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How to reduce your carbon footprint as a mover

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Staying on the top of moving business is a challenge that requires constant innovation and improvement. With so many companies on the market, the question really asks itself – how to keep up with the competition, and provide over-the-top service? However, there is an even more important question to ask. Besides battling out with your competitors, you should all be working towards the higher-purpose goal – finding a better way to reduce your carbon footprint as a mover.

Winning over your competitors

Even though fighting the eco battle doesn’t directly affect your sales, in reality, it is an excellent guerrilla marketing strategy for your small business. People are becoming more and more aware of the situation with carbon exposure in their lives. Consequently, they are also looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint as a customer.

And precisely because of that, many families looking for a relocation company will often choose those who are running an eco-friendly business. As you can see, the decision to reduce your carbon footprint as a mover might bring you more customers!

How to reduce your carbon footprint as a mover?

Coming to a decision to reduce your carbon footprint as a mover is only the first step. Knowing how to do it and keep your business running is a horse of another color. With that in mind, let’s see what are the best strategies and approaches you can apply.

Eco-friendly moving vehicles

Even though performance and versatility come first when it comes to buying a truck, what you should really think about is fuel-efficiency. Going electric is probably one of the best decisions you can make. However, that also requires a substantial financial investment. Nevertheless, changes can be made in small steps.

An electric car charging at the charge station.
Electric cars are the best way to reduce your carbon footprint.

After all, if you ever asked yourself “Hey, how can I advertise my company for free?“, driving an electric or fuel-efficient vehicle might be the answer. With that in mind, if you as a mover pay attention to this little detail, it will not pass unnoticed by your customers.

Alternatives to driving

Moving without driving? Is that even possible? Well, probably not. However, there are many alternatives to reduce the need for driving.

For example, let’s focus on local relocation. If you have a client who is moving just for a couple of blocks, you can help them move on foot. Pick a smaller truck for heavier items, and use trollies to move boxes. It might take more time, but it will reduce driving. Of course, the service may be charged adequately.

Rent hitch-mounted cargo racks

Hitch-mounted cargo racks are useful, and an excellent strategy to reduce your carbon footprint as a mover. Many families need extra space when moving or going on trips, and for that reason, they like buying SUVs’ or minivans.

Add hitch-mounted cargo racks as a service, and advertise it as a tool to reduce carbon footprint during relocation. It can be a great addition to the services you offer as a mover.


Plan the relocation route

If your people are hired to drive a moving truck, make sure that they plan the relocation route. Picking the shortest route will reduce driving, and it will reduce your carbon footprint as a mover. Additionally, make sure that your drivers don’t necessarily accelerate or drive faster. That is a waste of money and gas, and it increases carbon emission.

A map with car keys on it.
Planning your driving route and being fuel efficient is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint as a mover.

Organize the move to take fewer trips

When it comes to relocations with a large number of boxes, that can require multiple trips. Have that in mind and manage logistics. Reducing the number of trips to move a family will drastically reduce your carbon footprint as a mover.

Maintain your vehicles in perfect condition

Driving faulty vehicles does not only increase carbon emission, but it is also dangerous. To make improvements, always make sure to:

  • tune your engines
  • use the correct grade of motor oil
  • properly inflate tires
  • do regular maintenance checkups

Believe it or not, having a faulty oxygen sensor can decrease full efficiency by 40%.

Use eco-plastic moving boxes

Eco-plastic moving boxes are a great investment for every moving company. Recycling is one of the most important tactics for reducing our carbon footprint in general.

Even if you look at it from the customer’s perspective, plastic boxes are easier for use. They can be opened at any time, and are much easier to carry. Most of all, they don’t make a mess during unpacking. That feature alone is enough for any client to choose them over cardboard boxes.

Run your company on solar power

The ultimate way to reduce carbon emission is to install solar panels in your office. Thinking about what happens with your customers on the road is important. You, as a moving company, should also think about your workplace. When starting a moving company, people often think about the location of the office. What vehicles to buy, or what is the best moving software to use.

Workers placing solar panels on the top of a building.
Even though solar panels cost money, they are the best investment for a clean future.

However, thinking about energy consumption is also crucial. Investing in solar panels will provide your office with clean energy, and help you contribute to saving our planet.

Follow in the steps of giants

Large companies pour millions of dollars into research and reduction of carbon emission. There are many company strategies to reduce the carbon footprint. Why not take some of their ideas? Sure, it requires funding, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find something to relate to and implement.

Keeping your mind open is most important if you wish to reduce your carbon footprint as a mover. Coming up with clever solutions and brilliant strategies is what separates successful companies from the rest. Create a research sector whose only goal is to work on the carbon emission reduction. That is how to swim in front of your competitors, and become the first choice for your customers!