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Upcoming movers conference: YMC 2017 Riga

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Talking about movers news, and not informing you of the important upcoming events for movers just wouldn’t be right. Hence, we shall inform you about every important upcoming movers conference right on time to catch the train for it! The moving season has come. It’s starting in early spring. Hence, the month of April is just the right time to think about how to attract customers to use your moving services. I mean, you’re doing it all the time. Only, the effort in these peak months for moving should be multiplied. The matter of fact is that May is the very peak of the moving season. That’s why the most important conferences for removals are held during this month. One of them is an upcoming movers conference YMC 2017 in Riga.

Attend an upcoming movers conference in Riga, YMC 2017
YMC 2017 Riga, an upcoming movers conference

Young Movers Conference in Riga, May 11-13 2017: An upcoming movers conference you definitely shouldn’t miss

In order to achieve moving company development of your moving company, you should meet the successful people from the moving industry. You couldn’t possibly ever know everything about anything. Therefore, about moving business too. Plus, things are changing daily. You can find out some changes in the moving world following our rubric movers news. Yet, no news might help you achieve the goals you set. Although the right information can be the signal for your action. Hence, visiting any movers convention to come you’re able is a must. Besides the quality information you’ll collect there, you’ll make new acquaintances from moving business. And they are of great importance for any job. One convention for movers that is nearing in May is the Young Movers Conference in Riga. So we shall discuss here:

  • Why you should visit it- The main reasons to visit an upcoming movers conference YMC in Riga.
  • How can you attend this event- Which way can you apply for this important movers meeting.
  • The program of the conference- The schedule of the Young Movers Conference 2017.

The reasons to visit Young Movers Conference 2017 in Riga

  1. You’ll have the opportunity to meet great people from the world of moving. Making business friendships is crucial in an ever-changing moving world. You could share experiences and stay connected to inform each other whenever there is something important for your moving companies. Who knows, maybe some partnership could be born in Riga!

  2. Attending an upcoming movers conference helps you obtain new ideas and upgrade movers software. Being near the best people from some business can never harm you. Just the opposite! You can gain a lot by listening to successful stories and hearing some new ideas.
  3. Learning about team building, and team building is very important for moving business. Your moving company’s personnel is dealing with the customers every day. The customers’ impressions of your company are essential for recommendations. You want your customers to recommend you, right? Hence, keep your employees satisfied and cheerful, so they could do the same to the customers. You can do this by team building. Visit the YMC 2017 in Riga and find out the best team-building strategies for movers.
  4. Visiting Riga is also one of the reasons to attend YMC 2017. Riga is Latvian capital with a terrific architecture. So besides a movers conference, you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful north-eastern European country.
Professional movers must pay attention to an upcoming movers conference in Riga
It’s important to attend any of the forthcoming meetings of movers you can. The YMC in Riga from 11th-13th May is an opportunity to do that.

Which way can you apply for the YMC 2017 conference in Riga?

Well, it is very simple. You just fill in the registration form. Even though the official registration could be closed at the time you try to register, you can always contact the Young Movers team. We’re sure they will be full of understanding and do everything in their power to help you attend a forthcoming conference for movers in Riga. Being that the moving business is very demanding and they certainly know your schedule is very tight. Hence you can’t know too much time earlier if you’ll be able to visit some meetings with moving companies. Even if you don’t manage to register for the conference, follow our blog for movers, and find out what was happening in Riga, and what were the main conclusions about the moving trends. 

The YMC 2017 movers conference program

The conference starts on Thursday, 11 May, and ends at midnight on Saturday, May 13th. Nevertheless, if you decide to be in Riga for a little more, the organizers will be happy to host you several days before, or after the conference. Talking about the official schedule of the conference, here’s how it will look like (we won’t be talking about the registration and such things, only about the conference):

Thursday, May 11th:

  • from 19:00 to 19:15 – Opening of the conference, welcoming the participants (2nd floor of Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, the ‘Omega’ conference room)
  • From 19:15 to 23:00 – The dinner and the party, a chance to meet the participants (2nd floor of Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, the ‘Omega’ conference room)

Friday, May 12th:

  • Get to know the schedule before attending a conference for movers
    Before you visit any conference for moving companies, you should get to know the schedule

    8:30 to 9:55 – Meeting with IAM & Fedemac, the sponsors (2nd floor of Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, hall 3)

  • 10:00 to 10:20 – Raivis Kronbergs speech opens the conference (2nd floor of Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, the ‘Omega’ conference room)
  • 10:20 to 10:30 – Roberto Media Rodriguez: Welcome address FEDEMAC (2nd floor of Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, the ‘Omega’ conference room)
  • 10:30 to 10:40 – Brian Limperopulos: Welcome address IAM (2nd floor of Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, the ‘Omega’ conference room)
  • 10:40 to 11:50 – Presentation and speeches by the sponsors (2nd floor of Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, the ‘Omega’ conference room)
  • 11:50 to 12:20 – Coffee break and a chance to meet the sponsors (2nd floor of Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, hall 3)
  • from 12:20 to 13:50 – Arturs Mednis & Eriks Stendzenieks: Social Media beyond borders (2nd floor of Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, the ‘Omega’ conference room)
  • 13:50 to 15:00 – Gerard Geijtenbeek: Fools, Nerds, and Movers (2nd floor of Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, the ‘Omega’ conference room)
  • 16:30 to 17:30 – Open discussion panel (2nd floor of Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, the ‘Omega’ conference room)

Saturday, May the 13th:

  • 9:30 to 14:30 – Outdoor activities after breakfast (You choose one of three offered activities)
  • 14:30 to 16:00 – Sharing the experiences about the conference during the lunch

To repeat once again, we only mentioned the things about the conference and somehow connected to the main activities of the conference. Besides these activities, there are a lot of interesting programs, such as parties, enjoying the city, etc. You can get the information about full program, including those activities if you visit the official movers meeting program on the site of YMC 2017 IN Riga