Sales Strategy

Every online marketing strategy must focus on sales. Thus, when a strategy is suggested, ask yourself: How will this work to build sales? Looked at in that manner, social media referrals are best when they revolve around a great user experience. Great user experiences cultivate word-of-mouth referrals. In days past we used to do that over a cup of coffee with a friend or neighbor. Now we do it on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. But you have to remember that social media referrals are just one channel out of many.

And the point of this entire discussion is to multi-channel. SEO diversification for movers is just that – a type of complex sales strategy which you can adjust to your needs. And the sooner you come to terms with that, the faster you will be able to increase your leads and boost annual income rates.

The base of SEO diversification for movers

What type of actions might your traffic diversification strategy involve?

  1. creating a great user experience,
  2. cultivating proprietary traffic (newsletter/web content subscriptions, mobile apps, blogger outreach, press releases),
  3. and making it easy for site visitors to tell a friend.

Finally, it is vital to build mind awareness among the demographic that is likely to purchase, recommend, or even research your services. And this is something that few businesses truly understand. Diversifying web traffic is vitally important for the long-term survival of your business and for cultivating growth. Search engine traffic is great, but that’s just one kind of traffic. This is the point where your search marketing initiative becomes your Online Marketing Initiative.