Latest movers news 2017: FIDI annual conference in Dubai

It is very important to follow news updates, no matter what business you’re running. But it’s especially important when you’re running a moving company to follow the latest movers news. The most relevant organisation for that is FIDI. (F-Fédération I-Internationale D-des Déménageurs I-Internationaux). FIDI is the largest association of professional movers. It is keeping annual conferences to provide the best moving companies, and those intending to become successful, with the latest trends in movers development. This year (2017) the annual conference of FIDI was held in Dubai, from the 5th-8th march.

Keep track with the latest movers news – FIDI annual conferences are great way to be updated

Follow the latest news from moving business wherever you are,m if you want your moving company to succeed

An FIDI annual conference is a place where you may get the freshest news from the moving business. Also, FIDI provides you with the education and workshops on the subjects such as transportation, logistics, Moving, Delivery etc. Therefore, if you’re serious about your moving business improvement, you mustn’t miss the aforementioned conference. Also, in case you want to get the information about the changing trends in the moving world, read our professional movers news. Movers Development shall provide you with the top tips on what you should improve to keep up with the best professional movers. As soon as the updates from FIDI conference come out, we shall publish the most important conclusions.


Moving companies with late or wrong information loose the race to those keeping an eye on latest movers news

Use diversified sources of information when looking for latest movers news

For example, if some new movers software appears on the market. If you don’t follow the trends and keep using the outdated one, you’ll lose your clients. Why? Because they want the faster and more precise service! And that’s what your old software can’t achieve competing with the latest moving software. Therefore, we suggest you do actually check on the latest information coming from the moving market. Follow all the most important moving conferences. And also we can provide you with them, so keep following us.



Words of advice are there to warn you or give you suggestions for improvements

It's important to follow the latest movers news worldwide
Search for the latest news from moving business around the globe- you never know where the right information for movers development might appear!

Knowing the news and trends from moving, you keep your relocating company safe. In terms that you might avoid some potential business opportunities if someone told you that they are too risky. And that someone could be a reliable source, such as FIDI for example. Also, if they give you an information how to speed up the relocation, or how to reduce costs for the relocation, or otherwise how to improve professional movers SEO, you could improve your packer and mover business. Don’t miss those chances. Using them might push you to the top of a local moving market.

Moving news offer making your marketing strategies more effective

Professional movers marketing is maybe the most important part of the moving business. Because the most of the incomes come from the relocations. And to get the opportunity to conduct the relocation, you as a professional mover need to attract clients. You could achieve that using professional movers SEOAlso, you could improve your marketing by making your website look better, i.e. by making your website design look attractive. So when someone visits it, to feel good and wish to make a contact. Every visitor of your home moving company website is a potential client, don’t forget it!

So, the right moving market information helps you to:

  • Avoid potential problems on the moving market
  • Improve your business marketing strategy
  • Find out about the latest movers software as soon as it appears following the latest movers news
  • Get to know how to cut your moving costs, and improve profit etc.

So, after you found out the basics on why it’s important to receive the latest movers news, you might want to follow the trends. In order to do that, like MD facebook page and get the fresh news as soon as they appear!

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