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Content Delivery Network – what is it and why use it?

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Everybody is talking about CDN – Content Delivery Network as a way to speed up a website. You have never heard of it, but you want to do everything to help your website become a speedy and attractive one. In this article, we will explain the purpose of Content Delivery Network and present the advantages of using it on your website.

The basic definition of CDN – Content Delivery Network

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a system of servers (hence the word network). This system serves to deliver the information ( pages, for example) to a user. They way it does it is using the information about the user – his location, the origin of the webpage and its server. Basically, this group of servers is geographically distributed and serves to deliver internet content – as fast as possible. This internet content can include various things – images, videos, pages, and other files.

How CDNs work

The key to the primary goal of CDNs – speed, is achieved in the following way. When a user sends a request, the server that is geographically nearest responds to it. Previously, the pages of the website are copied and cashed to CDN -servers in different locations. That’s how CDN can use the website content and redirect the user’s request to the server closest to the users.

Why use this service?

The number one reasons to use this feature is making the website experience more pleasant for your users. Reports say that most of the users will abandon the page if it takes long to load. Furthermore, users will not return to a site that malfunctions and takes a long time to load.

The advantages of using the Content Delivery Network

The speed of your website should be the top priority in website maintenance. To make it work, you can use different business improvement software. Another service that can help you is CDN. That’s why you should read the advantages of using it.

Reduce bandwidth costs

BAndwidth costs are probably the most expensive item of website maintenance costs list. By using CDN, the content of your website will be cashed, and therefore there will be lower costs for the amount of data used on an origin server.

optimize with Content Delivery Network
Optimizing your website with Content Delivery Network has many benefits

Load time will be shorter

Load time of your website is one of the reasons a user stays or leaves the site. Therefore, you need to do everything you can to speed it up. As the content from a CDN server reaches the user much faster, since it is geographically closer, the load time will be many times shorter. As a result, you get more satisfied users who choose to stay longer on your website and revisit it.

Your website will be safer with the Content Delivery Network

Using Content Delivery Network increases the security of your website. It provides DDoS mitigation and other security features. Furthermore, CDN’s increase the storage capacity and archive your data.

The content will be more available to users

Without a Content Delivery Network, a high-traffic website can suffer a lot of problems. CDNs are distributed in a way that eases the functioning of the site and helps it avoid malfunctioning and difficulties.

CDNs can deliver specific content

Content Delivery Network can recognize from which device a user made a request. Therefore, it can send a particular version of the content, designed for the specific device.

Content Delivery Network
Content Delivery Network can recognize a specific device and send appropriate content

Types of CDNs

Since CDNs are available since the 1990s, they developed in many ways, and there are different CDNs. Therefore, nowadays we have modern and traditional CDNs. Even though conventional CDNs are available longer, they often fall behind the contemporary version of the Content Delivery Network.

Do you need CDNs in moving business?

Well, yes. All of the benefits we mentioned earlier, apply to the moving business websites as well. Therefore, using them is an excellent idea so that you can provide your future customers with pleasant and fast website usage. Also, you can consider using other software for movers, that can help you make your website a first-class one.

Content Delivery Network
CDN can improve your website a lot and therefore help your business

Extra tip

Apart from CDNs, there is another service that can be useful for your website. It is CRM Software – customer relationship management software. It covers various applications that help your website in many ways – it can manage customer interaction, sales, customer data,  track leads, and much more. Read about the benefits of CRM software and see why you need it for your website.

Tips for higher Content Delivery Network  performance

Once you start using CDN to improve the performance of your website, you need to know the basic things you can do to make it even better. Here are some of the tips for using the Content Delivery Network :

  1.  Low-quality CDN means poor performance – it is crucial to invest in a high-performance CDN.  They don’t need to be expensive but be sure to take it from a reliable provider.
  2. Have IPv6 connectivity – if your CDN can connect to IPv6, be sure to move your origin to this hosting environment.
  3. Reduce TLS time –  use some of the useful optimizations(TLS session resumption, TLS False Start, etc.) to improve the performance of your Content Delivery Network.
  4. Reduce the byte sizereducing the weight of your content is a great way to increase the load time and overall speed of the website. You can always reduce the image size, use text compression, etc. Lighter content – better speed!

In the end

As you can see, a high-quality website takes a lot of work and time/money investments. Fortunately, it all pays off. A high-quality content delivery network can reduce the pressure on your website by distributing its content on different locations. You get an unladen website that functions fast and easy. Therefore, you get more satisfied users and generate more leads.