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Ways to use a Google Business Profile to get more customers

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Being a local business owner, you probably know how critical having an online presence is. After all, the ability to attract new customers and maintain a competitive edge highly depends on it. Furthermore, since nowadays, more and more people rely on search engines and directories to locate local businesses, having a complete and relevant Internet profile has never been as important as it is now. That’s precisely why we would like to introduce you to Google My Business (GMB) or Google Business Profile (GBP). It is one of the crucial tools used in digital marketing for movers strategies to help you reach the highest heights! And while you can certainly use a Google Business Profile to get more customers, you can also use it to build a better name for your business.

What is a Google Business Profile?

Now that you know you can use a Google Business Profile to get more customers, it’s time to dive deeper into what it is. Generally speaking, Google Business Profile is a free service provided by Google which helps companies improve their online visibility. A properly optimized GBP drastically increases the likelihood of potential clients stumbling upon your business while searching for similar services. GBP’s primary purpose is to control how your business shows up on both Google Search and Google Maps. It contains essential information, such as NAP (name of the company, address, phone number), your website’s URL, and photos.

A person typing something into Google search
Use a Google Business Profile to get more customers by leveraging what people do daily search the Web.

How to set up a GBP?

Setting up a Google Business Profile will take only a couple of minutes of your time. The only thing you will need to get things rolling is your business name and contact information. Creating an account is pretty straightforward. Thanks to the on-screen prompts, even a child can do it! Nevertheless, if you need additional assistance, Google has ensured a help center can guide you through the process. But not everything is fine and dandy. Remember that you’ll need to be careful not to make mistakes while opening a Google My Business profile. Why? Well, it isn’t possible to make any changes as soon as you have opened one. Before you are allowed to adjust the information, your account needs to be verified. And verification is, unfortunately, something that can take several weeks to be completed.

How to use a Google Business Profile to get more customers?

Having covered what GBP is and how it can aid your local SEO for movers tactics, let’s move on to the tried-and-true methods of utilizing it.

#1 Improve your company’s SERP presence by entering accurate business data

First, you must ensure that all your business information entered is correct. That includes everything, from its name, address, and phone number (NAP) to its web address, hours of operation, payment methods accepted, and so forth. You should also choose the appropriate business categories and attributes to ensure your profile appears inadequate searches. Lastly, you should keep a close eye on your profile and make it a habit to adjust it whenever your business information changes. You should not just set up your GBP and forget about it!

A person pointing at a laptop screen while learning to use a Google Business Profile to get more customers
Double-check that the data on your Google Business Profile is correct.

#2 Use high-quality photos and videos to your advantage

High-resolution photos and videos are an excellent means of upping your GBP game. You may promote your goods and services, the unique aspects of your business, team members, and even customer feedback through their use. Furthermore, visuals can improve your profile’s overall appearance and give potential clients a better idea of your company.

#3 Use Google My Bussiness to get more reviews

Local businesses looking to improve sales should consider using Google Business Profiles combined with word-of-mouth marketing. The last may just be one of the most powerful digital marketing tools! Online, it relies on satisfied customers submitting reviews on your profile. And the more positive reviews your business has, the easier it will be to find new customers.

Google provides a specific link that you can share with customers, thus encouraging them to leave feedback. Furthermore, just as some organizations offer SEO for moving company services, there are also those in charge of reputation management. That said, if you struggle to increase the number of positive reviews, we might be able to assist.

#4 Respond to customer feedback

Another way to use a Google Business Profile to get more customers is by responding to the feedback they leave you. Just responding, though, isn’t going to cut it. You must do it professionally and timely for it to count! It doesn’t matter if the review is positive or negative. Show them you acknowledge and value their opinion, regardless. This can go a long way toward increasing customer loyalty and, thus, improving sales.

While your existing customers will appreciate your responses, so will your potential ones. Seeing how you interact with the clientele, they won’t be able to resist wanting to join the inner circle. And since we have also mentioned that you should reply to negative and positive reviews, we’d also like to note that you shouldn’t let a few bad comments derail you. These days, most individuals looking to hire a moving company will check multiple reviews before deciding. What you can do to counteract the negative responses, though, is accumulate more positive feedback.

#5 Create Google Posts

If a question of ”how to advertise my moving company” keeps popping into your head, know that the answer might lie in Google Posts. But what exactly are those? Simply put, they are posts on your GBP, ranging from text, photos, and CTA buttons! Of course, to appeal to a mass audience, you cannot put just any content out there. You’ll have to develop engaging material that people will be interested in. Try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes to determine what content/information they find most useful. Once you have realized what route to take content-wise, it’s time to plan a posting schedule. Remember that you’ll need to post regularly to ensure your business pops up in search queries. Furthermore, for the posts to rank high, they must be SEO optimized.

A sign showing the acronym ''SEO'', which is a vital component of Google Posts that you'll need to take advantage of when trying to use a Google Business Profile to get more customers.
Your posts must be appropriately optimized for search engines to ensure better visibility.

Get more customers with a Google Business Profile and ensure ultimate success

Do you feel confident to use a Google Business Profile to get more customers? No? That’s fine. You can hire a professional to handle the nitty-gritty parts of optimizing it. A GBP manager well-versed in local SEO can devise a winning strategy and see that your profile stays current and aligns with Google’s best practices. Besides keeping you ahead of the curve, they’ll also help you save time and work. However, pay close attention that a professional you end up hiring is someone that, on top of GBP and SEO knowledge, knows all about PPC advertising. Ultimately, it’s the combination of all three that will allow you to convert more leads and achieve all your goals.