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Top relocation destinations worldwide – Latest results

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There are many moving companies conducting relocations worldwide. Some of you movers do the moving business regionally, while some move people only locally. The trends are that most of the professional movers look to expand the territory where they conduct their moving business. Therefore, being that almost everyone looks to expand at least to the level of the region, and mostly to open globally, we must follow the trends and report about the trends in moving around the world. In accordance with this, we’re gonna present to you top relocation destinations worldwide.

Why is it so interesting? I suppose not many of you would ask this question. Still, it needs to be replied to for those who wonder. Because that way, you don’t need to expand your job to all of the countries around the globe. You could choose to open a subsidiary company only in top relocation destinations worldwide. Hence, you get to be close to the moving people. Having chances of earning a lot more money. Without having to invest abnormally in many countries around the world.

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The most attractive places for professional movers: Top relocation destinations worldwide

Improving websites for movers, we got in touch with many moving companies. Having so many conversations with their representatives, we found out what they were interested about. Of course, improving their software and upgrading their web position was the main subject. But they also wanted to know where do people move nowadays. Completely reasonable matter, thinking about it. If you know where people move, and where they move from, you can multiply your income from moving business. It’s very simple. People move, you help them, and they pay you for doing your job. That’s why we implemented those kinds of information in our movers news section. We suppose that the rest of you, professional movers, have the same interests. Here are the best destinations around the world where people currently move to.

The best destinations around the world where people currently move to:

  • The USA- The idea of ‘American dream‘ is still attracting people to move to the US.
  • The UK- History, culture and liberal policy are the main reasons why people relocate to The United Kingdom.
  • Switzerland- Income per capita is probably the most attractive magnet for moving people to come to Switzerland.
  • Singapore- Home to western companies, with calm and peaceful eastern culture. Is there a better mix of things for newcomers?
  • The Netherlands- A growing industry with lots of ways to have fun put the Netherlands among the top relocation destinations around the world.
  • Germany- Tops the most reputable made-in-countries list, is there a better indicator of what people think about the quality of some country?
  • India- More and more business-oriented country, exotic to people looking for the best place to move around the world.
  • China- Open to foreign companies in the most various business sectors, China attracts o many people moving here for a job and for life.
  • Canada- Two things are in the minds of people moving to Canada: The strong economy and high living standard.
  • Ireland- Being one of the fastest-growing economic forces around the world, Ireland attracts mostly people skilled for the IT sector.

The USA- The most attractive among top relocation destinations worldwide

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Moving to the US is the country of reaching the dream for many people. There is nothing to be confused about. I guess not many of you are confused by this. The greatest companies in the world are headquartered in different states of the USA. Therefore, the living standard is among the best globally. The chance of making a fortune in a lifetime is great. Is there any reason not to consider the USA a great destination to relocate to?

The United Kingdom- Sophisticated people around the globe choose to relocate here

Before the American continent was discovered, the UK was something like the promised land for moving people of that time. They had the fortune, the culture, great life opportunities, etc. Today, maybe the USA is the promised land, but the UK kept all of the aforementioned, adding the liberal policy. Besides, the culture in the UK is almost completely different from the one in the USA. That’s probably another reason why so many people choose the United Kingdom for the best relocation destination in the world.

Switzerland- Because people love to move to countries with top quality life

I suppose that probably everyone having an opportunity to move to Switzerland doesn’t even consider other destinations. Switzerland has almost everything. They haven’t been in the war for five centuries. It has one of the strongest economies in the world. Life standard in Switzerland is something unquestionably terrific. Beautiful nature and cleanness everywhere you look. Is there something more you would look for to put the country among the top relocation destinations worldwide?

Singapore- A country with almost no unemployment

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Most people moving to Singapore relocate for a job. But it’s certainly not the only thing why people move here. But it is the most important reason. Having in mind that Singapore has almost no unemployment, you could figure out why. There are many strong multinational companies with HQ here. Offering great salaries and even more great working conditions. Given that Singapore’s life standard follows the greatest countries in the world, you can conclude why so many people pick Singapore for the best relocation destination in the world.

Netherlands- Among top relocation destinations worldwide for the quality of life and for fun

Neutrality, tolerance and global cooperation have been the main goals in Holland for centuries. No wonder that now, when some great IT companies opened HQ here, and when the government stimulates entrepreneurship, people consider the Netherlands to be among the top five destinations in the globe for their relocation.

Germany- The strongest economy of the EU

The strong economic force, with such a strong recognition of the quality of products made here, Germany makes the top 10 list of destinations in the world where people relocate to for decades. Even in the moments of the world economic crisis, the economy of Germany almost felt no impact. And remember only how destroyed it was after WWII, and how quickly it came back to be one of the most important factors in world politics. Besides this, after Brexit, Germany is the top destination for companies relocating. Whenever people consider where to relocate to, Germany is one of the best choices in the world.

India- Skilled and not so expensive workforce attracts top companies

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Having in mind that more and more strong companies have come here, is there any chance that the life standard hasn’t improved? If the life standard grows in India, people take this country not only as tourists destination, as they used to in the near past. Nowadays India has become one of the top relocation destinations worldwide! With enough to survive, more and more people relocate to India to enjoy the natural beauties around this subcontinent.

China- Far east culture mixed with strong western companies

The constellation of reasons attracts people of the world to pick China as the best destination for relocation. The things have changed. Today, we have a reversible process. On the contrary of the past century or two, when Chinese went to the west looking for better business and life opportunities, we have today so many companies and business people relocating to China! The economy of this country grows, and the culture remains so brilliant. They put together a calm life and complicated jobs. Such an opportunity for people living in stressful environments.

Canada- Life opportunity for free-spirited people to relocate to

As a country with two equally spoken languages, Canada supports diversity. In addition to this, it also attracts strong multinational companies to open subsidiaries here. Furthermore, there are great programs for entrepreneurs in Canada. Completing the story with high life standard, you’ll get a clear picture of why Canada remains among top relocation destination worldwide for so many people.

Ireland- The renaissance of the beautiful country

So many companies opened HQ in Ireland, mostly in Dublin, in years after 2000. That has attracted so many young and highly-educated people to relocate here and grab the opportunity to make money! Together with this reason, the brilliance of Ireland is something that has attracted tourists around the world to come here on vacation. Now, imagine how many people, who visited and admired Ireland before, rushed here after Ireland IT boom started! Enough to declare Ireland one of the most attractive relocation destinations around the world.