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How to make your marketing team more efficient

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Each company is a living organism that you need to nurture and invest in to help it grow. There are, of course, plenty of ways for this to happen. Sometimes it comes down to following moving industry trends. At other times, committing your time to various innovations in the manner of SEO for movers can do the trick. Another way to help your business grow is through your employees. Finding the right team of experts is only half the work. You also have to ensure that they continue to push the limits and become more productive as time goes by. And so, here are some interesting ways to make your marketing team more efficient.

5 simple ways to make your marketing team more efficient

Marketing is not really a one-man job. And the bigger the company, the more people you need for your marketing efforts. And this can make it difficult to scale the productivity of the team. Considering that almost 90 percent of marketers work in teams and that 75 percent of employees consider that they lose two hours of efficient work each day, productivity is a resource all companies fight for.

The issue with large marketing teams is that it’s hard for you to determine which individual is pulling the overall performance down. And there isn’t really a proven way (yet) to isolate the weak link. However, there is something better – the following 5 methods to make your marketing team more efficient:

Good communication is essential for each team, no matter how big or small

So much so that popular research shows that the productivity of a team can grow by as much as 25 percent with proper communication and collaboration. This is why it is important to find the right manner in which your team members can communicate. Popular research found that over 90 percent of employees consider internal communication via email as a waste of time.

Two hands reaching out to wheels turning, with a network of connected dots in the background.
Good internal communication makes for more efficient work and progress.

Hence, you should invest some time and research into the right collaborative software solution. Practice shows that the best solution is communication apps such as Slack of Flock. They offer plenty of options to users, whilst eliminating the overall waste of time for:

  • reading internal emails,
  • searching for information,
  • waiting for responses from other team members or departments etc.

Data from research and campaigns should be accessible to everyone

Images of different members of the team, all linked to each other.
The data you receive needs to be accessible to everyone in the team.

A marketing team functions differently from other teams within a company. And to make your marketing team more efficient, you need to provide each member access to information relevant to the work they do. This means that for every project they launch, every campaign they start – you have to look at the results. Only with this will each member of the team be able to discover new ways how best to improve certain processes such as:

  • email campaigns,
  • social media marketing,
  • blog topics,
  • promotional events and other brand-building efforts.

It’s essential that everyone knows the progress of the people involved in a certain project. Social media managers can’t plan and schedule posts without the work of the content creator. A content creator can’t make the impact the company needs without knowing who the target audience is, for which he needs a market researcher. So, you get the entire internal connection here.

The point is that everyone has to be kept in the loop with ongoing operations and tasks. Only by doing this can you ensure a productive and innovative environment, be it a PPC campaign, a social media campaign, an influencer marketing campaign, or any other.

Manage your team with the right tools

A team management tool is very influential when it comes to teamwork. To be more precise, we can waste almost half a week’s work time in searching for information from a colleague or sorting through emails. It comes back to what we talked about earlier – everyone involved needs to know the progress of certain tasks within the project.

And to accomplish this in the best manner, what you need is a team management app. The best argument for this is the amount of time and work that it saves, which in itself can make your marketing team more efficient. Apps such as Trello, Asana, Teamweek, and Flow can help avoid manual work, delays, and it makes internal communication more efficient. All this, in turn, contributes to the overall productivity of your marketing team. Plus, having access to all this on your mobile phone can make for more creative, satisfied, and productive team members.

Individual performance is important when you want to make your marketing team more efficient

Not every member of the team can offer the same quality or amount of work. Traits and qualities differ from person to person. Some members of your marketing team might offer exceptional work while others struggle with deadlines. The only way to know for sure is to measure the overall performance of the team and each individual in it. This process in itself can often motivate individuals to work on their productivity. As a result, you get a boost in team performance.

Different parts of a team as pieces of a puzzle that fit together.
In order to make your marketing team more efficient, you have to look at all individual parts of the team, as well as the team as a whole.

Now, this does not mean that you should sit next to each employee with a whip in your hands. After all, technology and software have been involved to a point where you can measure anything with the right app. In this case, such an app is CMMS. This useful piece of software can contribute to tracking employee performance and identifying underperforming employees.

Timely feedback

Occurring issues within a team need to be addressed as soon as possible (sometimes even before they arise). This is one of the finer ways to make your marketing team more efficient. So, if you notice that certain deadlines are not being met or that certain team members are making mistakes, address the matter immediately. Don’t waste time by waiting for the next scheduled team meeting. Instead, have a one-on-one sit down with them and resolve the issue on the spot.

Two members of marketing team having a one-on-one meeting to discuss issues.
You should always tackle issues head-on, so as to ensure an intact level of productivity.

The more you wait for a problem to resolve itself, the more you risk problems multiplying and leading to a more serious issue. So, the best way to avoid this and improve your marketing team’s efficiency is to monitor their performance in real-time and give instant feedback.

To conclude our story

A marketing team presents one of the founding pillars of modern business. If the marketing efforts of moving companies don’t function well, nothing else will. Hence, you need to ensure that you make your marketing more efficient whenever you can. Only by doing so will you ensure the continual growth of your business. Remember – perfection is not something that happens on its own – you need to create it.