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From 7 May All the shippers must declare EU road freight weights

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As we said, we’re gonna proceed with providing you with the essential news on moving business and the things connected to it. So, for all of you coming from this branch, we have a very important information. The new law is set into force into the territory of EU. All the shippers must declare EU road freight weights. This decision will formally enter the EU law on May the 7th. So, having less than two weeks until that date, you better prepare for it. This doesn’t only apply to the shippers. It’s also important for all of you dealing with the shippers, and all of you having a shipping as a part of your moving business.

Starting from 7 May All the shippers must declare EU road freight weights
All the shippers must declare EU road freight weights, starting from 7 May

Prepare for new EU law: The shippers must declare EU road freight weights from 7 May

To be dedicated to movers development doesn’t only mean dealing with the things from moving industry only. It also means providing movers with the news of essential importance for your everyday business activities. And is there any professional mover never dealing with the shipping? Therefore, we suppose hearing that shippers must declare EU road freight weights, will be very important movers news to you.

What this EU directive actually mean?

If hauliers exceed the freight weight on EU roads, they could be taken away the licenses
In accordance with the new directive, the licenses could be taken away from haulers who exceed the weight limits on EU roads

The new directive influences all the participators in EU transportation. Yet, clearly, it influences the most the EU shippers, and the shippers dealing with the EU. The directive means that the shippers will have to provide the haulers (those transporting the goods by the roads) with the ‘statement of compliance’. Chris Welsh, the director of the FTA (Freight Transport Association) explained what this will mean in practice. It will mean that the weight of the truck together with the weight of the cargo must not exceed the legal limits on roads. By doing this, the EU secures that the law is respected by the shippers, and by the haulers. Chris Welsh was speaking about this in Birmingham, on the second day of the Multimodal 2017 show.

How the directive influences haulers?

Aart Hille Ris Lambers, head of the commercial of DP World Southampton, said that, since the VGA (Verified Gross Mass) amendment has become the law, they noticed that, in some cases, the trucks would breach the limit set by the law. That’s why this law, making the shippers must declare EU road freight weights, was introduced in the first place. This helps haulers, because, in many cases, they weren’t even aware that they were breaking legal road limits.

Now that they will be provided with the ‘statement of compliance’ that problem will be history. The haulers will much more thoroughly pay attention to weighing containers. Or at least there will be a mechanism to make it an exception rather than a rule. Because if they break the law, their haulers’ licenses could be taken away. It’s gonna be a much more risky venture to breach the weight set by the law, starting from 7 May.

Why the directive instead of a completely new law?

The problem of shippers exceeding the freight weight on the roads is expected to be solved by the new directive
The authorities expect the new directive will solve the problem of shippers exceeding the freight weight on the roads

Well, the original proposal was that a new law should be introduced into EU shipping practice. What stopped this from happening was that no one wanted new legislation. That’s what Welsh added during his speech in the Birmingham Multimodal 2017 show. He also stated that there was an agreement that using existing documents will be sufficient for the statement. For those shippers, exporting the goods outside the EU territory, it will be deemed that they comply with this directive by a virtue of a valid Verified Gross Mass.

As you can see, not only that the directive that shippers must declare EU road freight weights will affect those shippers shipping to the EU, but also those shipping out of EU. Therefore, obeying the law is gonna be much more important from the 7th of May this year. Having that the shippers, and the haulers, who break the law, could be taken away the licenses.

We shall continue to provide you with the latest news influencing the moving world. Specifically, those influencing directly or indirectly the professional movers. Follow us and stay updated with the essential information. Use them to avoid the problems and to grab the opportunities to upgrade your moving business. Stay with Movers Development to develop your moving businesses!