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Businesses movers should partner with

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In the business world, partnering with companies that have similar objectives is nothing new. By joining forces, they can not only help each other but also their customers. So, it is a win-win-win situation. When it comes to professional movers, there are many different businesses they can partner with. Here are some of the businesses movers should partner with.

The benefits of partnering with successful businesses

  • Movers need recommendations, just like any other business. This is particularly true for service industries. Every service provider can benefit from a network of support. A partnership is a great referral system that brings more customers to both businesses. For example, a realtor recommends a reliable moving company to his/her clients and vice versa.
  • Through partnerships, you get returning customers who will also recommend you to their friends. For this reason, the businesses movers should partner with have a broad customer base.
  • Connecting with an established company is one of the best ways to advertise a new business. Your potential clients may not know you yet, but they do know your partner.
  • Clients prefer having a one-stop-shop for all of their moving-related needs. This is convenient for them, as they do not have to search on their own. It saves them time and potentially money, too.
  • Clients will appreciate your dedication. By recommending a trustworthy professional, you are showing your clients that you aren’t only concerned about your part of the job – you want them to have a pleasant experience from start to finish.
  • Nowadays, most people search for local businesses online. By connecting with other businesses, you increase the chance of your website being discovered by potential clients. Give a testimonial or review for other businesses you can somehow relate to in exchange for local business citations.
A hand picking a piece of paper with the word GOOD written on it. The word BAD on another piece of paper next to it.
Always choose the best companies when looking for a business to partner with.

The consequences of partnering with dishonest companies

On the other hand, by partnering with unreliable businesses, you can harm your reputation tremendously. The reason is simple – even if you do everything right, people will start associating you with a dishonest business. You might lose referrals and returning customers with just one bad partnership. It may take you a long time to restore your destroyed reputation. Bad connections may also harm your web traffic. For example, we all know the importance of backlinks. A backlink to your website that comes from an unrelated or untrusted source will have an adverse effect on your SEO. Not to mention that fraudulent businesses may scam you just like they scam their clients.

So, when choosing a business partner, bear in mind that every connection you make will have a reflection on you. Do your research before making any kind of deals. For starters, check their ranking on Better Business Bureau and similar sites. Do not start recommending someone’s products/services until you’ve made sure they are worthy of your recommendation.

6 businesses movers should partner with

Real estate professionals

Moving and real estate go hand in hand. They are industries that share one basic goal – helping clients transition to a new address. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that movers and real estate agents become allies. This kind of partnership brings several benefits to both sides. Realtors work with people who buy or sell properties, and movers help them move their belongings after the papers are signed.

Two businessmen doing a high five
Through partnerships with reputable real estate agents, you can improve your own reputation.

Packaging companies

A business that produces shipping and packaging supplies is a partner every moving company needs. Moving requires packing and packing requires packing supplies, such as boxes and other containers, wrapping and padding material, etc. A company that makes all that is clearly a business moving companies should partner with. As we mentioned earlier, clients like a one-stop-shop. This way, instead of looking for packaging supplies elsewhere, they can purchase them directly from your partner.

Junk removal companies

Before moving to a new location, a lot of people get rid of excess items. If your customers have items they do not need anymore, you can recommend your partner – a company that will make all of their clutter go away. Before connecting with such companies, make sure they dispose of trash properly, respecting the legal requirements, especially when it comes to protecting the environment.

Storage providers

Storage providers are one of the most obvious choices for a moving company. During the moving process, your clients may need a place to put their belongings temporarily until their new place is ready to receive them. Or, they might need a long-term storage solution if their new place is smaller than the old one. Your moving company can offer to take clients’ items to their storage unit and later deliver them to the new address.

Three fists bumping
Storage companies are among the top businesses movers should partner with.

Insurance companies

Moving insurance protects your clients in case something happens to their belongings during the move. Professional moving companies offer at least two types of moving insurance. In addition to released value and full value protection, there is third-party insurance.  Clients get third-party insurance from a company that is not their moving company. However, that company can be affiliated with their mover. In that case, you may be able to benefit financially from every purchased policy.

Therefore, when choosing an insurance business partner, pick one that is not only experienced and honest but also financially sound and stable.

Cleaning services

Cleaning service providers are also on the list of businesses movers should partner with. And it makes perfect sense. Before and after moving home or office, there is a lot to be cleaned. Packing and moving one’s belongings around leaves a huge mess. It is simply bad manners to leave the house you have been occupying dirty and full of used packing materials lying around.

Also, cleaning after yourself might be your landlord’s requirement. However, this is a period when most people are too busy to clean. That is when movers can recommend good cleaners and vice versa.