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6 tips for increasing social media following

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These days, being popular on social media and having thousands of followers serves as much more than a status symbol. Social media are the best channels through which you can effortlessly reach a wider audience all over the world. So if you are trying to think of the perfect ways of promoting your business for free, look no further! By increasing social media following, you would not only get a bigger base of potential clients – but you will also become a brand known and respected by people worldwide. It sounds like a win-win situation to us!

Be someone worth following

Having and running a business social media account seems simple enough, right? You just post pictures while trying to think of clever captions. But if you want people to stumble upon your account and like what they see, which would result in a follow, you’ll have to make sure you are posting valuable content. If you are wondering how to find potential clients, isn’t this the perfect way to do it? Think about it – your account can serve as an online portfolio, showcasing your products/services in all their glory!

A person looking at an Instagram account on the phone.
Social media is the place where people of all ages and interests come together!

Speaking of which, it’s very important that you make sure your profile is complete and updated. Fill out all the necessary fields and make sure your profile picture and cover photo are professional and in accordance with the nature of your business. With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being among the best places to advertise a company, you really should put in the effort of doing it right!

Increasing social media following is best done when you are active

How many times would you say you can see yourself following a person/business profile if you notice they post once every two months? These types of profiles simply aren’t as appealing to people as those that post on a regular basis. So you will have to start seeing social media as a job, and not just a form of entertainment. Luckily, these days, there are apps that can help you schedule your posts, meaning you won’t have to be stressed about posting every day at the same time – the app will do it for you.

That being said, it’s also worth mentioning that there is such a thing as being too active. Profiles that post new content every two hours aren’t what people will like to see and follow. They are too spammy. And at Movers Development, we don’t like spam of any kind. That’s why we suggest you refrain from posting too much content – even if you do have a lot to show the world.


Use hashtags to increase the number of your followers

Never underestimate the power of the right hashtag! They have gained such incredible popularity for a reason, after all! What does the right hashtag mean? The right hashtag is a hashtag that’s relevant for your niche. It’s a hashtag with positive connotations for your business. It’s a hashtag that carries some sort of value.

A woman holding a hashtag symbol - a way of increasing social media following.
Love them or hate them, hashtags are a powerful tool for increasing social media following.

Not sure what that would be for your business? No worries! With tools like RiteTag, finding the right tags for your business is simpler than ever. Once again, don’t overdo it in the tag department. You don’t want to look desperate.

Post about opinions and trends

Now, this can be a risky one, as expressing a strong opinion can reflect negatively on the followers who don’t share the same viewpoint. Then again, it could lead to a huge increase in following from those people who do. And if you share data that will back up your opinion, you would be hitting a goldmine. The same goes for current news and trends.

If you can become a profile that keeps people in the loop about the latest happenings in your niche, if not worldwide, you would significantly increase the public’s interest in your social media profiles. We know that keeping an eye out on the latest trends isn’t easy. But hey, significantly increasing social media following is worth it, isn’t it?

Follow the right people

Believe it or not, even the people you follow can have a positive effect on the number of your own followers. We know – creating engaging social media content seemed logical. But this? But it doesn’t make it any less real. Allow us to explain!

A woman logging into Facebook while drinking coffee.
Make every follow count for something!

By following high-quality and generally popular accounts in your niche will give you someone to interact with. Let’s say you follow a big name in your industry. In case they land on your profile and see that you have valuable content to show, have a completely filled out profile, and are on your way to social media stardom, they just might follow you back. Once people see that you are followed by multiple such accounts, let’s just say you won’t be lacking new followers!

If you want to increase social media following, focus on building real followers

We are all impressed when we stumble upon a profile that has over 100k followers. But do we ever stop to wonder how many of those followers are real followers and not bots? In case you have no idea how to check that out, just take a look at the number of likes and comments per post. If an account with 100k followers generates only 500 likes per post, well, you might go ahead and guess that the majority of those followers aren’t real. And that’s the opposite thing you want to do if you know what’s good for your business!

The process of increasing social media following is a gradual one! There will be no overnight success, and you will have to work hard for every new follower. But once your brand reaches new heights, you can rest assured you will be more than glad you put in so much effort!