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Common movers’ websites lead generation issues

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Have you ever wondered why aren’t you getting the leads directly from your website? If not, we suggest you start wondering this very moment. The reason is very simple- The most of the customers search for products and services online. Therefore, when they are searching for a moving company, they shall probably look for it on the web. This is where your website should do the job and attract them to call you and hire your moving company. If you already have a website, why the customers so rarely or never contact you online? There are so many reasons, and we shall discuss here the most common movers’ websites lead generation issues. If you know what the problem is, you can put an effort into solving it. And we can help with both- finding out why your moving company;s website doesn’t generate leads and create a solution!

Why don’t you get the leads from your moving company’s website?

The most common movers’ websites leads generation issues

The reasons are manifold. The most important reasons are mostly connected to the quality of your website, to the software you use, and to the strategies for attracting the customers. If only one of the three aforementioned components lacks quality, you probably won’t be getting any leads. Therefore, you must make sure you implement the top solutions regarding your website, and regarding different moving application solutions and strategies for lead generation. Only if you put a strong effort into getting the leads directly from your website you could hope to start getting the customers from your website visits. Here is the strategy we would suggest if you want to solve the most common movers’ websites lead generation issues:

  • Website checkup is a starting point- Get a free website audit to find out what might be wrong with your website, and what could be unfriendly to get the leads for your moving company.
  • Search for the best software solutions for movers- There are many things you can add to your website to make it easier for the customers to find what they search for.
  • Implement the strategies and tactics that proven to be good- The common movers’ websites lead generation issues can’t be solved if you continue using the strategies not giving the expected results!

Have your website analyzed

We can check your website and let you know why doesn't it generate the leads for your company
We can check your website and let you know if some of the common movers’ websites lead generation issues appears

This is how you get the information if there are some technical problems on your website, and what is not SEO friendly. Those are the things that must be fixed immediately.If you get in touch with us, you can get a free website audit, with a detailed explanation of each problem we find. And in that audit, we’re not focusing only on the technical aspect of your website, but the overall impression whether or not your website has a potential to attract people and get the leads for your moving company. If there are some issues, we shall inform you about the details, telling you what are the main troubles. Besides this, we can make a place, together with you, how to solve these problems and what are the best long and short-term solutions regarding your moving company’s website SEO elements.

Do you use the modern software solutions?

The most important thing for your moving business website is to keep it simple. It means that, once your customers come to your website, they can easily find what they’re searching for. The most common things they search for are the price for their move (so you could consider implementing some kind of moving calculator), how to get in touch with you, or to learn what are the services they can expect from your company. If it’s too difficult, they shall leave. Searching for the website easier to use. This is where they start searching for your competition. Movers Development has several options to offer how to ease the things up for potential clients. We can provide you with the moving calculator, with video survey platforms, implementing the appropriate call to actions etc.

The moving calculator software is very easy to use. Plus, it lets your customers get the price for their move in just several minutes, and directly on your website. All they need to do is to click on those items they intend to move to their new home. Another thing you can implement is providing the estimate using the video. The customer should go around the home and film the items he/she plans on moving. The rest is up to you, and you could give them the precise estimate for the move.

As we said, the customers want to find the contact and other information easily. So the implementation of the call to action buttons is a must. Some companies have already implemented the calls to action. But one of common movers’ websites lead generation issues is that they haven’t implemented it properly, so the buttons are not helping them get the leads from the website.

A wrong strategy is among the most common movers’ websites lead generation issues

Do the re-evaluation of your strategy for generationg the leads
Re-evaluate your leads generation strategy

If there are no issues with the technical elements of your website, and you’ve implemented all the software solutions for movers to make moving around easy for your potential customers, then the answer which of common movers’ websites lead generations issues is connected to your moving business. A wrong strategy for collecting leads for movers. Ask yourself, did you do a proper research before deciding on what marketing strategy for moving companies to implement when it comes to getting the movers leads directly from your website? It’s true that you cannot know what strategy works until you have implemented and tested it. But there are some things you can do:

  • You can do the research what the successful moving companies do- How the movers market leaders collect the leads. Perhaps you could use some of their ideas, and combine a few strategies into a master strategy of your company!
  • Check what your potential customers like- You can do that by implementing the social media marketing for moving companies. Engaging in conversations with your customers will tell you what could be a good move when it comes to attracting the leads from your moving company’s website.
  • Talk to a company specialized in improving the web positions of moving businessesThey can help you create the strategy completely fitting your particular movers market.

It’s your call whether or not you shall stop making mistakes with converting your website visits into the leads for your moving company

Don’t make any more mistakes with getting the leads from your moving company’s website. We have discussed what you should do. It’s up to you to decide when is the right moment to start doing the right things, at the right place and on time. Movers Development offers to make a strategy for positioning your company high in the web search results. Our team of professionals can help you convert the visits into the leads for your moving company. The visits conversion is what might be a problem when the customers come to your website. But we have the know-how and enough experience to provide you with the essential things to do to improve your online moving business!