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Tips on how to optimize your site for a local search

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There are various strategies and tactics on how to implement the SEO for moving companies. But there are different needs different movers have. For example, some of you conduct the relocations globally, while others help people move cross-country or locally. Therefore, the search engine optimization should be adjusted to your specific needs. Given that, more or less, the most of you move people locally at least as one part of your business, we prepared several tips on how to optimize your site for a local search.

The position you shall build doesn’t come overnight. So the patience is what you must have at the beginning. Nobody shall guarantee you the time frame for your web position improvement. It depends on your competition, your movers market characteristics, how well-positioned you currently are etc. But the thing we can promise is that you shall improve, sooner or later and that improvement shall last! The more committed you are to your mover’s site optimization for local search, the faster you shall upgrade your position on Google search results and the stronger that position will be!

Why do we suggest the local optimization of your moving company’s site?

Get a lot more customers- optimize your site for a local search
If you optimize your site for a local search, you’ll have a potential to get a lot more customers

The reason is quite simple – four-fifths of all the consumers search for what they need online. The companies appearing in front of their eyes are those they shall consider hiring, or buying products from them. If your relocation company’s site appears when they search for local movers, you shall be among those moving companies your potential customers shall potentially hire. This is the first and probably the most important step- to draw people to your website. This certainly is not the only thing you should do. Another reason to optimize your site for local search is to

Another reason to optimize your site for local search is to attract the customers to stay on your website after they visit it. It means that it should be well-designed, informative, and simple to use so the visitors can find what they need, and eventually, contact your company or leave their contact for you to call them. This is a great way to generate the leads for your moving company. And the quality and organic leads for movers are what you probably need. Every moving company does. Without the leads (potential customers) there are no relocations to conduct. And if you lack relocations, you won’t survive. As simple as that.

Local search engine optimization for movers

Now that you know why you must implement the local movers SEO, let’s get to the tips on how to do that. So, professional movers, keep your eyes wide open, here’s how you should optimize your site for a local search:

  • Be smart with the keywords- overstuffing is what your customers and the Google dislike.
  • The reviews from your customers are very important- They tell people how many people used your services and how satisfied they are. Especially for some specific local area.
  • Link building helps a lot- The more people link their articles to your website for a subject important to your local area, the better position on the web you shall get.

Never use black-hat SEO tactics

Avoid using black-hat SEO strategies at all costs

Yes, you must thoroughly research what are the keywords your company should position for. To appear in front of your potential customers’ eyes when they search for moving companies, you must know what are the words they type. A keywords research is what helps you with this. But, after you find out the most important keyword, you must create a strong and consistent strategy on how to use them. Black hat SEO and overstuffing are wrong for many reasons. The two reasons are enough never to overuse the keywords- the customers will find it aggressive, and Google might find you’re a spam. Do you need more reasons?

Hence, when using the keywords, you must use them in the most important parts of your articles, such as H tags, bulleting, bold text, italic text, alt text etc. But the strategy for doing that must be well-planned. You must write informative and interesting articles, thoroughly explaining the subject of the keywords you use. Local site optimization does insist on using the right keywords, but you must remain natural, keep your article interesting, informative and not spammy. Put yourself in the position of someone searching for a moving company. Would you hire them if the article you find the keywords you typed, for example, ‘the best moving company in ABC city’, mentioned 50 times in the article, with few, or none information about why they are the best moving company, why they are reliable and reputable, and what services they offer?

Encourage your customers to write a review

This is quite an important thing if you want to optimize your site for a local search. The reason? More than 85% of people trust the reviews they read. 7 out of 10 customers will leave the review if asked. It means that your actions regarding the reviews might get you a ton more organic leads prepared for conversion into your customers. Such an easy thing to do, and yet very important not to forget!

How to use link-building to optimize your site for a local search?

Local optimization for your site is much easier if you create a strong link building strategy
Link-building helps you with local optimization for your site

Local SEO strategy is created for an area where your moving company competes. This means that the most important links to your business are those coming from the websites of the companies doing business in your area. And those links don’t need to be on a moving or transportation business websites. For example, if some HR blog writes an article about the opportunities that some company in your area offers, and they write a guide to moving to your city, with a link to your website, they are saying to their visitors that you are a company that can help them with the relocation should they apply for a job at their company.

This stands for all the businesses in your area. The more links from your area you get, the more relevant your moving business will look in the eyes of Google, and the better position on the web you’ll earn. To be able to get the leads, you must be a quality moving company. Offering top quality services at an affordable price. Besides this, your moving company brand must be strong enough to be regarded as someone important for a relocation business in your area. There are some other strategies how you can grow your link-building, and Movers Development can give you a few tips or create a whole link-building strategy for you!

Movers website local optimization is a never-ending process

These were just a few relevant things to do if you want to optimize your site for a local search. There are plenty more things, and a lot more details to consider. Besides this, the movers SEO isn’t a one-time process. You must be aware that you must constantly work on your website optimization for the search engines. We offer to create a marketing strategy for your moving company, completely adjusted to your area, and to your needs. What do we offer:

  • Free website analysis Get an audit for your website completely at no cost. We can tell you what your moving company can do better in order to improve the movers marketing and to upgrade the position in the web search results pages.
  • Software solutions for moving companies We can implement the moving calculator for your customers to get the price for their move directly from your website!.
  • Free website design Adjusted to the moving companies. Let the customers enjoy when they visit your moving company’s website!

…And much, much more! Get in touch with us and improve your moving business position on the internet today!