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Authentic moving company photos vs. Stock photos

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Something we can all agree on is that there are too many professional moving companies online to choose from today. And one of the biggest concerns for customers is whether they are hiring a legitimate moving business or just a couple of guys with a rental truck and no real experience. The best solution for you to attract more customers to your website is to develop your moving company brand. One of the simplest ways to maximize the credibility of your business is by offering authentic images. After all, popular studies show that over 67 percent of online consumers consider photos on a website a priority. That is why authentic moving company photos are always a smarter direction than using generic stock photos.

Why do authentic moving company photos play such an important role?

As is the case with any other business, you are always looking for solutions that are efficient yet simple and affordable to implement. And that is one of the key reasons why companies tend to use stock photos when creating a website. However, this is also one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make. People tend to believe what they see before all else. Our experience is that as much as 60 percent of consumers are more likely to contact a business with original images on their website.

Then again, using generic stock photos to represent your business is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you can appeal to the visual perspective of users by posting quality photos of happy people in the middle of the moving process. On the other hand, this can send a negative message to target audiences, failing to establish a connection with them. Additionally, it can lead them to the conclusion that your company has something to hide.

Using genuine moving company images can boost your conversions by up to 45%

As a team devoted to the growth of moving companies, we are always looking into new ways to maximize the results of our work. And one of the case studies we conducted was based on the difference between using authentic moving company photos vs. stock images on the homepage and landing pages of websites. A time frame of 6 months showed that the site versions with images of movers demonstrated the following results:

  • Organic visits grew by 200% (184 visits -> 552 visits)
  • Average time spent on the website increased by 64% (01:33 min -> 02:31 min)
  • The number of conversions was boosted by 45.5% (48 moving quotes -> 75 moving quotes)
  • Brand awareness (brand-related searches on Google) rose by 96% (448 visits -> 871 visits)

Authentic moving company photos vs. stock photos on homepage

The conclusion – authentic images of your movers and equipment make all the difference

The fact is that by providing people with a clear picture of the work you do, you can establish a transparent relationship even before they become customers. And this is just one of the countless moving industry trends that you can exploit to secure more long-term revenue. So, if we were to sum up the vital steps here, it would be:

  • Avoid using stock photos on your homepage and landing pages.
  • Upsell your services by offering authentic moving company photos.
  • Use images with a clear intent rather than merely “because they look pretty.