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The types of blog posts SEO experts practice

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As we are constantly reminded, the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vast and demanding area. The sheer amount of knowledge one can and should acquire about how to take advantage of it is overwhelming. It takes a lot of time and effort. This is why there are expert SEO companies that specialize in this part of business development. And if you were to consult any such professional, there is plenty of suggestions you would receive. One such installment would be the introduction of your own website blog. Simply put, blog posts (just like landing pages) should provide useful and optimal content which will not only interest the reader and provide conversions, but also boost your overall ranking on Google. So, what are the blog posts SEO specialists endorse and encourage when it comes to a good strategy?

Blog posts SEO specialists use vary in content - so learn which are best suited for your moving business.
Learn all about the various blog posts SEO experts practice to help increase your customer base.

Blog posts SEO – all you need to know

Content marketing has changed immensely since it first gained popularity as a marketing strategy. Creative, forward-thinking SEO specialists continue to devise ways to garner customer attention, build reader trust, and drive conversions for their clients. Yet, the core of such a successful strategy remains the same: compelling and engaging content.

Blog posts remain one of the best ways for content specialists to attract and retain audiences. And there are several types of blog posts SEO specialists use, each with their own distinct advantages. The key in writing these types of blogs is using them to their full potential to:

  1. engage readers,
  2. build a consistent audience,
  3. and drive business conversions.

So without further delays, here are some types of posts that you should consider to better optimize your online content:

Instructional Posts

Instructional blog posts SEO are to be used to promote businesses and the services they provide.
Instructional blog posts serve to answer any questions you might wish to find answers for on Google.

One of the most common, effective types of content is the instructional post. Instructional blog posts SEO uses to better educate and help readers complete a given task with:

  • “how-to” articles,
  • advice pieces,
  • expert reviews,
  • or tutorials.

Instructional posts are an excellent choice for SEO because the target keyword phrase becomes the central idea of the post. So, if somebody searches for “how to estimate moving costs NYC,” your “how to pack your belongings” article will be optimized to rank. Bear in mind that instructional posts are used a lot, so it works best if you focus on unique ideas and reach for moving industry-focused subject matter.

Instructional posts are valuable to the reader as well, especially if you include visual materials like infographics. But remember, you must make yourself the authority on whatever subject matter you choose. You are the expert, offering useful, educational material to your target audience. By doing this, you show that you possess the knowledge and expertise that your customer base is searching for.

Media Post

These posts are more and more popular among SEO specialists due to the increased demand for visual content. High-quality images, short videos, and infographics all work well as centerpieces of media posts.

Media blog posts SEO advises should have a balanced-out text-infographics ratio
Media posts can be a good way to visually attract leads.

Readers are more likely to share a media post over a post containing only text. It can give your moving brand more visibility, more exposure to potential customers. Now, that is not to say your post should just be a video. So you will need at least a few paragraphs of text to introduce or otherwise highlight your visual content. Text is also necessary for blog posts SEO, as Google still doesn’t relate media content to keyword queries.

Opinion Posts

Offering your opinion on news or trends in your industry is a good way to develop unique content for your blog post’s SEO ranking. This can range from reviews of products, tools, or concepts to expressing strong feelings on a hot, trending topic.

Opinions and reviews – that are truly your own – have the distinct value of offering a unique voice to your blog. It can be a struggle to create unique content, especially in industries where most topics lend themselves to instructional posts. But Google rewards unique, useful content that addresses specific concerns of a search audience.

For strong opinion pieces, you’ll want to set editorial guidelines from SEO professionals that maintain your moving company brand message. And you will want to share real views with an authentic voice, but not to point that it alienates the target audience you’re trying to connect with.

Entertaining Posts

If you are looking to grow your social media presence, entertaining blog posts are the way to go.
Entertaining blog posts can best be applied to social media channels.

Any experienced sales rep knows that when you can get a lead to laugh, things are going in your favor. The goal of entertainment SEO blog posts is to show the fun, lighter side of your business.

As with opinion posts, you want to offer humor but stay on track with the message you wish to convey. Content for a more conservative, serious brand will not be as playful as content for a more lighthearted brand.

Funny, entertaining content gets shared on social media and remembered by leads. This is a great way to show the personality of your staff, put a funny slant on your solution, and even show the folly that’s a part of any business – because that’s life. But keep in mind you need to be original and stay on topic about how you offer a solution to your audience’s problem.

Haiku Posts

In a perfect world of marketing for moving companies, haiku posts would propel any business to the top of a Google search. Just think about it, a haiku post could be informative, instructional or entertaining, all in only three lines. So, here are a few examples.

  • A movers haiku post:

Your office needs to move

What are you supposed to do?

Call our office now!

  • A packing haiku post:

Lunch was hours ago

Box is empty abyss

Book packers

Did you see what I did there? I injected a little humor into this post. And maybe someday, when word count no longer matters, Google will reward haiku posts. But until they recognize the sheer beauty and brilliance of haiku posts, you will have to rely on the more traditional marketing posts.

So, mix up the content on your business blog with these different types of posts. And they make the writing fun and engage readers. And whatever types of posts you create, do so with consistency. Because the best business blog posts SEO are not only varied but frequently updated.