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How to promote your moving business without PR campaigns

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There are many ways to promote your business, and nurturing good Public Relations is an essential part of it. And this can be a drain on your resources, which is why certain business owners might not want to deal with for every marketing initiative. In order to avoid that, you need to learn more about how to promote your moving business without PR campaigns.

Work on your SEO

Never ignore your SEO since doing so hurts your outreach.

The first way you can promote your moving business without PR campaigns is by enhancing your site’s SEO. By doing this, you are making it much, much more likely for people to organically come across your website. This is because Google ‘crawls’ websites and ranks them according to their SEO, which then dictates which sites will pop up in Google Search Results first.

The better your SEO ranking is, the higher up the page your business will show up when someone googles keywords relevant to it. Of course, you need to follow the moving industry trends related to SEO in order to ensure that you are using all the latest SEO techniques which work well for moving companies. Such as what kinds of Keywords you ought to use. And do not forget that SEO is about more than just that, either. The quality of your website plays a large part.

Cooperate with other businesses

Shaking on a business deal
Healthy cooperation brings profits and growth to both sides.

No one wants to cooperate with other businesses lightly. If there is overlap in the target audience, which is the very basis for cooperating, then it is possible for there to be overlap in services as well, which would naturally mean that your business partners might be stealing your customer base. However, since you are running a moving business, there are many options when it comes to whom you can cooperate with.

Cleaning and packing services, storage providers, moving supply sellers and more are great options. Unless, of course, you offer some or all of those things yourself. Ultimately, it will come down to you what kind of business is your ideal partner. Once you’ve successfully set up your cooperation, you can start recommending the services of your partners to your customer base, and vice versa. This would allow you to grow in tandem.

Draw people in with interesting content

Another way to promote your moving business without PR campaigns is to draw people in with quality content. This typically refers to running a blog. Or perhaps some sort of exciting video guide series to which you can offer links on your website or social media. All of which would, of course, somehow feed back to promoting your services. However, while running a blog is definitely one of the best ways to achieve this, there are alternatives.

You can rely on helpful bits of software you make available on your site to draw people in. A moving cost calculator is an amazing example of this since it serves two purposes. First, you draw people to your site who might be looking for such software through Google searches organically. Second, you encourage people to follow through with their intention to hire you by reassuring them of the costs involved.

Write posts for other people’s blogs

Laptop, coffee cup, writing pad, and smartphone.
Writing blog posts for others can be great for spotting problems with your own blog.

An amazing way to promote your own business with zero PR campaigns involved is through writing blog posts for other people, too. Learning how to write a blog post is not too difficult. And, as both a businessman and someone who is well versed in the moving process, you have plenty of inspiration and experience to draw from. You can write about how best to approach a move, how to run a particular aspect of a move or anything else that catches your fancy.

By writing blog posts for others as a guest blogger, you would be allowed to post a short author bio at the end of the text. This can be used to promote your own business and services. Or, with the permission of the blog’s owner, of course, you can include one or two backlinks to your own site.

Consider affiliate marketing

Of course, you can also find affiliate marketing experts to help you. They are an amazing option because they have a dedicated audience and therefore large outreach. By tapping into that, you can pretty much ensure at least some results at a decent price. Of course, you dictate whether you want the affiliate to focus on promoting your business as a whole or any one aspect of it.

If you notice your moving industry software not doing well in the market, you can focus on promoting that. At least if you think the only thing it is missing is an opportunity to break into the market. Or you might decide that it is better to focus on your services which are already very profitable in order to maximize your returns from the affiliate marketing investment.

Improve your customer service

If there is one thing you can always count on, it is word-of-mouth advertisement and the return of satisfied customers. This is why you should make sure that their interaction with your business is as good as it can possibly be. If you leave a good impression, this will pay off. And once your business cements its reputation as friendly and reliable, you will have a much easier time drawing customers. Your reviews will be much better too! CRM software and other software for moving companies go a long way to help you with this.

Have a strong local presence

Having outreach, an online presence, and expansionistic plans are always good. But, if you want to promote your moving business without PR campaigns, the best option is still to focus on your local area first. As long as you can build up your image as the best local choice, people will naturally promote your business and ensure that your most important customer base never falters.

Final word

Now that you know how to promote your moving business without PR campaigns, you can explore these options further. Each of them can lead to lots of profits and further growth of your customer base, so it comes down to which you want to focus on. Or, perhaps, you would like to try and pursue all of them?