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What is content that attracts links naturally

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Having a detailed plan in today’s world, where thousands of companies are competing online and trying to come up with perfect marketing strategies, is extremely important. Whatever kind of content you create, you need to know what are the strengths of that type of content and how does it fit into your overall plan. In the whole grand scheme of things, content that attracts links based purely on its quality and its appeal to your potential customers is usually crucial. In a lot of cases, if you want to know how to find potential clients, you also need to understand how to create content that will generate a lot of backlinks. Hopefully, we can help answer that question.


When you’re looking for content that attracts links naturally, infographics are the first thing that comes to mind. Infographics are a way to make information easily accessible to a large number of people. Of course, they shouldn’t only contain the statistics and other general information, but also content that will be unique to your website (comments explicitly written for this occasion, and so on). This additional content, if finely written, will guarantee that your customers won’t find the same content anywhere else.

What makes for a useful infographic? Let’s start with the obvious – it should look great! The information should be easy to read, so use large fonts. Also, don’t forget to highlight the most important data somehow visually. Doing so will eliminate the potential monotony in the reading process and structurally punctuate the entire infographic.

An infographic, the kind of content that can attract links easily and naturally.
Making highly-engaging infographics is essential to having content that attracts links.

The topic should be relevant and exciting. Try to focus on one specific area that your customers will be interested in. For example, if you’re dealing with moving, focus on storage, or moving large objects. Don’t try to make an entire infographic about shipping your customers’ items! The reason is that infographics are essentially a short-form website content – you can’t cover everything adequately, even when we’re talking about only one large area in your niche. Also, if the data comes from your own original research – that’s even better.

White papers

Next, we have white papers. Similarly to creating infographics (and, in fact, to all other types of content), you should choose a relevant topic that your customers will be interested in. This topic should be particular, and the paper should be written in a concise yet highly-effective manner. Avoid white papers that are too long – one should be read it relatively quickly while keeping them informative and engaging. In case you don’t feel like you have the writing chops to do this on your own, it’s a good idea to hire a professional freelance writer.

Whatever you decide, just remember that your white papers will really need to be serious, informative guides, and not a commercial for your business disguised in the form of a white paper. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses’ websites feature white papers that only discuss their topics occasionally, somewhere in between trying to attract the readers to use their products and/or services. While your brand development strategy is essential, but in this case, it is not as important as quality. If you’re trying to come up with content that attracts links naturally, only properly written white papers will do.

A laptop next to a notebook and some coffee.
Write down the general outline of the white paper, and begin writing!


Our next choice is slightly unusual. However, we believe that when appropriately used, webinars can also attract you many links. Many people aren’t even thinking about using webinars as a means of gaining backlinks. They use them to engage the people who are already well on their way to being transformed from potential customers into actual customers.

Of course, taking the time to answer your clients’ questions and explain and eliminate any important issues that they might have is an integral part of any webinar. But, that won’t do you much good when you want to generate links. So, how to do that?

First of all, you need to provide your customers with an opportunity to chat with you during the webinar. That will make your customers much more involved and much more inclined to click on the embedded links. However, just having a chat feature is not enough – you also need to aggressively market your webinar so that your potential customers will know that they’ll be able to join and chat directly with you. Social media, mailing lists, your website’s blog – everything will need to be utilized so that your webinar will reach as many people as it is possible.

After your webinar is over, send surveys to anyone who participated. Ask them all the relevant questions and tell them what they can do next if they’re interested in your services.


The next type of content that attracts links practically on its own is – videos. The problem with videos, despite them being unparalleled in attracting links, is that there’s too many of them! Your potential customers are overwhelmed with a massive amount of videos that are trying to convince them that this is a company whose services they should use, or that this is a product that’s better than any other similar product on the market. So, it’s natural to ask how to make your videos visible among thousands of others?

Businesspeople watching a video.
People love looking at (and sharing) videos!

The first way to make your videos stand out is obvious – find what your customers are interested in, and make high-quality videos on that subject! That involves taking the time to perfect your videos, both aesthetically and information-wise. You’ll really have to give your best to make videos that will attract links.

What’s more, your videos will also have to feature the key elements of your brand. Including things like a specifically made intro animation will add a lot of personality to your videos, making the viewers more emotionally engaged with your brand. If you’re posting videos on Youtube, also take the time to choose custom thumbnails and to write a fun and informative summary of the video. And once the video is over, directly remind the viewers that sharing is caring.

More tips on content that attracts links easily

Finally, we’ll finish with some more general tips related to content that attracts links hassle-free:

  • Posts with lists in them are a favorite among the majority of consumers. Such content typically generates a lot of links (which could explain your hypothetical sudden urge to link to this article, no?).
  • Try to involve the most popular influencers in your branch, and get them to link to your content. For example, if you follow particular influencers and you have listened to their advice on specific topics, create content detailing how you’ve done that, then inform the respective influencer. He or she will most likely be very pleased to hear that their advice actually mattered, and will link to your content. Of course, this is just one example; generally, you should always try to find a way to reach the influencers. The importance of backlinks is excellent, and the importance of influencer-generated backlinks is actually many times greater.
  • Create content related to whatever burning issue is currently raging in your branch, and focus on the ways that everyone can help. Showing that you care will go a long way toward attracting you many links.
  • A vast amount of bloggers are using stock photos. An excellent strategy to attract links is to create your own high-quality photos and then let the relevant bloggers use them for free. The only condition here is that they have to link to your website once they’ve done so. Creating custom images won’t be easy, but that is undoubtedly a type of content that attracts links in high numbers, so doing so will be rewarding later on.