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Most profitable holidays for movers to focus on

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If you own a moving company, then you should be aware of the most profitable holidays for movers to focus on. That way, you will be able to concentrate on doubling your efforts during these times of the year. By doing so, you can maximize the profit you will gain. Some people will first inform themselves on the busiest times to move. In order to avoid them and move at another time, a lot of potential customers will still come flocking during these holidays. So, being prepared is key to making sure that you’re getting as much business as you can. And if you’re wondering how to increase your customer base, then you should definitely pay attention.


By far, the time of year around Christmas is the busiest among the profitable holidays for movers. And that is why you should be focusing on it. It is around Christmas that the majority of people have the most time. Time to tend to all sorts of obligations that they normally wouldn’t have enough time for. Moving takes a lot of time. So, a lot of people use this holiday season to relocate to their new homes.

The week preceding Christmas is especially busy. As people don’t want to move on Christmas itself, they’re using the entire week preceding Christmas to take care of everything that they’re supposed to. Of course, you shouldn’t focus only on this one week. But you should focus on the entire 17-day holiday season.

A snowman, made in time for the most popular one among the most profitable holidays for movers to focus on.
You’ll certainly get the most customers during the Christmas holiday season!

Still, this isn’t the only Christmas-related information that you’ll need to know. Namely, the exact day of the week when Christmas takes place should also influence the days when you should be focused most on preparations. Prepare yourself and your team for all the hard work that additional business entails. For example, if Christmas was to take place on a Wednesday, as it will in 2019, that means that the preceding Saturday and Sunday will be the busiest. And thus, the most profitable days of the year for your moving company.

Other most profitable holidays for movers

The next profitable holidays for movers that we’ll talk about have to satisfy two conditions:

  1. they are public holidays when people can usually get paid time off if they wish;
  2. there are no elaborate celebrations involved that will take a lot of time to prepare.

So, for example, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Halloween are off, as people generally don’t have enough time to move during these holidays. This, prominently, leaves us with:

  • Father’s Day,
  • Mother’s Day,
  • Valentine’s Day.

Additionally, all three of these holidays are centered around certain special individuals in our lives. And moving (with) them on these holidays can be considered to be an additional gift for our loved ones. Of course, people will look to arrange the logistics and all the details of their moves before these holidays. So that they can ship their belongings as quickly as possible and spend the rest of the day with these cherished persons.

Flowers and candy.
Apart from buying flowers and candy on Valentine’s Day, someone may also gift their loved one a relocation during one of the most profitable holidays for movers.

As we said, though, the time around Christmas is by far the busiest. However, it would do you good to also focus on these other profitable holidays for movers. The logic is simple: people have free time then. And they are looking to make their partners extra happy on Valentine’s Day by relocating from their old homes to new ones.

The effects of holidays on your moving company

But, what does all this additional business during the most profitable holidays for movers entail for your company? Obviously, the profits should visibly increase. However, more customers may not be the only reason why this will happen. Namely, moving during the holidays is almost always harder to pull-off. Thus, increasing the cost of your services at these times certainly makes sense.

There are three important factors that could have an influence on the higher costs of your services during these holidays.

High Demand

It is a simple economic law of the market governing the fact that the more demand exists for a certain product or service, the more room there is for increasing the cost of the said product or service. Conversely, it makes sense for moving companies to lower their prices when the demand is lower, as it is the case during the colder months of the year (excluding Christmas time, of course).

A lot of money.
Not only will you have more customers during the most profitable holidays for movers, but you will also be able to increase your prices.

Traffic is a lot heavier during the holidays

This means that more time will be required to ship your customers’ belongings. That entails more work and additional gas money spent. Finally, not only will your team members have to work extra hard. But they will also most likely have to skip these holidays. And if your employees are skipping holidays, they should receive a monetary bonus for their trouble.

And while additional costs during the holidays are something that is expected among the professionals who are working in the moving industry. Your customers may still not be aware of these additional charges. That is why it is very important to use reliable instant quote software that will correctly inform your customers on the exact price based on the, among other things, the date of the move as well.

Final thoughts

Now that you know what are the most profitable holidays for movers, you’ll need to do what you can to adequately prepare. You will have more work, so preparing your team and making sure that they’re aware of that is essential. If need be, you can also hire additional workers.

Apart from that, preparing your customers is important as well. Apart from being able to offer them an exact moving quote, having plenty of high-quality moving articles on your blog, that will instruct your customers on how to move in an organized and efficient manner, is usually also very beneficial. With yourself, your team, and your customers adequately prepared, you should be able to maximize the gain that the holidays offer to those who know how to take advantage of them. Good luck!