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The growing trend of moving offices to suburbs

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It’s easy for a moving company to notice the surge in the number of businesses that are relocating to the suburbs. However, what might be harder to grasp are the reasons behind this. After all, aren’t people fond of ‘popular’ office locations because they benefit their businesses? If you take a closer look as we explore the growing trend of moving offices to the suburbs, you might be surprised by how good of an idea this is. In this article, Movers Development offers some insight into this moving trend.

Easier commute

public transport
Daily commutes can be very challenging without a car.

The first reason why the popularity of the trend of moving offices to suburbs is growing is just how much easier it’s made commute. The most popular locations for offices in the past were not typically located in areas where you can easily secure a place to live nearby. Which often meant that workers would lose a ton of time just getting to work and back. This can be particularly frustrating post-pandemic, especially after seeing how moving industry software almost made it trivial to work from home.

A faster and easier commute, with lower chances of getting stuck in traffic, makes the idea of traveling to work more palatable. This is beneficial to companies too, including movers, since some planning and coordination simply cannot be pulled off if your employees insist on working only from home.

Cheaper offices

a nice office
In the suburbs, you can have the office of your dreams.

Of course, a significant reason why businesses follow the trend of moving offices to the suburbs is the lower expenses. And we mean that in a holistic sense. First, renting out the office is cheaper. As suburbs are still not one of the ‘popular’ options for an office location, the price of rent is lower. Which can allow smaller businesses to not only cope with expenses better but also rent out a bigger office for the same price they used to pay. Then, there are the daily living expenses, such as food and even minor supplies. Stores and cafes near popular office blocks actually tend to have slightly inflated prices since people have no choice but to go to them during their lunch break. Finally, hiring services in the area, both when you want to relocate an office and for things such as cleaning, is cheaper when in the suburbs.

Better facility access

It may sound like a contradiction. But businesses can actually benefit from easier access to useful facilities in suburbs than in office blocks. This is due to the fact that the space in a popular office block is, logically, used for office buildings. On the other hand, suburbs are different. You can find an office building next to a warehouse, a self-storage facility, a sufficiently large garage, or any number of other useful services which you might need to make use of on the daily basis.

While things such as software for moving companies can obviously be acquired from anywhere, there is a lot of convenience in being able to secure space for your truck fleet and a warehouse holding space right next to your office! This could significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

Better environment

Nice suburb view
The view of being alone is worth following the trend of moving offices to the suburbs.

The importance of environment is really important when it comes to productivity and motivation levels. It’s true that a more relaxing environment boosts the quality and amount of work your employees do in a day. And when choosing to follow the trend of moving offices to suburbs, this really shows. Suburbs tend to have a much slower pace of life than typical office locations. Even besides that, the air quality, environment, and other similar factors tend to be much nicer.

Instead of appreciating the view of a park and a clear sky out your office window, in a more traditional office location, you’d be lucky to have a view of the street. More likely, you’d just be greeted by the monotone sight of windows and walls blocking all sunlight. Which is not exactly conducive to improving one’s mood.

Expansion potential

Another reason businesses are moving to the suburbs is the expansion potential this provides them. We’ve already touched upon how it is easier and cheaper to rent larger office spaces. However, another important factor to consider is the sheer availability of the same. It is significantly easier to find an office space you are satisfied with within the suburbs.

By the same token, you could freely choose to rent out additional offices in the same building. Or even move to a building with larger floor plans if that is what you prefer. Having multiple floors could, however, allow you to better organize your business. For example, you could have a floor dedicated to software development, such as a moving cost calculator, one dedicated to the day-to-day running of your moving company, etc.

Lingering pandemic concerns

The final of the driving forces behind the growing trend of moving offices to suburbs are fears left behind by the pandemic. Lots of people are still on edge and very much weary of having to put up with social distancing again. Some refuse to go back to the office format of working for precisely this reason. Moving to the suburbs would not just allow you to rent out larger office space, which in turn means more distance between employees, but also helps with the bustle of the city.

After all, some people find even mingling with others on the streets mentally draining. Solely due to the stress caused by fear of infection. It’s impossible to deny the benefits of having your office in the suburbs if another breakout of the pandemic occurs. This means that moving companies will likely remain busy pandering to these moving industry trends!

Final comment

We hope you’ve followed along as we tried to explore the growing trend of moving offices to the suburbs, and that you found our information helpful! If you want to jump on the bandwagon, this might be the time to do it. After all, as interest shifts, we can expect the prices in suburbs to start climbing, too. This means anyone who can lock in their rent prices now will benefit from it considerably.