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In-home moving estimates – do people still need them?

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As the world changes, we all have to try to keep up with ever-changing trends. This is especially true when it comes to competitive environments. The moving industry is one such environment. Companies need to constantly stay ahead of their competitors and come up with new ways to attract customers. One of the ways they do it is by making things as simple and accessible to their clients. Online estimates have become a staple of any moving company’s website. However, that doesn’t necessarily make the in-home moving estimate a thing of the past. People often consider it enough to get your estimates online, or via phone. Furthermore, most people even prefer it as it is an easier option. It’s about much more than blindly following moving industry trends. It’s about making things more convenient for your clients. Therefore, the question remains whether people still need in-home moving estimates.

a man who has not done in-home moving estimates
As stressful as moving is, many people consider in-home moving estimates a waste of time and a thing of the past.

Online moving estimates – is the future now?

Free online estimates are an easy way to calculate the cost of your move. It’s a moving industry software that works off the information you, as a client provide. It’s extremely popular nowadays among moving companies. They also often use it as a marketing device, where the clients need but provide the details of their move and leave everything else to the professionals. As such, it’s not far from the truth. It’s a very useful device that people who’re planning a move can use to plan their next step.

One of the advantages of it being so popular is that almost every moving company has it. By entering the details of your move, you get the exact price. Furthermore, you can visit multiple websites of multiple companies. That way, you can compare the price of each company individually and factor that into your decision-making process.

In-home moving estimates are nowadays replaced by a much more approachable system

a man using a phone and a laptop
You can get your online moving estimate anywhere, at any time. Therefore, people prefer this new and easy approach.

One of the most common causes of moving stress is the cost. People who’ve never moved before often feel confused. They don’t know how much is too much. Therefore, it’s advisable for them to get estimates from more than one moving company. Using a moving cost calculator is made that much easier. Some of the advantages this online approach has included:

  • customers get all the information in one place
  • it’s much easier to do an online estimate than an in-home one
  • this approach is time-efficient
  • getting online estimates from different moving companies helps clients compare the prices easily
  • a move can be planned months in advance

Mutual understanding is easier in person

On the other hand, there are some advantages to the old approach. Meeting your movers personally is one. Once you hire a service, you want to know the people. Movers are the ones who will take care of your belongings. You need to know that you can trust them. It’s not only the matter of how to plan a move. Conducting it is a whole other thing. Therefore, people may feel more comfortable if they have face-to-face contact with the movers.

After all, it’s one thing to read reviews online. Meeting people who are here to help you has a different feel to it. It makes customers feel like part of a team. That way, a lot of the moving stress gets reduced. Having a live conversation is much more pleasant. It can lead to a better understanding. Ultimately, it can lead to better cooperation and a more successful move.

Doing an estimate in person is easier with real human contact

Meeting your movers in person has another benefit to it. Precision is also important. It’s easy to specify the details of your move online. Using software for moving companies is simple. People work on a way to improve technology around the clock. However, it still isn’t there yet. As laymen, customers can often overlook something.

When filling the forms for an online estimate, they may slip to mention something important. They might not even know how to do it properly. Therefore, such things can lead to a misunderstanding. It’s a whole other story if the estimate is done in-home. That way, movers can see for themselves. They can estimate the potential move on the spot. Furthermore, customers can say upfront if they have any suggestions or additional questions. Customer support, no matter how supportive, can’s substitute real-life conversation.

The social aspect of the move will allow clients to speak up

happy client
Both in-home estimates and online ones have advantages. It’s a matter of what you feel most comfortable with.

In-home estimates may feel like a waste of time. But maybe that time is necessary. If you want something done right, you shouldn’t rush it. By talking with the movers on the spot, clients can go into much detail. They can provide details they might not be able to fit into an online form. Furthermore, by having direct contact with the movers out of the bat, they might feel free to issue any complain during the move itself. If something isn’t going according to plans, they can speak up. They will be able to remind the movers about the agreement they made during the in-home estimate. Online estimates don’t leave much room for that.

You decide what’s best

In the end, it’s up to you. If you’re planning a move, you should decide for yourself. Both in-home moving estimates and online ones have their advantages. We at Movers Development see a lot of progress being made in online estimates. It can now feel just as personal as an in-home one. However, the final decision should be yours. Remember to factor in the distance and the number of things to transport. If you have some special requests, an in-home estimate might be the better idea. That way, you can explain what you need upfront.